Thursday, March 30, 2006

Taken after tonight's concert with the German guitarist, Mr Peter~ Bunch of my coursemates came, not to forget naomi, ivor and gang.. OH!! and also~ unker Francis ho~ who took this photo~ hahah! and gette too :D Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Concert :

Just when I was thinking how useless it all was, and I was ready to give up, a friend sent this to me.
The Concert

When the house lights dimmed and the concert
was about to begin, the mother returned to
her seat and discovered that the child was missing
Suddenly, the curtains parted and spotlights
focused on the impressive Steinway on stage.
In horror, the mother saw her little
boy sitting at the keyboard, innocently picking out
"Twinkle,Twinkle Little Star."
At that moment, the great piano master made his entrance, quickly moved to the piano, and
whispered in the boy's ear,
"Don't quit.""Keep playing."
Then, leaning over, Paderewski reached
down with his left hand and began filling
in a bass part. Soon his right arm reached
around to the other side of the child,
and he added a running obligatio.
Together, the old master and the young novice
transformed what could have been a frightening situation into a wonderfully creative experience.
The audience was so mesmerized that they couldn't recall what else the great master played.
Only the classic,
" Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."
Perhaps that's the way it is with God.
What we can accomplish on
our own is hardly noteworthy.
We try our best, but the results aren't always
graceful flowing music. However, with the
hand of the Master, our life's
work can truly be beautiful.

The next time you set out to accomplish great feats,
listen carefully. You may hear the voice of the
Master, whispering in your ear,
"Don't quit." "Keep playing."
May you feel His arms around you and
know that His hands are there, helping you
turn your feeble attempts into true masterpieces.
Remember, God doesn't seem to
call the equipped, rather, He equips the 'called.'
Life is more accurately measured by the lives you touch than by the things you acquire. So touch someone by passing this little message along.

May God bless you and be with you always!

remember ,

"Don't quit."
"Keep playing."

OH MY GOSH!!!! this is so inspiring~!!! thanks toSala who shared this with me~ it's really very very encouraging` thankiuk thankiuk kam sia~~wahahah!!! :P
I got spooked by my own image reflected in the mirror.. hahaha.. imagine that.. a person who was spooked by his own image? lols` can you imagine that? lols.. eye bags.. tired eyes.. no wonder ppl said i look older. aiduh~~

Sch was ok.. we had to record the haikus we wrote the other day.. and the recording program was fun!!!! whahah~ it's like you get to signal your friends from the other side of the studio.. then you record what they say and all that.. whahah~ like so pro like that.. cant wait to have fun with the mixers~ hiak hiak hiak~~ but one thing I have to consider.. whether to go academic side or go for the technology side.. you guys can help me think about this~ haha I have to make my decision by next year.. yeap.. it may seemed like a long time.. but it's not~ oh wells~~ lalalal!!!

Oh yeah~ I think the concert date, venue and price is set~ hahaha for now the concert will be held at MBKS Auditorium, on the 29th of April and the ticket will be priced at RM 20 per admission and RM 15 for priviledge card holders~ the tickets are priced like that because it's a fund raising.. so do help out and do come and support~ You'll get to see AH BEN PLAY PIANO WOR!!! Like I said I'm not a pianist so quite interesting eh? violinist go perform piano wor.. ahhaha` Tickets are sold at IMH (opposite courts mammoth) and you can leave a comment if you want it.. i can help to get it for you~ If can do come and support us.. for all the hard work we put in to prepare for this concert` :)

haha` k I'm gonna sleep early tonight`.. hopefully? ahhaha! :P

Monday, March 27, 2006

halo all~~ ever since i moved to blogspot.. my posts got lesser and lesser.. hahah~

Well.. I'm currently quite bz.. actually quite stressed out.. hahah` why? cos I have loads of pieces to prepare.. like what I mentioned in my last few posts? well.. learning a piece is not as easy as you think.. you have to understand.. after you understand.. your Fingers have to understand and remember.. this process doesnt happen over night you know... but i cant wait that long for I dont have so much time to spare... ai` that's why i have to give double dosage for every piece but the problem is I have so many pieces.. even if I practice 8 hrs a day.. it will only make me die of tiredness... agh!!!!!!! No wonder most ppl decided to be quitters.. it would be so much easier.. seriously.. but you're only a winner if you don't quit.. therefore.. i shall fight till the very end.. until really really k not.. then I'll let it go..~ T.T

