Friday, June 30, 2006

supah-meng tng lai~

Supah-meng~ supah-meng` friendly neighbourhood supah-meng` Red undies` any size` flies around in disguise` hey now~~ watch out for the supah-meng` eh... wait.. ahhahaha salah lagu` :X hahahah woops :P

So about the movie` IT WAS SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed every bit of it` tsk tsk tsk`

first of all` the casts for supah-meng`~

Image Hosted by

Brandon something i think? hahahah I think he was quite suitable for the movie leh` although got critics say he's stiff` but hor I think he's okay` well.. sometimes his blue contacts looked kinda fake in some scene` but I think angeliuna drooled and flooded the whole cineplex` hahahahah!!!

louis lane also not bad` and I LIKE THE LITTLE KID!!! ahhahahah sooooo cute larh` hahahah

Image Hosted by
don't be shocked if you smell something funny in the air` It might be supah-meng boosting his flying speed~ :P

Oh` and if I am not wrong, the one play louis's husband.. Richard or something? he is cyclops in X men right??? is it is it???

okay` besides the eng tao kia, sui cha boh and chu bee eh seh kia (handsome guy, pretty lady and cute kid)` the music was superb okay!!!!!! Fuiyoo` I tell you` if it wasnt for the music ah` the music wun be as great` ahahahaha :D so music is important~

Since it was the first show` I got

Image Hosted by

supah-meng's pocket calender` weee` make angeliuna drool again` hahahahahhah

so folks` go check out the movie` I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed Xmen` :D

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Does your hair look like this??

You know you desperately need a hair cut when you wake up looking like this....

Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by

*pooof`~* There's a lot of resemblence between me and the pong moh sai` (bushy mane lion`) haha` it's time to visit the hairstylist again``

what is wrong with the world`

I was about to go to sleep when cynth showed me the movie about school girls whacking up a helpless girl` After watching the movie, I was freaking pissed off! my gudness` who the hey do the girls think they are to wallop that student like that??? I think there's this saying "zai loi dou yao lou dao lou mou sang" (something like every child was born by parents) or something like that larh` Even the parents dont whack the children like that, what more to say those bunch of SI AH LIANs?! what rights do they have to do so?? huh?! huh?!?!?!

and you know to add more spices into the drama, the principal of the school, according to this article, said that the ah lians play play only. WTH is not right with that person!??!?!?! A person with the right brain wun view a video like that and say it's play play. Imagine larh hor, a person go and wallop ppl's son and daughter, then say "aiyo` nothing larh play play with him/her only larh" you think at that time you not angry meh???!? my gudness`

but according to one of the articles they said the girl who got walloped actually did this to one of the girls who walloped her.. so this is sorta like a revenge or something??? I dunno larh` I just hope that what has to be done will be done instead of report, make it big, and cover it up`` like usual` sigh`

dunia dunia~ you're no longer a safe place` :`(


Look up in the sky` it's a bird~ It's a plane.. wait a minute` It fell off the sky and started crawling on the ground` It's HORMONIAL MENG~ Super powers include getting angry at vilants and act like a 50 yr old granny.. not to forgot the ultra blurry vision which results in constant Long piak-ing (knock into the wall) and of course the kinky ang teh koh @ red undies worn outside` ahhaha.. I dunno what am I talking about` but I bet I am gonna be sliced by angeliuna if she sees what I wrote about supah-meng.. eh wait.. I was writting about hormonial meng not supah-meng (sincere apologies to any ah meng reading my blog :D)

anyways~ I am going to watch

Image Hosted by

supah-meng returns tomolo!! hee hee` although the ticket is not as canggih as angeliuna supah-liu's hahahah` anyways, my practice for the ethnic conference finishes at 7 and the show starts at 7! stupid stupid stupid` ai ai ai` So I think me and my friends would have to cabut earlier` hee hee


Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

I bought this Dvd the other day~ 3 in 1 movie` The movie is called scream` like stated in the picture.. there's episode 1, 2 and 3` I finished watching 1 and 2 already and gonna watch 3 soon` hahahah Remember scary movie? I forgot scary movie 1 or 2, they imitated this movie` hahaha I like both version` so check it out if you want to :D

