Wednesday, May 31, 2006

sekali gus type long long`

like what the title said` sekali gus type long long` so~~ please spend sometime to read hahaha.. :P

okay` first of all` I must repay Dr Chen's~ debt tag hahahahah` I think I am supposed to talk about my 10 simple pleasures in life` The list is not arranged according to the importance~ Here goes:

1. hang out with friends and talk crapchit chat with em~- As I talk a lot it's definitely fun spending time with friends and laughing out loud like nobody's business` heee~ :P

2 cook for yourself- It was quite sometime since I cooked for myself. It need not be any special meal. Any simple stir fried veges and meat already can make me float in the air~ hahah. trust me, everything prepared by yourself is always nice.. provided if you don't add 1 kilo of salt or anything close to that :P

3 singing and dancing in the shower hahahaha~ this is quite fun cos I am neither a dancer nor a singer. So~ I can only "show my talents" in the shower.. of cos, don't expect me to dance all those canggih moves in the shower.. I don't wanna slip and fall and die because my head hits the toilet bowl`

4 banging playing the piano~ not a pianist.. but.. It's so nice to be able to play the piano!!!!

5 playing the violin This is fun cos when you can annoy your neighbours or classmates or teachers by playing it really loud and freaking out of tune~ heee :P

6 baking- some narrow minded freaks not so open minded ppl actually thought that baking is only for girls. eh hello` wake up lar can or not. You go see pastries chef larh.. you mean they transformed into guys is it ?? cheh` ahhaha that's not the point` Baking~ is simply enjoyable (if your not tired and all that.. and it wud be better if you have an assistant to help you clean up` haha :p) It's even more fun when you're baking for your loved ones and friends` :D

7 watching movies`~- it's so fun~~ it's the best way to kill boredome.. well.. not if you go and choose those boring movies. hahahh` but it's nice~ watching movies / korean series or any series` I wanna watch Supernatural!!!! ugh.. no astro.. no nothing` k not watch T.T

8 listening to songs- why is it pleasurable? because I can annoy ppl with my duck voice singing songs like "love fool" from the cardigans` hahahaha!

9 Food, food and more food!!- I think a lot of people mentioned this` but cooking and eating food, is seriously super nice~ and of cos.. super fat` hahahah

10 to be able to live each day crazily~- some people were actually envious that how can I be so hyper and jolly all the time? ahhaha` I think it's a gift from God. WEll, of course I do get sad, I am only human. But when I wake up in the morning~ everything's fine~~~ heee!! so yeah. I am greatful for that` does this count as a simple pleasure? ahhaha oh wells..`


Done with Chen's tag~~ now what else did I do for the past few days?

(I) Watch movies and hang out with friends~!!!!
yes.. I've watch a couple of movies in the past few days` what movies? em.. Over the hedge, Shutter, I not stupid, Rage Carrie 2, Kung pow<< MUST WATCH KUNG POW!!!!!!! hahahahahahahhahahaha! I was laughing like a mad man at 2 in the morning` hahahahah!!!! I still have some discs which i borrowed from my friend (braveheart, the terminal, the pianist) and also a japanese detective series (kin dai chi or something like that`)

oh!!! I just watched X men 3!!!!!!!!! It was fantastic~ whahahahahhahah! so worth the money` the moral of the story is : Girls are scary when they get mad. (good example: jean grey if you watched the movie already :) so guys, treat the ladies properly` hahah :P Gonna watch DVC soon, I think I should use an open mind to watch the movie, maybe it's not as bad as what they have commented` (of cos.. gonna buy ciplak DVD.. whahahaha!! hope no ma tah [police] is reading this ) :P

movies that I wanna watch : The omen( I think i might not watch this.. cos it's kinda devil-ish... looks kinda evil too.. and it's shown on 6-6-06<< devils number.. aiyeh.. so.. maybe not?), The Fast and the Furious: tokyo drift, Superman (gonna watch this in charity screening), Pirates of the carribean II.. there's summore.. but i forgot.. ahhahaha~

so apart from movies` I went out with friends.. and I met more than 10 new friends in the past 3 days.. but I must admit.. that I forgot some of their names already.. oops` hahaha but it was fun meeting them~

