Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tarty Sunday~

My voice no more very sexy liaw~ hahaha today still eat curry tapiocca chips` lalalawuuuu!! beh zai si!!! ahhaha :P and one more thing~~ Ah Ben made egg tarts today~ hahahaha for the very first time~ and no~ my kitchen haven burnt down yet` :D *touch wood*

I dun have the stupid cup so hor I purposely went out to buy itu mold thingy` turn here turn there` cannot find!!!! finally bought one at parkson` RM 6.90.. I still give them my bonus link card` aahhahah I din know need Rm 10 then can use` hahahah wooops~ :X paiseh si` :P

Then went to buy flour cos I only have self raising flour in stock` lalalalal~ IT RAINED SOOOOOO HEAVILY!!!!! my goodness` After buying the flour and a rolling pin, I went over to look for Dvd again~ lallawoooo :P hrm.. let me recall what movies I watched lately: Almost love, Aquamarine, Pirates2, Voice.. and just bought Twins effect 1 n 2 + one action movie` dunno wad name` canton movies larh :D hahaha Still have lake house havent watch.. already buy but havent watch yet` aiyoyyo :P So many movies to watch lalawooooo~~~

Sooooo, I began my tarty journey`

*stir stir stir* mix mix mix * pour pour pour* *gather gather* *scratch nose* *wrap dough* *put in fridge*

*waited for dough to sleep*

*beat eggs, sugar* *add sugar + vanilla*

*press dough into mold* *pour egg* *buang ke dalam oven!* *tik tok tik tok TING!!*

Image Hosted by

Tadah!!! hahaha portugese egg tart` :D it's too sweet though (250g of gula!!!) thanks to the stupid recipe` ai` must be typing error` how can you add 625ml of milk to 4 eggs` out of balance leh` no wonder the stupid book so cheap` wkaakkaka :P

p,s: pls head over to loktor chen's blog to see what we did last saturday` whahaha`

Have a nice Monday~~ M O N D A Y S H A R K S~~~ :X


And I fell Sick!!!!!!!!! ugh!!! sorethroat` so now my voice super "sexay" ahahahha! aiii`` oooh! before I forget I must talk about my scary dream! it was so real. my goodness` I dreamt that I was chase by killers` the feeling was so real I was basically running until I was out of breath` then I suddenly woke up` phew it was just a dream.. then when i went back to sleep` the dream continueD!!!! idiot!! the sequel of my dream was that I went to look for shelter but all the person I am heading too were already slaughtered!!! agh!!! ahhaha` weird dreams` make me k not sleep only! ish!


Thursday night I went out with Loktor chen and miracle 8`. We went to room 205~ first time there and they got my drinks wrong!!! bad impression`!! I ordered GREEN TEA with LIME.. and they gave me RED TEA with LEMON a.k.a Ice LEH Mong Tea` they dunno lime/limau kasturi/s'ng kit is different for lemon/leh mong is it??? fulamak` and hor.. bitter till die!!!!! no taste one summore` bluek!!! But` the food was okay larh` hee hee` although i ordered the bbq beef, which was just two splat of meat with a few incy wincy fries`

after we cha si lang in room 205 until the bumbung wanna drop down, we decided to go to hui sing cos I am still hungry` ahahhahaha so ate satay and matterhon there` but actually still hungry wor` hahahah *think think a while* better dun eat so full at night` hahahah :P to see the food pic` head over to chen's pg~ ahhaha lazy post :P

today went out with chen again` hahaha to sunday market` :P it's been sooooooooo long since I last went there` and I bet chen is gonna post photos soooo` pls head over to view the photos at her site` ahhaha :P

Like I promised` those who got Penelope Cruz correct in the previous post will get a gift` wahhaha` Congrats to MIRACLE and LIL JOY~ wahahahhahaha therefore, I shall reward you both with two supah leng zais picture` behold!!!!