Oh ` and remember the 5 in 1 dvd i bought the other day? I watched the last movie in it today` Man of the house starring tommy lee jones and a bunch of hot cheerleaders good actresses` :P hahahah` the movie was quite enjoyable` not only because of the leng luis okay! although good looking actors and actresses can really add points to the movie` hahah`

*continues reading SEJARAH. STUPID Lame And Ngong (LAN subjects) havent they tortured us enough back in secondary school?? ai` :X*

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Out with Mr B, Miss Laura, Michelle and Wendy~

I went out for dinner tonight with the fun peeps I mentioned up there~ hahaha A little introduction about them

Mr B is my violin teacher~ I call him Mr B cos.. It's fun` hahaha He's a very nice guy` always make me laugh during lesson` hahahah Miss laura is one of my lecturer now and both michelle and wendy are my frens (who also learned from mr b before~) :D

So we headed to...

Image Hosted by

happy valley for our dinner~ ohohohhohhohohhohoh

Happy valley is located some where opposite of crown towers` drive around there and I am sure you can spot the shop` If you can't, don't call me :P

Image Hosted by

It only took a while for our food to come cos there weren't many ppl on a monday night~ hiak hiak` you can see Sirloin steak, spagetthi, golden chicken blue, pork chop and cheese chicken chop~

I ordered.......

Image Hosted by

cheese chicken chop~~~ quite tasty i must say~~ whahahahaha

So after the main course, we must of course have Dessert~~ so we headed over to

Image Hosted by

Tom's for dessert~~~~ :D

Image Hosted by

hrmsssss.. tough choice~~

After quite sometime of pointing up and down` we finally took our pick~

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

we chose Marble cheesecake, some neopolitan thingy, triple choc, apple crumble and banana crumble~ the Apple crumble and the marble cheese were superb~ wahhaha :D

It was definitely a fun night out` not to mention the weight I am gonna put on` hahahahah my goodness` But I am greatful to have such wonderful teachers who are just like friends to me` wahahhahah I am sure we can do this often` well maybe not too often or else I am gonna have a big bulging stomach` ai si!!!! ahaha

Image Hosted by

Thanks Mr B, for everything~ :D

Sunday, June 25, 2006

sek ka lei kai~

whahhahahah :P yeap it's cooked!!!!!!!!

As you can see, there's potato added~ hahaha and now, to taste the kai and the potato~

there.. one piece each shud be enuf` *chomp chomp chomp* *munch munch munch* ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo~ sedapnya~~~ and chun chun hor I have char bee hoon (fried bee hoon) and it's so ngam key with the asam curry sauce` *fainted~~~*

want some? hahahah~

asam ka-lei-kai ~

what did a^ben do today besides going to school, go shopping and have super cheap and tasty lamb shank??? He cooked asam ka-lei-kai` well, since the spices is already prepared by my adorable granny, I only have to mix everything and cook it that's all~~ whahahahah  Posted by Picasa

Since this asam curry, you must add in Assam~~ hahahah what am i talking about` pour in the asam sauce and stir stir stir~  Posted by Picasa

since my ka-li liaw (curry spices) already have salt in it, just have to add in some sugar for the extra sweet and sour asam taste~ wanna know how it looks like after it's cooked? stay tuned then~ heee heee Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 24, 2006

chen finally pasanged her webcam` and what am i looking at?? red curtain` itu chen ah!!!!! tsk tsk.. can you guess what coloured shirt loktor chen is wearing???? hahahah`  Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 22, 2006

dansa espanyol~

wahhahahahah~~~ performance went well~~~ no, I didn't shake my butt in front of everyone. oh, and for your information, I performed the piece "spanish dance" on the violin, not perform the DANCE itself` hahaha but all went well~~~ thanks for the good luck` special thanks to chen who purposely msged me~ wahhahahaha!!!