(II) Went to the beach ~
to celebrate my friend, Chung yi's birthday party!!! hhahah~ din kayak that day cos the wave was kinda high` soooo we just played in the sea instead` hahahha then night time we were treated to Richmond's place for steaks~ yumzz` was supposed to stay over at his place, but my dad don't allow.. cos he thought my friend was a GIRL? hahaha` aiduh.. so just watch movie and got home` oh oh oh!!!! on my way home, there was gang fight in the middle of the road!!! my gudness~~!!! the guy was like sitting in the middle of the road, suddenly took off his shirt and wiped his face.. I think his head was bleeding.. my gosh... I terus vroom away` so scared they take parang and chop my car` hahahah.

(III) Teacher's day celebration in school and boredome on a saturday night
Teacher's day celebration was on thursday night~ nice nice food~ yumz the yumz yumz yumz` ahahahha esp the choc cake wa wa wa~ *droolssssssssssssssss~~*

sat night was the ER thing.. organised by st joseph youth i think.. or something larh` not very enjoyable I think ` oh wells... ahhaha then night time was supposed to go have a drink` but then no kaki.. so boh pian.. It was saturday okay!! so I tried to find friends.. I COULDNT FIND ANYONE!!!! so kolian larh me` that time I really thought "quite a lot of friends leh` but how come dunno who to call!!!" ai` so i kuai kuai drove home.. and attempted to "kill myself".... by eating a tub of vanila ice cream` hahahahahaha!! you think i so stupid will kill myself meh? I rather fat myself to death then so stupid to end my life okay` my life is precious~ hahahah :P

so yeah.. that's pretty much about it` lazy wanna type any longer` hahaha I think you will already be bored by now.. reading so many things` hahahah tomolo is duan wu jie` dunno how you say that in english` I might take pic of the tasty bak chang that my ah ma made` yum yum~ hahahah till then` gnite~ :)

sunset~ the sky's color looks a lil weird cos i reduced the quality.. hahah` Posted by Picasa

sunset from another angle~ Posted by Picasa

the sticks looked kinda pathetic.. this pic is a lil sad` hahaha.. well.. what i think larh.. hahah Posted by Picasa

It was starting to get dark.. party lights on~~  Posted by Picasa

I like this photo` snapped it when we were going back to town for dinner` :) Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 29, 2006

the truth about Da vinci code

The movie of the yr.. everyone's waiting for it.. so was I.. but no longer~ cos of all the bad reviews i got from it.. ai... so I think i'll pay to watch X men 3~ hahahahah I'll blog abt this later..

anyways.. if you guys dunno dan brown twisted the facts in his book.. you guys better know cos~~ em.. i let my "friends in the cinema" tell you okay?~ hahahah just click on it.. there's hokkien and manglish/singlish/wadever-glish version~ both are funny but carries a msg` heee so just click on it and on ur speakers

okay.. I am hungry.. so i shud get some sleep before i hunt for supper` hahhahah will blog more soon` gnite ya all

Sunday, May 28, 2006

the pelf duo~ with me and feli's famous (???) fight~ we had chopstick fight V 1.0 Beta, Stirrer Fight V 2.0 Beta, and now we have Coffee Bean Straw fight V 3.0 beta` wakkaka! might have mistaken the versions though.. ahhah can check the two older one in my old blog... sorry for firefox users.. my xanga might be a prob.. haha~ Posted by Picasa

Cryst (emperess), mua and azzie`~ Posted by Picasa

Last but not least a group photo of every one.. except the photographer.. oops` :P Left to right: Jeremy, pelf junior, pelf, naomi, crystal, me, feli, azzie, unker francis and last but not least, Kenny` Posted by Picasa

Kai siaw lu lang (introduce to you all), Godiva Chocolate biscuits~ This is a very nice biscuit and is sold at a rather high price.. Dont think you can get it in the supermarkets.. maybe airport got sale? Try it :) Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Finish practicals~~

ohohoohohohohhohoh~ finished practical today` wakakkaka although the etudes ah.. throw into the river liaw.. i think even the river will pui it out` hahaha too yucky` anyways` finish already then senang liaw` wakakakak!!!!