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

wakakakakak~ sexy leh` :D hahahaha *io ka chng io ka chng`* :P

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pirates of the laut~

I went to watch Pirates of the carribean just now!!! and I have to say that` IT IS MORE INTERESTING THAN SUPERMAN~ sorry angeliuna` hahahaha! :P

Keira knightly was quite hot despite the dirt on her face and I like her accent` Johnny was quite funny too` But willie wonka always appears in my head when i look at him` lols.. wait.. is he the one who played willie wonka? hahaha wadeva` and not to forget` orlando bloom` who is a little too skinny I think.

I am gonna spoil the movie abit` In the movie` you can see the appearance of TUA sotong a.k.a Big big sotong` AIyeh yeh` the sucky sucky thing.. tentacles is it? so freaking gross okay` its like suck suck suck like that`.. hrm that sounded kinda wrong` anyways` It was quite gross larh` all slimey and that` ahhahah

The thing I don't like about the movie` is the ending` watch it and you'll know why` lalalalalallaal

and to end this rather short post` I am gonna give Aceone a present~~~ em.. for what you say?? em.. I also dunno leh` so that this post can be longer? ahhahaha oh wells` Ace, this is for you` Just received it two days ago from my fren` wahahahhah (this pic has nothing to do with the pirates of the caribean show` so must go watch that movie har!! ahhaha :P)

Image Hosted by

your very own~ Uglyfied and alien-fied Cartoon figure~ can you guess who is the original celeb? if you can guess it correctly I will gip you another pressie` hahahah!

good day~ :D

p.s: gonna meet up with chen tomolo later` wakakkakakaka :P

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

PLooT Exam~

I just sat for my ABRSM flute exam today~ wahahahhhaha It's my first time sitting for external flute exam` em` I sat for Grade 6` how did i do????

My flute was shaking you know~ hahahah Out of control liaw` I dun like that feeling` ai ai` hahahah` my scales was horrible` hahahah I practice the hard ones` then the ez one came out` then I dunno how to play` ahhahaha!! then I played till so frustrated, I "arGH!!" in the exam room and continued playing` oops` hahahhaha The most stupid one was the examiner asked me to play C# harmonic minor slurred, I go and play C# Melodic minor staccato` hahahah! then ooopS~~ what was I thinking` hahahah but the examiner was such a nice lady!!! the best among the four examiners I met` yes, I only had Four external exam before this` my 3rd one was the most traumatising one` hahaha she had purple hair with 3 pairs of ear rings and is half a head taller than me` lalalawu!!! a She sumore` fulala`~

As for results` I don't target anything` Just hope for the best larh` it doesn't really matter as well cause next year gonna sit for another grade` then this cert is gonna be like.. em.. just another "expensive" piece of paper` hahha` Next Yr gonna target something else` but now haven't confirm yet ` so Dont wanna reveal first noh` :D

Now can relax lu~ no need play scales` ah` so song` hahahah :D my worst nightmare` ai ai ai`

Chen is coming lor~ wahahhahahahah~

KL (3)

Before I start blogging I must say thank you again to those who wished me A happy birthday/ belated birthday` cos hor` Even when I am in kl, also got ppl msg me to say happy birthday wor` and hor I think there's some ppl whom i left out in the thank you list` so if I forgot to write your name down` sorry ya! there's too many of you` thank you all so much~!! :D

I forgot which day` we went to watch this performance group from russia` lalawooo` i tell you` they super canggih like hamik also dunno`!! tsk tsk tsk` see for yourself larh` the fingers like wanan keluar asap` hahaha :D

Oh~ I get to colour the tattoos on my friend's hand cos we are performing ethnic stuff marh` and you know larh ethnic ppl got all those canggih tatoos marh` so have to lukis abit` hahahha :P

Then I wanna talk about my suey-ness~ I stepped on a THUMBTACK before the performance at times square~ allalalalalalwooooooooooooo~!!!! The stupid thumbtack was on the stage` idioT!!!! lucky the thumbtack wasnt rusty` I had to pull the thumbtack out and squeeze the blood out` and you know when I pulled the thumbtack out, can actually feel the thumbtack moving out from the flesh` ahhahaha worst part was I still have to perform with a sore foot and i have to add in the facial expression and dance with my friends summore` That time I felt quite professional` hahahahha` cos pain still go on with the show` wahhaha :P