Today is thursday~~ and I have to go teach itu budak again~~~ He is by far, the hardest to teach (I have taught brats of almost the same age but they weren't as difficult to teach as him) But it suddenly struck me that I should teach him using the other method. I was like extra nice to him tonight, and he sorta like enjoyed the class` hahahah. So this added a little more to my joy of teaching. It's always fun to discover a student's personality. Even though it might be taxing to teach, but i must say, it's quite fun` hahaha

which leads me to another question: which uni to go??? I have to uni to choose from now. Either I go for teaching or I go for the technology side.. I think there's a few more options` aiduhai!!!!!!

Oh wells, short one today` I still have to finish up my pedagogy assignment`

*p.s: We are praticing the dance for the ethnic conference and yes, I am one of the dancers as well` oooolalalalal` :P

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tomi~ the blue head shaking thingy.. ahhahaha picture quite blur` taken using my webcam hee hee Posted by Picasa

tags, tags, tags again....

I've been tagged.. again.. hahahah.. this time by kim seng

Name 3 schools you went to

* St. Jude Kindy
* SJK St. Paul
* SMK Green Road

Name 3 things in your wallet/backpack (??? wallet and backpack are like two different things leh..)

* IDs, Licenses, name cards, all those cards..
* Money, money, money, must be funny, in a student's world~
* coins

Name 3 things you do when u're really stressed

* Talk, talk and talk to friends and God
* listen to music
* "torture" my wife, concubine or mistress.. depending on my mood haha(don't have to call female protection unit, they wouldnt care about your report one :P)

Name 3 places you go on a daily basis

* Jamban
* Room
* School

Name 3 favourite fruits (there's more than 3 so I just write the 3 the pops up in my mind)

* watermelon
* lychee
* peaches

3 names you go by

* Ben
* Ah Ben
* amin moh (courtesy of jipo)

Name 3 of your favourite food

* home cooking
* Western food
* hawker stall and roadside food :P

Name 3 things u'r wearing right now

* tee shirt
* jeans
* undies

The Whos

Who's In The House With You?

* mom and dad
* cousin and aunty
* wife, concubine and misteress.

Who or What Are You Thinking Right Now?

* ice cream
* movies
* I don't think much when I blog.. hahhhaha

Who Did You Last Talked On The Phone?

* My teacher
* Swee Joo
* Feli (last night)

Who Sit Next To You In Class? (it depends actually.. cos ours is free sitting)

* Chung yi
* Swee Joo
* Kathy
* Michelle

Who Was The Last Person You Told You Loved?

* -

Who Do You Wish You Were Right Now?

* A greater me

Who Gets On Your Nerves The Most In School?

* bitchy girls

The Wheres

Where Do You Live?

* somewhere over the river.. I use buayak (crocodile) to school everyday

Where's Your Phone?

* Handphone beside me, house phone beside my right thigh

Where Do You Sleep?

* on my bed???

Where's The Last Place You Took A Ride To?

* School

Where Are You Now?

* in my room

The Whats

What Was The Last Thing You Ate?

* rice, siew pak choy, mani choy, steamed egg, ginger mushroom chicken.

What Colour Shirt Are You Wearing?

* sky blue with mocha coloured horizontal strips

What's The Closest Item Near You That's Blue?

* the head shaking Tomi~

What Do You Like Best About Your School?

* friends and some of the teachers there

What's Your Favourite Colour?

* striking colours

What Is The Last Movie You Watched?

* The perfect man staring hilary duff

The Whens

When Did You Start School?

* 1992

When Is Your Birthday?

* July 15th, 1987

When Did You Last Went To The Mall?

* there's no mall in kuching.. hahaha

When Did You Last Bought A Pair Of Pants?

* many months ago

When Did You Last Burnt Something?

* I dont remember larh.. dun think I burnt anything in the past few years

Next Victim Will Be?