HISTORY PROJECT DUED ON FRIDAY!!!!!!! ai... have to start writting about dead people again.

anyways.. I am trying to clear my friendster lists during this hols.. gonna clear out certain "friends".. not really friends cos they just add me for the sake of adding.. so I think might as well clear them off the list cos my list has just exploded. cant even add Chen in` hahaha :P yeah..

speaking of which.. do you guys receive mails or fwds like.. send/forward this to your friend including me, unless you don't treat me as your friend... or some other things like that larh.. For me, some of the msges are super super nice I must admit, but usually I wouldn't forward it or send it back.. If larh hor, friendship can be measured like that and you don't befriend someone cos of one stupid letter liddat.. I think that's just.. ngong leh~~ Sharing the mail is okay larh (like I said some of the contents quite good) but if you judge your friend with an email.. hahaha.. I dunno what to say neh~

been to Little saigon for vietnamese food.. Forgot to bring camera~ lalalala so too bad.. hahaha! the food there.. em.. okay larh` not bad. I think? I dunno how authentic vietnam food tastes like so I can't judge the "ori-ness" of the food` but if you're in kch, and you want something for a change, maybe you can try it out? :P

Oh yeah, did you guys watch I not stupid too (2)? apparently, the actor who played "tom" in the movie keeps a blog too` waleh.. his writting more professional than mine. hahah` sorry larh folks, I don't bother capitalising all the "I" and put correct punctuations here and there.. lols` see, I am using more ... than I am supposed to :P but so long as you understand and enjoy(hopefully *fingers crossed*) my blog, then I think it's ok LIAW~ hahaha :P

Looks like everyone is bloggin nowadays, actors and stars, Djs, politicians, all sorts of ppl` hahaha. quite fun to read their blog sometimes. well, I still prefer if the blogger replies their comments, but i dont blame em when they have like few hundreds freaking comments.. wad am i talking about??? hahah` anyways, last paper tomorrow` then it's merdeka for one week~ wooohooo~

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Since I am too nice free on a friday night~ I shall reply the tags from feli, Ivor and selba~~~ ahahaha` (feli and ivor's tag was like sooooooooo long ago.. hahah oops~~ :P)

What were you doing 10 years ago?
that's like.. primary two~~ hahah I was watching cartoon all day long` wooo hooo~~ go go power rangers~~ zeng zeng zeng :P

What were you doing a year ago?
Enjoying my foundation year~ hahaha kinda miss it` so freeeeee so relaxed

5 snacks you would enjoy:
1. Junk Food~~ oh!! got one type of chips.. I think tapiocca one.. luv to eat those~
2. Pam pam pam ice cream@soft ice cream (i.e Mc D, sunny hill)
3. Salty finger food i.e sausages with cheese fillings, fries, nuggets, chicken wings? (this is bad~ :P)
4. Candies~
5. small pastries~ i.e cheese tarts

5 songs to which you know all the words:
not sure neh.. I think can sing along when the song is playing. :P
*Don't cha wish your boyfriend was hot like me~ don't cha` *shake ka chng~* hahaha!!!

5 things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1. Buy the instruments that I like~
2. Buy car, buy house, buy shoes, buy pants, buy watches, buy this, buy that~
3. save some money in the bank to suck interests`
4. Travel!!!!! how i wish to travel~~ maybe next time? hee
5. Buy something nice for my parents`

5 Bad habits:
1. I am loud, super loud
2. lazy~~~
3. Sometimes over sensitive
4. have fun being sarcastic sometimes
5. super messy room~~~

5 things you would enjoy doing:
1. Watching movies
2. Going out with frens and chit chat
3. Speak loud loud in public~ hahahahah
4. playing with puppies` :P (i dont have a pup at home T.T)
5. Eat, cook, bake~~ oh yeah~ try out new eating place.. those cool cool fancy but not expensive place` hahhaha