So after that` we had free time~ and we went shopping` lalalalla wuuuuu~~ I forgot which day I met up with angel liaw` but got one day larh` OH! The day before the performance at times square~
Image Hosted by
i met up with angeliuna joliu for... SUSHI~!!! ahahhahah` she was supposed to cia me at first` but I paiseh suddenly` ahhahah soooooo I paid for my own bill lor` dun worry angeliu, there's always next time and more expensive food wahahahahahah!!

Then it's more shopping~ I bought a couple of shirts~ the next photo i wanna dedicate to aceone Image Hosted by There~ Get my msg?!?!?! hahahah`

kay` end of part 3 :D

Monday, July 24, 2006

KL (2)

As mentioned earlier~ I stayed in International Youth Center (IYC)`

Sooooo~ the first night we checked in we were given this four single bedded room~ When I opened the door~ fulamak!!! wanna die` It has this tidak-pernah-kena-sunlight smell` uekkk~ Then hor` the mozaic or mozec or however you spell it` those tiles in the toilet are yellow in colour~~~ woooohoooooo~~~~ how can like that` you shower to feel clean` but after you shower, you look at the floor, a la~ tiada semangat lagi` hahahaha But at least the place is air conditioned which bring us to another topic~ Our room has extreme weather~ why say so? it can be super cold in one corner of the room and very warm in another` fun aye? four seasons in a room` but okay larh` at least they have air cond and heaters` so I am not asking for much` hee hee

since the first night we checked in quite late` we ordered something from DND cafe first` odd name for a cafe` (Do Not Disturb Cafe / Dumb and Dumber Cafe, you pick a name :P) ahhahah The food` not nice` soooooo we walk and walk to find food` Finally we found one~!! but the food also sucks` ahhaha lucky I din eat` ai mamak stall` owh~ mamak stall~~~~ how come no mamak around us` aiii`

The "fun" thing which happened on the first night was`````` There was visitation from "hou heng dai"` lalawuuuuuuu~~ bhooooooooooooooooooooot~ but hor` it's not in my room so you dun have to waste your energy and cheer that I kena spook by lasap thing` hahaha` well it was actually my fren's room, and the room is just beside mine larh` then night time hor` his bed shook by itself wor~ so he thought ppl kacau kacau` but he look beside him` ey` the other fren asleep leh` then the other two also very far away to kacau` cham si ah` so he pray pray` then the bed stop shaking liaw` That's why` everytime go into hotel or where ke` must pray first to cleanse the room` Nothing to be scared of marh with the presence of the Lord` :D

wulala~~ But hor ` at least the bed shook only` if he buka mata see the "leng lui" stare at him from the ceiling` waleh! that one wud be more fun aye? ahahaha` cham si`

okay` end of part 2 :P

Sunday, July 23, 2006

ISME Conference @ KL~

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Last week me and my friends flew over to KL to perform in the International Society of Music Educators (ISME) conference~ It was such a nice trip` and I must say I am missing it now` lols` Well, just to make things clear, I miss the trip but I really cannot stand the air in KL` it's much more polluted compared to kch lor` and the traffic is pretty congested due to the higher population` nevertheless, I still enjoyed my shopping, performance and eating sessions there` hahahaha`

So last sunday` went to the airport at 1++? then went on the flight~


Reached SUPER GIGANTIC WAREHOUSE LCCT Terminal~ fulalalalal` that place full of bu jin (flies) dunno why neh` tsk tsk tsk` lucky I didnt lao sai after eating the food there` ahhahaa lalalwoooo~

Image Hosted by

Behold our huge load of luggages`~ imagine we have to carry all these to the bus` fulalala` I tell you` no need go gym also get neng neng bulging chest` ahhahaha` well maybe not that serious, but really super tiring~! ugh`

So we checked in at International Youth Center (IYC)` Then something happened!!!!