* I am not tagging anyone cos this tag is sorta like... I dunno... no comments.. but you will get to know me better larh.. hahahah


Right.. IT's MY PRESENTATION TOMOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish me luck peeps~ hehehehe I am gonna play M.De Falla's Spanish dance.. A quite technical but fun piece~ hahahha

besides practicing a wee bit longer than usual, I have been watching movies~ wahahhahaha

I bought a 5 in 1 ciplak dvd and a single disc:

Charlie and the chocolate factory
the perfect man
american pie - band camp
Man of the house
Dorian blues

I watched charlie and the chocolate factory~ very nice leh~ I enjoyed it` hahahahhahah

Bewitched was also quite nice wor! I wonder why some ppl said its not nice.. weird.. hahaha

The perfect man was also nice ohohohohhoo

I watched american pie band camp before, but since it is included.. so just write it out lor`

still got man of the house and dorian blues to watch .. dunno nice or not` :)

Okie dockie that is all for today~ Wish my luck in my spanish dance.. heee heee~ *shake ka chng~*

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Angeliuna joliu's sipeh khang koh tag!

if you're wondering what does sipeh khang koh means... sipeh khang koh = damn difficult`. This is by far the susah-est tag I've done okay` ai.. thanks to angeliuna joliu lor! ai ai ai.. torture saja` but since she wanted to cia me eat sushi if I visit KL` then I think I should answer larh hor.. so that later can order tempura prawns as side dishes` angeliuna dun get liuliuliuliu in public` hahaha

the tag goes like this~

01: What is your IRC/MSN/YM nick? ~ Ben
02: What’s the first word that comes to mind? ~ Ki si lang (angry till die`)
03: What was the word you last said? ~ ha?
04: What was the last word you type? ~ ha?
05: What word do you hate? ~ wadever
06: Can you rearrange these letters to form a word? giismsn ~ sms-iing~ :P
07: What is your favorite prime color? ~ red
08: Have you read Da Vinci Code? ~ yes
09: What is the word of the day here? ~ gravid \GRAV-id\, adjective:
Being with child; heavy with young or eggs; pregnant.
10: Finally, click here. blobject
(BLAWB.jekt) n. An object with a curvilinear, flowing design, such as the Apple iMac computer and the Volkswagen Beetle

there you have it~ 10 words~~~ now I shall begin writing my essay~ heee heee heee

One day, ah Ben went to a place called sipeh-ulu-area. Since it was his first time on a vaccation there, he had no idea what he was going to see there. To his surprise, the sipeh-ulu-area is actually a very nice place, with liuliu's hanging on the tree branches, clear streams of flowing water~

"fuiyooo, human paradise ey" ben thought to himself.

So he checked into the tree house hotel with the name "rumah pokok". He was practically very amazed by the monyets who was operating the lift, and the woodpecker who peck on the bell when Ben entered the place. Ben walked to the counter and he greeted the gravid lady in a gigantic red dress. She didn't notice ah Ben's presence as she was busy sms-iing her laling~ Ben clears his throat.. no response..

"AHEM!!!!!" shouted Ben.

"oh soli sir, welcome to rumah pokok. what do you want?" after asking that question, she continued to sms.

"ish.. this lady really ki si lang, ai.. wadever lar`" ah ben thought.

Ben: "I want to check in"

Lady: "ha?"

Ben: "I want to check in" *impatient*

Lady: "ha?"

Ben: "HU HU HU AK AK AK!!!!" (JUST GIVE ME A ROOM LA! in monkey language)

Lady: Oh YES! a room~ okay.

the lady began to type into a blobject on the table. Ah Ben finally settled in. He spent three days watching tiger monkey show and listening to the birds singing before he went back to his own house and continue in his daily life as music student.

(257 words)

AIks~~ Exceed word limit larh!!! nvm larh horh~ hehehehehhe.. okay` there you have it~ my tag answered~ wakakakkakak :D

and for this, I shall torture Miss Nenek Su. wahhahahahaha~ expecting something good from you.. eh.. she might be having exam hor.. nvm larh~ must answer owh~ hahahaha

Happy Father's Day to all~~~

I think I said i wanted to post this pic up long time ago` lols` there you have it "U kiasu, I kiasi" you wanna die, I still wanna enjoy` so drive safely on the roaD!!! a community message brought to you by a^ben` ~ hahahahahahahha! :P Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 16, 2006