5 things you would not wear again:
1. Primary school short pants.. waleh` super ugly!!!
2. Secondary school white pants~ so sexy larh.. can tell what colour of underwear you are wearing that day` *pengz`*
3. Lut sek eh sah` (faded coloured shirt)
4. pua kang eh sah (shirt with a hole)
5. -

5 favourite toys:
1. My wife, my concubine and my mistress~ ahhahaha!!!!!
2. My camera
3. My com`
4. My phone
5. Mahjong~~ hahahah

Okay~~ done with that now moving on to selba's~~

I AM an 18 yr old music student~
I JUST NOW wanted to watch The wild but the ciplak pirated disc VCD wouldnt'load
I SAID something stupid~
I WANT to be a rich man~ hahaha!!!
I WISH to excel in my violin playing`~
I HATE si ah beng, chao ah lianbackstabbers~ :P
I MISSJunk food~~~
I FEAR Yucky cicaks!!!!
I HEAR all sorts of information
I WONDER how my girlfriend is gonna look like` hahah!
I REGRET doing the stupid things which i have done in the past~
I AM NOT a muscle man`
I SING like a duck? ahhahaha!
I CRY a lot when i was young.
I AM NOT ALWAYS Cha si lang (noisy)
I MADE cheesecakes very long ago~
I WRITE my diary once in a blue moon
I CONFUSE myself sometimes
I NEED lots of love~ ahahahah! from frenz :)
I SHOULD tidy up my room~
I START to feel sleepy
I FINISH repaying my "tag" debts~!! ahahhahaha

Thursday, May 18, 2006



I finished my score already, complete with CHINESE Lyrics (which I bersusah payah typed in) and already saved into my pendrive!!!! BUT I GO AND REPLACE IT WITH THE ONE IN MY COM!!!!!!!!!!! WHICH IS WITHOUT LYRICS !!!! AGH!!!!! Suku ah!!!!~!!!!!

aiiiiiiiiiii` briliant event to start the day`

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Finally can rest for a weeeee bit` hahahah! wanted to blog yesterday.. but in the end didnt.. so now i am gonna rewind and post about.. tuesday?

Wanna go to school but just outside my house I was caught up with a suku gong inconsiderate neighbour.. who PARKED HIS car horizontally in the middle of the road. ISh! If eng tau kia ke, leng lui chio bus still okay marh.. that ah pek ojisan (okay larh not so apek) but still!!! block my way, my time so precious okay! punteng wanna take picture let u all see.. but then again.. i din bring camera` whahaha.. cis that guy! Had history exam~~~ wahahhaa as usual.. I was goreng-ing my essay that morning.. my essay was basically... sambal belachan + peperoni and cheese ala cin cai lai style` hahaha.. honestly, 2 pages full of words but dunno can earn me how many marks. lalalall~~~sooooo~ after i finished history exam` I went to buy DvD` wakakkaka! the other day i bought 3 right? btw I am not stupid too is super nice!!!! you guys should watch it.. hahah quite touching leh :)
Anyways, I bought 4 discs yesterday: ULTRAVIOLINUltraviolet, Ice Age 2, The Wild, Water spirit:the nun. So I watched water spirit, which was so so.. and half of ultraviolet` hee` later gonna watch the two cartoons~~~

Had listening exam.. what is listening exam? well, we were supposed to listen and do some analysis to the piece and of cos.. lots of MEMORISING!!!! Ugh` I spent the whole night trying to memorise songs in the Renaissance period (1450-1600) and to spice up my evening~ all these song titles are in foreign languages~~ *pengsan*keluar buih putih* so~~~ today during listening exam also goreng aje lar` hahahahah!!!!