well, that something will have to come in part two` :P ahhahah gnite folks`

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Cursed Piano`~

yoohoooo I am home~ ahhahahahah :D how's ya all been?? so many things to blog, so lazy to blog so little time~ whahahahahhaha

I am so sleepy now` so I shall just post a small movie about the cursed piano I saw in KL` tsk tsk tsk` I will give you a candy if you can see the fingers :P

okay` sleep first blog next time` enjoy the "company" wahahahhaha :P

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

In International youth center (IYC)

yoohoo~~ *ka chng io io io ka chng~*

wakakakakak~ hiaw kao pua si` I was supposed to be ready by 5 but then I am here typing this blog in the IYC resource center on the laoya until half dead computer.. ka chng cio mah` ahhahahahahahah!

Finished the first performance at Berjaya times square today` hahahahah Will blog in detail later leh` hahahahah

Okay larh` I think I have to go shower or else I will be late to watch the KOTO (not toto) performance at KLCC later` hahahaha

see ya~ :D

Sunday, July 16, 2006

kam sia very the muchy!!!!!!!!

19 years old lor` still young but quite old` ahhahahahha

Thank you all sooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH!!!

Smses, blog comments, wishes and frenster testimonial and messages (not in order) from : My parents, aunty and cousin ying, my sis~, Nenek su, Sala, Chung yi, Kathy, Michelle, Wendy, Kashin, Siang Shian, Aunty Sabrina, Angela, Jackson ah boy, Ah mu lee, yii, Et, Geri, Aunty siok, Betty, Ivor, Sylvia, Ji po,Sharon, Mrs Law, Ronnie, Liu Ming, Ding Ding, Eric, Edmond, Samantha, Sandra, Wei Ni, Evon, florence, Christina,Melz, Nasha, Kristen, Jane, Jessica Choo, Choul Yin, Brendan Chin, Christine Chua, Loktor Chen, Angeliuna, LB, May, Slurp!, pink cotton, _butt, fantasy flier, Cynthia, plink, selba, day dreamer, Sengkor, cocka doodle (who renamed me as bend), aceone118, carcar (who jk-ly named me as banned :P), Yi jing, Amy, Adrick, Terence, Yung hung, Ai li, Jason Yeo, Florence Aus, Florence kch, Wen How, Linda yi, Loon Tung, Jackson lim, Ling Chai, Netnet from bintulu, chia ching, doring.....

I guess that's about it` hope i din miss anyone out` ahahhaahahah Thank you alll!!!!

special thanks to:
Chen~ who wrote me a blog and posted me an online raspberry cake!!!
Angeliuna~ who also wrote a blog for me and posted a music cake!!!!! fulalalalal

To my family: for the blessings and also the gigantic fried drumstick` wahhahaha :P

To chung yi, michelle, kat and wendy: who joined me for lunch in Mc D this afternoon`

To ji po, ah mu, yii, sam and et: who joined me for tea in the afternoon!

To mond and ah boy: who joined me for lim teh session at night and also supper~ fulalalalalla :D

Image Hosted by

At coffee bean with jipo and gang` lols ~

Image Hosted by

cakes and drinks`~~

Image Hosted by

At Barz!ng with Mond and ah boy~ haha

Image Hosted by

pressies from frens~!~ there's even pos express from melz` ahhha feel so touched nah!!

thank you all one again for making my almost ending teen yr such a memorable one` wahahhaha

I'll be leaving to KL tomolo later for ISME conference so I wouldn't be blogging for a couple of days` till then` sleep tight and enjoy your sunday~ :D

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Qi yue ban` (july the 15th`)

Image Hosted by

hehehe.. today is my special day owh~ hahahahha yeap` Ah Ben was born into this colourful world on 15th july 1987` (although the date it's similiar to the hungry ghost festival, hahahah it's no where near that okay` hahah mine is not the lunar calender thingy) :P