Kao pao and Tag debts~

Kao pao = crying bun = ppl who cries a lot

thursday night~ gone to teach.. guess what? the boy cried again!!!!!!!!!! !@#$!@#%!@#$!@#$!@#%!@#%!#@$!#@#@!$!@%$#! Why always cry??????? I really dunno how to teach him anymore. I just ask him to count and play properly, I already explained so many time, last week know how to play, this week dunno how to play.. why like that? y ? y?!! He just buang-ed his violin like tat you know??? the whole thing dropped!! I almost whacked his puny coconut head with the violin.. of cos I didnt larh! (i wanted to whack his head because he argued with me say wad last week not I teach him lor, and I din tell him to play that exercise lor this and tat.. I almost wanna reply him.. Last week dunno who still cry say dunno how to wear pants this and that.. but of cos, I didnt do that as well) so hor` I went down and look for the clerk.. again.. and I told her, you just scrap that kid out of my students list. I dont wanna teach a kid who doesnt listen and cries every lesson. ugh!!! but that means.. less pay also!!!! ai.. dahlah the pay quite little already! now still kurang one more students~ ai.. shouldnt have said that I want to quit in August, should say in July.. then no need suffer so much. Who wanna take over my place?! any violin teacher?! anybody?!?!? help!!!!!!!

okay~ enough of the psycho student. In real life got psycho student make my head big.. in cyber world.. TAGS ARE FLYING ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!! oh my gudness! it's like kena saman everywhere` I have three debts to clear!!!

I think I will settle carcar's debt first! (cos her's is the shortest and easiest.. ahahhaha~ carcar is so kind~)

4 jobs I would stink at:

1. garderner
2. house keeper
3. stuff to do with computer
4. lingerie promoter (dream on` hahahaha!)

4 nicknames I’m making up for myself:

1. ben
2. ben siu (from chen)
3. prince a^benliu (from angeliuna joliu)
4. -

4 movies I can watch over & over:

1. cartoons
2. crazy movies i.e Scary movie 1-4, Kung pow!!!, American pie
3. Crayon shin chan~ I love~ *puri puri shake ka chng~~~* hahaha
4. -

4 things I love to do on weekends:

1. Visit the kids in school~
2. go out
3. watch pirated dvds~
4. eat eat eat eat (I AM GETTING FATTER!!!)

4 alcoholic beverages I enjoy from time to time:

1. Long Island
2. Screwdriver
3. Kamikaze
4. Baileys (don't really like this one... can be used to bake cake though.. ahaha)

4 fantastic destinations I would like to go to on vacation before I pass out:

1. Whole Europe
2. Korea
3. Italy
4. If can i would like to tour the world` somebody sponsor me!!!

4 celebrities I would go on a Big Date with:

1. Jessica alba~~
click at ur own risk~~ too beautiful to resist` hahaha
2. Pretty korean actresses`
3. pretty taiwan singers
4. hot ang moh actresses

this question so boh liao one.. make me think about impossible things` chey`

4 objects I could not live without:

1. computer
2. Phone
3. friends and families counted ah???
4. food, tv, food again`~

4 gadgets I do not have which I would quite like to have:

1. ipod
2. Nice car!
3. more flip flops, jeans, surf pants, sport shoes, watches.. ahhaha
4. oboe~ :P

hahahahahah~ okay one debt paid~~~ not tagging anyone~~~ Violin class at 9 later!!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

blogging style and thank you note~

I was asking one of my friend who's blog does she prefers more? Friend A's or mine? then she replied "sorry, I prefer Friend A's more." hahahahah` at first I was a little.. disappointed? hahah` but after thinking a layer deeper, I thought that maybe not everyone are used to my way of blogging and also the usage of Rojak language Ie: mixing of chinese pin yin, english, bm, hokkien and sometimes cantonese` hahahaha. Soooooooo~ my fellow friends who understands what I am blogging about and can laugh and enjoy the sukuness farnie-ness of my blog, I must congratulate you cos you're able to read between the lines` wahahhahahahahah!!!