Later tonight I am going to complete my song~ (flakes of tears) I've actually figured out how to complete it.. but then there's one part.. the modulation.. dunno how to write it properly.. hrms.. but overall a very simple piece larh` nothing heavy.. hehehe shud I put it in my site as the background music?? but I dont like the sound of midi files... okay.. i am mumbling away~ :X

Oh yeah~~ there were some "major" events which took place few days ago:
(i) Dr chen~ purposely called me up just to listen whether i sounded like a duck or not~~~ hahaha

(ii) I was nominated as the KING of BLUR GU SAi by Robin

aiduhai these two`~ buey tahan wu ngia~ hahahaha

Yeap guess thats all for today` Thanks for all the comments :D

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy lao ma day~~

WEnt out for dinner already last night.. but since my uncle came from taiwan.. so we had another tonight.. The dinner was at pending seafood place.. WE waited for super longgggggggggggggggg.. my gosh.. so many ppl... and while we were eating.. one of the erm.. how do you call them.. the one who is gonna participate in the elections? hahaha one of them came to shake hand with us asking for supports and stuff.. it's from DAP.. quite young owh her.. hahahaha anyways.. quite kolian see them.. have to come out like tat.. must be tough..

So.. 14th May @ Lao Ma day (mothers' day) :P ahhaha how did you guys celebrate? I wanted to buy a necklace for my mom.. yeah.. WANTED to.. but in the end i din buy it cos the pendant looks rather small.. so we only went out to eat lor.. just like that.. besides.. mother's day is not only about gifts marh, right>? should treat our mommy with good behavior everday and not only treat them well on Mothers' day and yell at the everday.. :D

yeah.. I'll make this a short one.. to all the mother's out there, HAPPY LAO MA DAY~~~~ may the blessings of God shower abundantly upon each and every mother in this world~ heeheheheh :D

* aural exam tomolo!!!! fainted*

Went to pai jia le for mothers' day dinner last night.. wanna specially introduce this dish Pork ribs in oriental sauce, not bad owh`~  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, May 13, 2006


I think it was last night.. yeah.. we (feli, ronnie and ivor) went out to get something for pn jo. hahahah. then at that time.. I tried the OSIM RODEO~~ hahahaha It feels like you're riding on a horse but I was wondering.. they say horseback riding is not good for men's health.. soooooo.. if like that, shall I conclude that the Rodeo thingy is not safe?~?~?~ hee hee just a thought, fingers crossed that the osim ppl dun see this or else they might smack me with one of their products` :X

So that was last night.. What did I do on tonight?? (friday)

It's quite a nice movie!!! but more musical compared to corpse bride` hee hee but It's nice so if you have a chance, watch it`

- Watched SCARY MOVIE 4
SUPER IDIOTIC MOVIE!!! hahahaha but laugh till I peng~ hahahaha A great movie to relax although the ending is kinda duh??? hahaha but overall it's quite funny`

Still got one more movie havent watch yet : I'm not stupid 2.. considered an old movie liaw.. hahah` but I bet it's gonna be funny :D

Go...ZZzz... oD...ZZzz... Nigh...ZZz...t...``

Friday, May 12, 2006

now you dont have to squint ur eyes nemore.~

Okay okay.. I got rid of the templates.. for now` hahahah` I really like that one.. but of cos I shud care about ur eyes too right? hee`

Public holiday~~ wee`~~ nothing much to do today.. have to complete the newletter in the afternoon with a few of my frens, then practice violin!!! ai.. my exam pieces.. hopeless.. hahah` and of cos try to study cos final's next week` lalalal

Oh yeah` I appeared in the newspaper (eastern times) yesterday.. ahhaha of cos not me alone.. with a bunch of my frens in the "extra" section i think.. "choosing music as their career" or something like that~ hahaha

might post something later in the day... gonna hunt for food now`

Thursday, May 11, 2006

PmS day for lecturer~

I can understand when girls are having mood swings cos of their "monthyly routine", and even though I know guys do suffer from PMS even though not as often as girls.. but I simply can't understand it when my lecturer got pissed for no reasons.. Ki si lang, LEcturer Tai sai (big deal) is it?!?! come to think abt it.. quite tai sai hor.. fail us then we're doomed.. but still! If so unstable, what for be teacher??? cis.. I mean.. at the moment if we are noisy, I can still understand why he's ticked off.. but when I go in I didnt even do anything.. I just sit at my seat and wipe my face.. then he was like "IF you don't want to listen you get out of the class larh!" the heck?! He's not even talking then.. Cis~ Benci!!Okay.. Don't wanna chap siaw the siaw ta poh lecturer..