I am 19 yrs old~ heheheh oh! I wanna share something with all of you` If some of you are wondering when is ur lunar bday? you can check it on ur 19th bday` cos when ur 19 yrs old, your lunar bday falls on the same day as your ang moh bday` hahahah if you missed ur 19 ages ago` you can wait for you 38th bday` lols. just some information for you all :P

wanna know how i spent my bday? heee hee` stay tuned :D

Friday, July 14, 2006


ai` stupid cicak crawled over my feet!!!!! Idiot!!!!! go see cicak optician or wad larh` dunno how to crawl properly one wor!!! ish!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

In the still of the hutan~

The people are going wild!!!!! hu hu hu ak ak ak~!! hahahaha`

I went to the Rainforest world music festival 06 on sunday~~~ hahaa Yeap I went in the end` :D

I drove up and by the time I reach Sarawak Cultural village it was already 2.45++ in the afternoon` Then I had to park again, had to walk to cultural village cos they block the road and I was lazy to wait for the idiotic shuttle service` wahhahaha so.. I walked~~

Image Hosted by

alone~~~ down the road``~ fulala hot till wanna die`

I missed the korean workshop when I reach there so girls, sorry I cannot take the pic of the korean leng zai` Sandra's housemate (cindy) was going nuts over him` whahahah undeniably he is cute` so paiseh larh girls` whahaha! :P

Image Hosted by
I did manage to attend the workshop by this canadian group` em.. dunno what is their name` you can check it out here though` for the complete list of performers that night~

Image Hosted by

while ppl were bz taking nice pictures of leng zais and leng luis, this reporter was taking the instrument cases on stage.. or was he trying to capture something else.. hrms~??~?~? :P

The workshop ended` so Sandra's sis bought dinner~ ohohoh~
Image Hosted by
Chen's favourite~ sotong` hahahha!! and also chicken wings yumz the yum yum yum` :D

*ffwd to nightime*

At first we thought that this year weren't that hot cos not many ppl were at the party place.. but we were proven wrong. the place was packed!!!! my gudness can barely move around` oh` may I warn u that you might have drunk, wet and yucky half naked ppl accidentally rubbed onto you... if pretty girls is okay.. but i wun want a yucky guy accidentally terkena me` fuiyoyoy! *spray lysol` kills 99% bacteria`*

Image Hosted by
oh yeah~ before i forget` Took picture with the flautist of the canadian group when he was in the midst of us` lols :D. His name is Alex. Girls, pls dun drool over him/

i uploaded a video to show the crowd there, although i dun know why i filmed at this place cos there's nothing interesting on stage at that moment` oh wells :X

I hope this wun jam up ppl's com or else there wun be anyone visiting my site nemore` aiyayayay.. I captured 104 pictures but I only posted up these few` for the same reason.. HOPE THAT IT WUN JAM!!!! *fingers crossed* ai`~ If it continues to jam up ppl's com, I think I wud have to buang either the music player.. or.. em.. any other suggestions? hahaha

Image Hosted by

interested to join next yr?? hahaha :D

helloz ppl~ :P I just had a performance last night at Hilton Hotel's Grand ballroom. believe it or not, it was a dinner for this two princes from Saudi Arabia. hahahaha That's my hair ` still the same just thinner` hahaha I will update on what I did last sunday :D P.s: sorry to those who had difficulties viewing my blog.. I heard it jamms up ppl's com!!! dang!!! xanga like that here also!??!?! and to Carcar: no need report police lar` me still alive and kicking` hahah :P Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Sorry for the sudden disappering act` ahemz

What have I been doing the past few days????