Well, since I launched my blog in 2004, my readers were basically my friends and people who knows me (I prefer to call my blog readers "friends" instead of "readers). So 1 day I'll have approximately 10++ readers or so. I used to be very happy if my counter exceeds 10` hahaha yeah. It's sort of like a motivation for you to continue to blog` hahaha then when I moved to blogspot, which is the one you're reading now` I've met new frens~~~ namely LB liu liu, angeliuna joliu, May the bay-ker, loktor chen my yahoo chat mate`, miracle who owns a white grand!!, selba a sis who owns a steinway!!!, carcar who owes me steak in singapore (owh and she cia-ed me ong lai :P), robin the yao chin yan with loads of doggies and cats~, unker francis who goes paddling when he's free... and the list goes on and on ~~~~~ hahahahahahha From there, I've started to get a maximum of 50 readers (highest record to date) hahahah` I know it's nothing compared to the others, but I dont wanna compare with others` Wa si Ben (I am Ben) and I have my own style and I appreciate my friends. ahhaha` Well, I do hope my blog readers are decent ppl~ hahha

So now, I wanna say A GREAT THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO YOU ALL~~!!!!!!

and as a thank you gift~ I have posted a song on my blog!!! for you to enjoy and liak chua relax while you are at home or working. the song is from yiruma, with the title "Do you?" Dunno whether you can load the song or not cos geocities sot sot one leh, If you guys have any better place to upload the songs, please let me know yeah~ cos the song is dedicated to you all marh.. if you guys k not listen, then what's the point of putting it up right? :D

Monday, June 12, 2006

supper for the night: sakae sushi from singapore` :P Posted by Picasa

my new pair of flojos slippers` but where is the flojos trademark... hrm.. my aunty got cheated?!?!? hahaha` she bought this like two yrs ago... and always cant bring back cos her luggage is always overweight and there's no empty space to stuff it nemore~ hahaha Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Ma tah liak chat ~

Ma tah liak chat = police catch thief.

I witnessed this exciting thingy just now when i was going to orchestra when a guy suddenly run into the road and 2 policemen were chasing behind him.. waiseh.. my first encounter you know~ lucky i din langgar anyone of them. hahaha Kch.. is no longer a safe place.. cham si~

it's 0553 now~ I didnt stay up to watch football. Instead, I was watching the re-run of the 17th Golden Melody Awards.. ahhahahha oh my gosh` first time i stayed up so late... MY EYESSSSSSS X _ X

Saturday, June 10, 2006

THHC now available at

hahahah sound like wad advertisement` anyways, today is 9th of June~ what so special about this day??? it's also a liu liu liu day~~~ you see today is 09 - 06 - 06.. but hor~ if you tilt the first one.. you get ~ 06 / 06 / 06`~liu liu liu liu liu~ See~~~ i din cheat you right?~?~?~? hahahahha~ like that everyday also got something special happen~ :P

It's my great honour to host the opening ceremony for THHC at my blog~ wahahhahaha ! *pang pao* *phak lo ko*~~~ hahahah

thanks to LB a.k.a Founder of THHC for doing the sui sui logo for me~ hahahah even though there's suppose to be five lines instead of four~ but already very sui liaw!!!! wahahhah~

Thanks for all the support so far~ and now.. Let the fun begin~ muahahahahha! :D

Friday, June 09, 2006

what in the world???

I went to teach tonight~ yeap` but hor.. I already resigned from that work.. gonna stop in august cos the pay is freaking low~~~ lalalala.. so anyways.. tonight I am teaching a 6 yr old kid` so he happily go up to the class room with me lor` then the kid said "lao shi, wo yao qu che suo" (teacher, i wanna go to the loo).. so I said okay`~ then i was talking to the clerk, suddenly.. I hear my student sobbing outside.. SUDDENLY ONE WOR~ and he was like trying to wear his jeans.. so I helped him to button his pants lor and ask him why he cried.. then he was sobbing like nobody's business.. aiduhai` I was quite worried lor.. and stupid questions began to blurt out of me like "you saw something in the toilet is it???" hahaha` aiyo.. who knows the liuliuliu oldman omen evil momok thingy appeared leh!!??! then I asked him to sit there and tell me why he cried later... I went up again after 5 minutes and you know why he cried? cos he cant wear his jeans properly......