It rained so heavily today.. there was an accident at matang bridge.. few cars smooched into the butt of one and another~ but the funny thing is.. there was also traffic jam at the opposite site of the road.. why? i think you shud know the answer.. ppl are all slowing down to look at what is going on~ hahaha` typical isnt it??

yeap.. my brain is dead now.. I think i better go back to my harmony homework~ I'll update if anything big happen~ hehe :P

Thursday, March 23, 2006


WAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! Can post comments liaw!!! wahhahahaha!!!! so happy`!!!! hahahah~~~ although out of place.. but I edited the template myself~ yahoo!!! wahahha~ wahhaha!!! :P ok~ since i go thru so much hastle trying to edit the thing.. I'll be expecting loads of comments from you guys~ hahaha :P

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hey all~~ lols.. paiseh such a long time didn't update my blog~ so today sekaligus type two posts~ hahah!!

I am quite stressed out this few days.. as I have to prepare for the concert.. that's why I am practicing the pieces like mad.. besides that.. still have to prepare stupid exam repertoire.. for the violin: bach's concerto No.2, Beethoven's Sonata No.8, Schostakowitsch's Fruhlingswalzer, Rode's Etude No.2 and also Spanish dance for May's presentation...not to forget also need to practice flute.. ai.. and the whole bunch of scales!!! *fainted at the roadside* ai~

oh yeah~ I am gonna introduce something fun to you all today~ hiaks hiaks hiaks~ Ever heard of HAIKU?

is it a type of sea mushroom (chinse readers shud understand).. is it a person? lols` well.. Haiku is actually a Japanese poem~ ZEng Zeng zeng~~ hahah you learn new stuff today` :P it follows a very strict rule whereby the first line only have 5 syllables, 2nd line with 7 syllables and the last line with 5 syllables~ During our computer music class the other day, I wrote 4 haikus. heheh~ so now I'm gonna type it out and share with you all~~ :P

~ Look at falling leaves,
I miss her presence with me,
She went to heaven.

~ Watch the river flow,
Reminds me of my sorrows,
I will die today.

~ Practice the violin,
Until I can breathe no more,
I am so in love.

~ Together we stand,
Forever we will be friends,
Till death do us part.

wahahhaha~~ so how you find it? there's a few disclaimers.. I wrote these haikus without special meanings.. so dont you all go and hu ha about what i wrote up there ah!!!
First, the she who went to heaven.. I just write it so that it wud sound sad.. besides.. wun it be weird if i wrote HE?!?!?! hahah~~
second, I am not dying!!! hahah~ just wrote the word to match it with the word sorrows..
Third, I am in love.. but with my violin!! :P
Fourth, this is true.. it's refering to all of my friends.. hiak hiak hiak~

Yeap~ so maybe you all can write some haikus too and share them with me.. sorry that my comment box is still not working.. or else it wud be so nice that you peeps can post ur compositions in there~ :) but but but~ you can of cos mail it to my gmail account ( and share ur haikus with me~~

I tried an electric violin today.. and also the super fun effects.. My gosh.. I am soooooooooooooo in love with the thing!!!!! violin with distortions and all that.. wow.. superb!! remember I mentioned about the two electric violins? it's sooooo expensive.. ahaha... oh wells.. guess that will have to wait~

yeap.. i think that shud be enough for today~ hee~

Life as a music student, is when.......

Life as a music student, is when......

~you practice the violin until you can't feel your fingers no more.

~you practice the flute until your tongue feels like flying out and your world seemed to spin around.

~you get stressed up trying to figure out what the dead composers are trying to convey in their compositions.

~you wake up early in the morning to sing fun songs like beatles medley.

~you try your very best to recognise the bunch of notes and intervals your teacher played and crazily try to dictate a song.

~you try to compose your own song which sounds crappy at first.

~you have fun banging playing the piano.

~you have fun whacking the ethnic gongs, not knowing what spirit you might summon.

~you have fun listening to the weird interesting compostions in the middle ages.

~you listen to wide genre of music and try to appreciate them all.

~you learn about the dead ppl's contributions to the musical world.

~you learn how to torture educate students in the future.

~you learn how to use music programmes to create ringtones for your phone.

~you hang out with your coursemates in the common room and the kopitiam next door.