MOthers' day~~ is around the corner. So what are you getting for your mommy?? yesterday afternoon.. we went for some mother's day shopping.. cos there's no lecture till 3.. so we went to sarawak plaza` I didn't buy anything.. seriously dunno what to buy.. hahah But we bought loads of candies in Pop-in convenient store.. ahhah` I spent RM7.69 on candies.. hahaha~ woops :X oh yeah~ then something stupid happened to me.. hahaha~ I was like staring at the chewing gums at the counter.. then like ooooooo~~ ahhhhh~~~ (cos there's quite a few imported ones) then I look up some more.. eh?~ nvr see one~ ai seh.. got strawberry, banana flavour too~?? *looks carefully* AIKS!! DUREx!! hahah~ woops.. haha :P silly me.. who ask them to put it on top of chewing gums` aiyehyeh hahaha~

Final's next week`~ lalalalalalla~

Oh yeah` gonna post up the pic of the food i had in Hock Lee's Family food court soon (If i get the pics that is) hahaha` If not I'll just blog about it.

P.s: I need help from website editors lar.~ Help me make my site more reader frenly~ but I like the background pic!!!! Help!!! (pls note that i am only a student so If you're planning to charge me for your service.. I cant afford to pay nah!! Cia you drink coconut or ang tao peng is still affordable though.. hahah` :P)

Have a nice day ya'all~ ;D

Monday, May 08, 2006


I kinda regreted not bringing my cam today cos the SKY was sooooo nice on my way home!!!! agh!!!!~ Wish you guys could see it` oh wells.. I get to see some pretty sight of the sky occassionaly when i am driving home.. passing the bridge.. looking at the sky and the river.. waiseh` ahahha.. sorry for the not-so-vivid description` :P

Anyways~ some progress with my song today~ wahahhaha~~ :P yea.. only Some.. I am like starting to worry.. cos some of my frens are like expecting so much of the song.. hahha.. sorry ya guys if it doesnt meet you expectations` WEll.. so long as you can feel what I am trying to convey.. then that's good enough right?~?~?~ :D

Right.. remember the title of my song? we were supposed to write poems in english class today` free poem~ hahah so I forced my friend, Mr DAVID JACQUES, who is also my student council leader` hahaha, to write the poem for my song`. According to David, this poem's theme is about a guy, walking in the moonlit snowy night, thinking about some stuff, see whether you can find out what the imaginary "he" is thinking? :D He even dedicated the poem to my song~ (which.. was also forced by me` :P) So here goes the poem~~~

Flakes of Tears

Trudging along this lonely path,
The harsh winter breeze, my only caress,
Longing for your warm embrace,
But your love is with another.

Tis my fate to be alone,
For now in the least,
Against my will, your love is blessed,
Though my heart with holds a beast.

The moon is but a pale blue sphere,
Blurred by tears I cried,
Down my face and off my chin,
joining with the pure white snow.

My love for you will end like this:
Pure and unwanted,
Taken for granted,
Flakes of tears.

There you have it` so how you find it? hahaha I think it's really cool that he can actually write that in like.. 15 minutes? hahah

anyways.. Pedagogy quiz tomorrow~ lalalalalal gosh.. oh and before I end.. SINCERE APOLOGIES to those who tagged me but I didn't reply your tags (some not yet reply), IE. Edison, Feli, Ivor. lols` I will try to answer the tags if i can, if not.. maybe I'll tell you in real life? :P

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Have you ever seen a throphy..... Posted by Picasa

....... with a price tag underneath?~??~ wahahhaha!!! stupidity strikes~ :P Posted by Picasa

Flakes of Tears

Went to watch choir competition the other day~ it was great.. Green Road Secondary school got 1st place~ the results were some how quite obvious when all the schools presented their song.