AIDUHAI!!!!!!! like that also have to cry!!!! I thought he dun wanna come class ke, or kena scold ke or apa larh` aiyoyoyoyyoyoy my goodness`

kids say the darnest thing... and can be such a pain in the ka chng quite adorable sometimes`~

Thursday, June 08, 2006

liuliuliu & the omen`

yesterday the day before yesterday was the special liu liu liu day (06.06.06). This day only comes like gui cheng gui bak ni jit bai (once in few thousand/hundred years).

what so special on this day? some people who pai devil, chi tiok hee leh liuliuliu day is sipeh important~ wu eh tng lang lu cepat cepat paksa ee eh kia kar chaboh kia kahwin cos liuliuliu ho jit ji & kahwin liaw eh sipeh heng~. Ang moh lang lu kia liuliuliu kia kao pang cheh sai yin wei liuliuliu si sipeh suey eh jit ji~
translation: some people who worships devil, felt that that 666 day is super important. Some chinese pulak force their sons and daughters to get married quickly on this day cos 666 is a good day and you will be damn lucky if you get married on this day. Ang mohs fear the 666 until half dead and shit green poop cos 666 is a very unlucky day~

ai.. I as a christian, also quite worried, cos they say that day got devil's son borned in the earth is it??? but at the same time, I was curious about what will happen on 666? I thought I would see some other people when I am looking into the mirror or something like tat larh.. but hor.. nothing happen leh.. On second thought, I am greatful that nothing happened~ hahahha.

I went to watch The omen with sandra~ This time we were "lucky" that there weren't a bunch of "ha, chaos bang his aliens" sitting behind us.. but.. there were somebody else that we know~ aiduh.. although they not as noisy.. but one of them put his legs on the chairs in front of him.. aiduhai..he can do that because only "hou heng dai "sat beside me no one sat on my right` aiyo.. the whole row was shaking when he shook his legs` cis!

okay` The omen. the movie was quite... dull lor I think` nothing really special larh although some part really did spook the sai out of me. hahahaha damn those sound effects` Oh.. and one part where the nanny got ran over by the master's car.. I was laughing and clapping` hahahah! evil me` wooops : X so yeah.. that's just about the movie.. nothing much really` you can watch it in cinema for more shocking effects and you never know the one sitting beside you might not be the one whom you came with` whahahahaha! jk` :P

I went to happy valley just now for dinner` treated my cousins cos they are going home~ well they bought me gifts so treat them eat not so expensive stuff lor` hahhaha but i treat, my mommie paid larh` hahahahah!!! :P after that went to Tao~ had blueberry sunrise or something like that.. banana, blueberry, peach` hahaha quite nice neh` but I dint bring camera` soooooo no pics to share~ :D oh you can also try Tao's Green tea` quite nice too ey`

yup, so to end this post~ ah ben went to watch the omen on liuliuliu's day and he is still as insane sane as usual and there's no sign of demon possession` :D

p.s:/ Lb, emily rose i felt was more interesting leh.. hahha I think lar` dunno bout you. hehehe owh~ and I will launch HHC after i receive ur logo~ ahahha :D

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

First day of sch~~~

first day of school.. (5/6/06) Sucks~~~~ M O N D A Y S U C K S~~

hahahaha.. well not all of it~ only the morning. Y? cos I have to wake up early.. and it's very torturing for me to get up early in the morning~ worst of all... have to start off with aural where I have to listen to the intervals until my hee kang chut iu (oil comes out from my ears) hahaha~ ooooo~ the results for my first sem aural exam is out~ scored an A-. considered okay for me~ hahahaha cos I thought I did worst than that~

*aiyak.. feel like wanna pang sai*

anyways, history class was moved to this afternoon~~ So I get to see my marks for my history project and the first term exam. Surprisingly, I DID WELL FOR HISTORY~~~~ hahahahahahahhahahaha! I scored 85 for both of my projects and first semester exam~ I cant believe that I actually scored 85 writting about si langs (dead people)~ ahahahhaha happy I am~ and of course, to GOd be the glory~ I wouldnt have scored A for my history if it wasnt for Him~ Kam sia!!! :D

today is 06/06/06`. Might go and watch the omen with sandra~ hope we don't bump into any "ha, chaos bang his aliens" in the cinema again` (refer to previous post if you dunno what the hey am I talking about) maybe I should treat that they got possessed watching to me and splash them using the soft drink that I ordered and cheat them that I just did some exorcism ritual to shooo the momoks away? hahahah~ maybe not`