The list goes on and on~ No matter how tough a life of a music student may be.. I still enjoy and is indeed grateful that I, am a music student :)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

"Study music ah? oh?? study music can do what? play at roadside is it?" I AM SICK OF LISTENING TO THIS SORT OF SICKENING COMMENTS!!!! from there.. you can just tell how ignorant and how childish and immature ppl can get!!! UGH! You know what? with a music degree we can do SOOOOOO MANY THINGS, in fact.. IT's TOO Many until we dunno where to start! the heck.. you think we cannot earn is it?? We can charge by HOUR ok.. WE GET PAID HouRly..I dont mean to shoot other courses and I am NOT implying that other courses is not good.. But you think you go study engineer lar.. lawyer larh.. wadever thing.. straight away come out got job to do is it?! WE musicians dont even look down on other ppl's courses.. what makes you think you have the right to look down on OURS@!!!! UGH!!!!!! *Breathe in Breathe out*

ok.. chill a bit.. I mean come on... BEING a music student isnt as easy as some of the people out there might think.. "aiyo.. wu hamik kang koh... tak jit ma kin hia ku ku ku.. tong tong tong nia.."(translation: aiyo.. got wad so difficult.. everyday also there ku ku ku.. tong tong tong only) Say so easy.. you come and KU, come and Tong lor! I find it very weird.. some parents.. their children dun wanna learn.. they ngeh ngeh force them to learn.. some really wanna pursue.. then they dont allow??? why like that??? why??? I am not boasting about this.. but NOT EVERYONE CAN STUDY MUSIC!! If your child is really interested then let them study it. I dont see what so bad about it.. Even if you so suey unemployed.. you can employ urself by teaching at home.. One thing I can say is.. you'll never starve when you are a music student.. never.. unless you sit there and do nothing.. then tat is different story`~

sigh.. i dont wanna further elaborate on that nemore..~ ki si lang`

Saturday, March 18, 2006

I am really getting fatter and fatter!!! ugh!! and the fat is going down to my stomach.. so small body.. big belly!!! omg omg omg!!! this must come to an end.~ ai.. but everyday go kopitiam eat.. drink.. eat.. drink.. how to become slim neh... aiduh...

so anyways... There might be a concert coming up.. soon.. haha~ i will be playing piano.. yeap.. ur eyes did not deceive you.. I WILL be playing the piano.. and please bear in mind that I NEVER LEARN PIANO before.. thats why its a big challenge for me.. hahha~ Besides that.. if I sempat prepare my piece.. i will be performing a piece by Vanessa Mae together with the band~ wahhaha! this is a fund raising concert.. so if you are interested to come relax~ do let me noe!!!! hahaha~ it's my debut piano performance wor.~~ hahah.. might be last too :P

anyways.. i surveyed the price of the electric violin.. the yamaha silent violin is so freaking expensive!!! it wasnt that expensive when i saw it in taipei last time!! oh no oh no~ over budget.. sooooo.. might not be getting it after all.. we'll see~~~

Oh yeah!! got something to tell ya all.. those who sat in my car before would definitely know this.. haha` when ppl come in to my car.. i always tell them "lock the door ah!! later kena rape how>!?!?" this is to ask you guys to take safety precautions.. so tat you ppl dun kena rob or wadever.. although i put it in a funny way.. but its true!! better safe than sorry! like sch.. almost got snatch and run case you noe.. lucky that time the "victim" was in her car.. and LOCKED the door right on time.. the thief was damn pissed.. he WHACKED The windscreen with his helmet!! my gosh.. wad is wrong with the world.. and it is outside of my sch?!?! aisi ah!!!! so you all.. better take care ok!!

weather is freaking nutz nowadays... the world is really siaw liaw~ :P

Remeber the touchwood shop i mentioned the other day? my aunty's fren bought a rabbit for me from that shop~ they even asked for the signature.. now the bunny got a "birthmark" on the ka chng (butt) ahhaah! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Spring nursery.. Nope.. it's not a kindy.. it's where we had dinner~~ wahhah~ It's located at Hui Sing Area.. Just opposite the Hui Sing Petronas Station~ Posted by Picasa

the place is also known as Chef at home~ Posted by Picasa

The surroundings of the place~ quite nice~ homely feeling.. just that it's near to the roadside... that's why you can hear all those vroom vroom going on.. lols~ Posted by Picasa

Strawberry smoothies, Jack & Jill, Passion fruit juice, a pair of knife.. and a peace??? Posted by Picasa

soup in a bread~ cool aye? hahah` quite tasty too` Posted by Picasa

terriyaki chicken~~ Posted by Picasa

Lamb shoulders~ yum~~~~ Posted by Picasa

My main course~~ Chicken chop Posted by Picasa

Three of us ciak pah eng~ went to the hui sing park after dinner~ we were walking around then we were like "eh eh eh.. so dark.. will kena rapped by ah kua or not ah?" hahah~ :P Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 13, 2006

IT's soooooooooooooooooooooooo hot!!!!! sickeningly hot!!! my goodness..