Friday (5/5): Eva's birthday. Happy birthday Eva`~
Jess's birthday. Happ birthday Jess`~

Sat (6/5): went to pizza hut to celebrate jess's birthday.. then went to bla^3 to celebrate Eva and Kim seng's birthday. wanted to go barzing.. but went to bing's instead`

Sun (7/5): kim Seng's birthday. Happy birthday kim seng.

I am currently composing a song.. remember the other time i wanted to compose a song? I didnt finish that one. This time, I am gonna finish this song cos..
-it's one of my music technology final project
-motivated to write this song
The title of the song is called "Flakes of Tears" (thanks Chee@ ah niang for the idea for the title). The song is suppose to convey a sweet feeling, yet in the sweetness, you will feel a taste of sourness in it.. Sense of funny and helplessness if you know what I am talking about.. haha`` Some friends of mine such as Miracle, rachel, nenek, sam gbp, ah niang have heard the begining 16 bars of that song, and they said it conveys the feeling.. sadness and all, so I guess I have succeded with the start? I will try to finish is soon.. and hopefully i can record it in mp3 file instead of midi.. the sound is terrible` :)

that's all peeps.. gnite and have a nice Sunday`

Friday, May 05, 2006

here are some of the photos Azzie took for me the other day~ had to reduce the quality or else you guys will have a hard time trying to view the photos~ lols.. enjoy :P Posted by Picasa

holding the yellow cushion thingy` hahah Posted by Picasa

me and my pretty "wife", a replica of the Guarneri Del Gesu violin~ Posted by Picasa

Sitting down on the studio floor~ Posted by Picasa

Last but not least~ a stupid photo of me trying to clean the cushion with kiwi Glass cleaner? ahhaha~~~ Don't try this at home folks :P Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Spent my morning being a model today~ hahaha It was actually quite fun posing for the camera, will share the pics when Azzie pass me the photos~ hahaha Taken outside Lim Kok Wing's Photo Studio~ it's suppose to round.. but cant see the shape cos the sign is black and the door is black too~ Posted by Picasa

Brunch at Flavourz, Traviliion~ Posted by Picasa

Finally, time to get home after a long day~~~  Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 01, 2006

Flavours of pop and jazz concerT~

The Concert is oveR!!!! I cant believe it but it's over~ hahahha

It was such a great night!! well, with mixed feelings.. So I went there at around 5++.. was still energetic and all that.. until I found out that my piano piece was cancelled due to the length of the piece.. and the length of the whole concert.. at that point it felt like someone have poured gallons of kao sai (dog poo) over me.. the feeling.. sucks~ So I was walking around grumbling, lalalalal-ing, msg-ing, just trying to cool myself down and all that.. eventually I managed to psycho myself to feel better.. until I found out that my PHONE WAS GONE!!!! This is like Haven't wash off the kao sai, kena poured another gallon of kao sai (my version of yi po wei ping, yi po you qi) So I was going nuts~~ trying to look for my phone.. so I was like searching around when Mrs Liaw came to me with my phone!!!! Man was I relived~~~ Considered one gallon of kao sai flushed down the toilet, I have to prepare myself for the concert~ Sooooo, I just sit down and wait and wait and wait for my turn...

When I got up the stage.. the mic wasnt functioning~~~ alamak!!! That time my bin oh kao kana hamik sai (my face dark until like wad poo [sorry to those who are having their dinner]) So I just play play play lor~ hahaha action action abit.. then it was RED HOT!!!! I couldnt hear myself.. so I really apologise for the intonation slips in some sections.. but I sincerely wanna thank all of you who cheered for me during that song.. Great encouragement!!!!! The concert proceeded well I must say and The crowd was awesome!!!! When the concert ended, I felt that it really didnt matter anymore whehter my piece got canceled or not cos the concert was a big success~ But sorry to those who purposely came to listen to my piano piece.. hahah~ maybe it will happen in the next concert~ hee hee

Before I end this entry, I would like to thank ALL of you who bought tickets to come to this show, without you all, this concert wouldnt be a SOLD OUT CONCERT, without you all, We wouldnt have the energy to perform that night. Thank You all sooooooooo much and hope to see you in our next concert!!! :D