Saturday, June 03, 2006

an early blog~

yeap.. it's 0350hr now~ hahahaha that's the meaning of my "Early" blog`

I've been watching loads and loads of movies this few days~
1. The Da Vinci Code
2. The Terminal
3. Hollow Man II
4. Venice Underground
5. Nanny McPhee

First up` The Da Vinci Code`. The movie wasn't as bad as what people say leh` maybe they had too much of an expectation about the movie`. so overall, it was just an alright movie and if compared to other adaptations like harry potter, potter definitely kicked DVC's butt.. well, that's what I think` haha. There's one part of the movie where they said the person sitting on the right hand of Jesus was Mary and flipped the image over, causing mary to rest on jesus's shoulders. Many people in the cinema actually laughed. At that moment, I felt rather insulted.. seriously. No wonder they were so ticked off about brown's writting. Not like this world is not twisted enough, I just hope people who watch the movie wouldn't get their thoughts twisted as well` OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And one stupid thing!!! Sandra went to watch the movie with me (even though she watched it twice already) ahhah.. anyways.. we were STUCKED BETWEEN A BUNCH OF CHAO AH BENGS AND SI AH LIANs!!!!!!!!!UGH!!! you know` they practically spoke throughout the movie.. heck, I dont think they even know what the movie is talking about` I mean why spoil the movie when they don't wanna watch it` so freaking irritating and hor this bunch of CAB and SAL, buey siao li (not ashamed) one wor! we were like turning back to stare at them then they kept talking.. louder by the moment. UGH!!!!!!!!! STUPID KIDS!!! Since we are at DA Vinci Code` Let me share with you this:

"ha, chaos bang his aliens"

although it doesnt really make sense, but it's the anagram for "Chao ah bengs, si ah lians" hahahahahh~ I can be ben brown from tomolo onwards.. ahhahaha stupid me` :P

anyways.. I still think Tom hanks is not the right person to play Langdon.. hrm.. that sounded weird, hahahah` The way tom hanks speaks.. is more suitable for roles like the one he played in the terminal, wads his name again.. naboursky is it? or something.. ai` hahahah but terminal indeed was a good show and I enjoyed watching it~ :P

ok ok.. I shall not bore you with that.. next~ nanny mcphee~ ooooo you guys shud watch this.. hahaha it's quite interesting.. but.. if you dun like kiddies movie then I warn you that you better not watch it` hahhahaha


Owh!!! although it's been quite long ago, but I must tell all of you.. that I waited 30 minutes for a stupid zinger burger!!!!!! dahlah the waitress that served me that day was so freaking unfriendly and she puts up the "lu-kiam-wa-kui-pak-ban" (you-owe-me-kui-pak-banfew-billion) punya face` ugh!!!! dahlah i have to go to coffee bean that night for the bloggers meet` (lucky when i reach they all haven reach yet.. haha) when they sent me the burger I just stood up and said "it's the first time in my whole wide life that I have to wait 30 minutes for a zinger".. ai.. not like i wanna be racist or something but that SHN.. cant she treat a customer better? ha ? ha? beh sai si boh (cannot is it) !?!!?!?!?!??! okay` I shall stop complaining`

word of advice: if you go KFC at swk plaza, go to the one beside coffee bean.. I think they have better staffs there.


Chen's tag!!!

ai.. terpaksa do this cos i tossed the coin.. sigh`

therefore I shall say random words starting with B..

Belachan. banana. buah ciku. balangsat. bidin. bimbo. benjamin. bear. boat. ballistic. bala cili cha cha. ballroom dancing. barreister (or however u spell it.. the type of lawyer?? haha). bandana. buih putih. blossom. bunny. balachandran....... okay this is going no where` hahahahah but considered debt paid liaw` wahhahahahaha :P

*yawns~~~~~* ai si! 0435 liaw~ hahaha guess I have to stop here before I faint on top of my keyboard` lols gnite g'morning~

p.s: LB, no hug hug club here` hahaha but I might start if you would be so kind to design a nice nice nice hug hug club logo for me? hahahahahha!!!! :P