Sunday morning went to church.. then in the afternoon.. I went to CAT MUSEUM~ hahaha~~ well, my aunty's fren came over from taipei.. so we went to tour around.. even sat in the small sampan.. hahah~ Oh yeah.. since when orchid garden is demolished?? my gosh.. i din even noe~ Sunday night I went out to celebrate angela's bday together with Ivor. went over to richmond place then after that over to bar zing for a drink. lols~ surprisingly richmond's wasnt that packed on a Sunday night.. maybe is because of the shop that they opened.. just beside their original shop (???) hrms` anyways..

Spm result is out today~~ Congrats for those who did well. As for those who didnt scored so well, dont be sad, SPM is not everything.. if ur going college.. spm will just be a piece of crap.. if you are going form 6.. do well in Stpm~ :)

Wad did I do on Monday the 13th?? hahah~ I went out with Lunn and hui fong~ lalala~ we went out for dinner at Spring Garden @ Chef at home~ hahaha~ I will post the pics seperately cos my stupid com is infected.. and I cant post picture using this` sickening~~~~~ so yea.. I'll leave the descriptions in the photo captions~~

Sunday, March 12, 2006

A shop that I found in main bazaar earlier tonight.. "touch wood" hahaha~ wad a creative name.. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Our English class was a lil special today.. We watched a movie~~~ and now I am seriously gonna introduce that movie to you all.. it's called MR HOLLAND OPUS!!!! it tells the life of MR Holland and even though it's an old movie.. it definitely pulled my heart strings.. gosh.. if I were to teach like him and have as many students like him when I am 60.. wow.. ahhaha! anyways that is the long term.. YOU GUYS really shud go hunt for the movie and watch it!!!

I went straight to orchestra after the english class.. the conductor forgot to bring my viola~~ ahahha so I was like some TYT like tat` sit there like tua liap lang(erm.. how to translate this ah.. nobles? hahah`) then the viola he brought for me was heavy like siaw~ goodness.. these china instruments really shud go for some modification or maybe attend some weight loss program or sorts.. killing my poor back T.T

it's been such a long time since I stepped into the kitchen to cook myself a meal.. like I said I went straight to orchestra.. so I didnt have dinner.. haha~ when I reached home there was some steamed shrimp my mother saved up for me from dinner.. soooooooo~ I went into the kitchen, fried myself 2 eggs and a plate of vege.. TAdah~~ dinner is served~~ lols.. and I can seriously tell you.. dinner never tasted so good.. lols~ I mean like next time if I start my part time work, I wun be having dinner at home tat frequent.. so you lucky ppl out there better appreciate what ur momma feeds you!!!

I am currently surveying ELECTRIC VIOLINS!!!! hehehe.. am eyeing on Yamaha Silent Violin and also Strauss model 500 electric violin. Tough choice~ lols.. what do you think? which one do you vote for>? maybe i shud put up a poll or something.. lols~

I still cant get the comment box to work.. so pls leave ur comments at the tag place ya?? the font size is too small huh? i try to update it lar..

yeap I think tat's abt it~ gnite all~

Friday, March 10, 2006

First Post~~~

Yay~~~ finally decided to move over here~ hahaha

Ok.. so there's nothing much to view YET`~ lols.. I actually created this site during new yr or christmas.. but I deleted the earlier posts (only two of them :P) cos I want to start this pg all over again~ hee~

A little information about the layout and all those.. I chose this layout because of the scribble scribble of notes in the background... however I received some feedbacks that the layout will be sengeted if viewed using firefox.. hrms~ so I advise you all to use IE to view this blog lor` lols` It's already written in the welcome page`~ I am still trying to get the comment thingy to work.. so.. bear with me.. but there's always the tag board for you all to leave msges~~

Requiem, according to the Oxford Concise Dictionary of Music, actually means the Mass of the Dead... hahahah~ Well, it's just a name and my blog has nothing to do with any mass thing or any thing concerning deaths or voodoos or lalalals etc..~..and I am telling you this cos some of you might be wondering what is a requiem.. so this section serve as a disclaimer so there's nothing to be hoo ha-ed about in the future~ :P

hahah~ and now.. I officially declare the launching of on the 9th of March, 2006 *PANG PAo PAng Pao Ping pong piang~~* lols