Image Hosted by

I went to watch a concert~ It was organised by St joseph school. Ticket was Rm30 and it was rather expensive for me` lols But I thought it was worth that money as they performed a lot of songs :)

Image Hosted by
The band with their new uniform~

Image Hosted by
The band under the baton of Mr. Nonami` lols I attended one of Nonami's workshop before and he is such a nice person` I like the way he conducts` he just grooves with the music` very cool for a person his age` :P

I was waiting for my friend to come out from the backstage` mana tahu he went back using the side door! aiduh` ahahha and I have to wait for my other friend to go home first cos she was left alone with a bunch of guys` Aiyoyo.. and you know what? they SHUT OFF all the freaking lights and the whole auditorium was pitched black` sukuness!!! Luckily when I walk back to the car park there was no UFH (unidentified flying head) floating around` you know lar.. teacher's teaching college` anything might happen there marh` ahhahaha :P

Image Hosted by
Do let me know if you spot any UFH in this pic` lols :X


Image Hosted by

This year I went to watch the band competition :D when I stepped into the stadium it really brings back memory` The image of me conducting the band at the podium is sooo clear that it seems that it only happened yesterday.. hahaha but of course, that was two years ago` lols :)

I miss my band life~ haha` anyways, Green road school band` YOU DID A GREAT JOB!!!! :)So proud of you all`

P,s: I am not going to rainforest world music festival this yr!!!! ai.. although I really feel like going` but then``` ai.. various factors larh` make me k not go` T.T

P.p.S: I am going to Cut~ my hair today` lols :D

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Movies, movies, movies~

I like watching movies` hahahaha it's very addictive` :D hahahaha

Bought and watched:

Austin powers I
Austin powers II: the spy who shagged me
Austin powers III: Goldmember

Stick it << abt gymnasts
transamerica`<< quite a nice movie which won few awards, better than BBM` gazillion times? lols`

and still got one..

failure to launch<< this is quite famous i think? no? hahaha

nowadays I go movie hunting almost every sunday` somebody stop me!! ahhaha` but I think I am gonna run out of movies to watch soon cos those that I feel like watching is already in my house and those that are in the stores are something which is not my type` hahaha`

a hunting I will go~ a hunting I will go`~ hai- ho the movie- oh `~ a hunting I will go~ hehehe :X

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Early morning sukuness`

Aiyo!!!!!! I feel so stupid now!!!!

July 4th, 2006` 0357hr......I lost RM18.50 of my talktime credit!!!! why~?~?~ cos I FELL ASLEEP when I was setting my alarm` and my keypad wasnt lock, phone still in hand` accidentally pressed frens number?? then dialled!!!! but my friend shud hang up leh if i don't say anything.. must be he say "hello, hello`" no one answer and he continued to sleep without pressing the cancel button! aiyoyoyoyoyyoyooyy!!!! How did I call a person in the "D" category I also dunno` and I dun have any freaking idea about it` Dun tell me I blurted something during my sleep`?!?!?!?! AI SI!!!!! aiyo.. call till my phone low batt summore` ngong ngong ah!

note to self: set alarm before dozing off again` ish!!!!! Ki si lang!!!! T.T

note to ppl: new song in my blog` lols :)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Huggie buggie~

Time flieS like supah-meng` It felt like I only launched the HHC yesterday` and now` one month is gone oledi~~~ fuiyoyoy`

sooooooooooo~~~ how did the results come out?? Behold!!!!!!!

Image Hosted by

The winner of the month of June~~~ Sorry ya` ah Ben don't how to use photoshop to design sui sui thing` so have to use ulu ulu punya microsoft paint to lukis sotong~ hahahahahahha

Gold sotong-ist` is non other than Mr LB sotong king~ Mr LB here scored 47 points for this month owh` tsk tsk` watch football still can chup so many thingy` hahahah the gold sotong is dedicated to you` see I also drew the football which costs 400++ in malaysia eh` hahahha :P ciplak version though` hehehe

Catching up behind him is non other than Loktor chen. Being the silver sotong-ist for this month, chen dunno feel proud or beh song leh` cos she was only 2 marks behind LB` Will there be "Sotong Wars: the war of the two sotongs" coming out soon? we shall wait and see` :P

the Bzone sotong-ist goes to Miss Angeliuna Joliu~ Being the sotong angel, she secured a third place with 22 points~ See, I purposely draw wing for the sotong so that can fly after supah-meng wor` hahahaha :D

and now, for the list of ppl who gained Huggie buggie points in the month of June:

Selba : 20 points
May : 13 points
Carcar : 10 points
Day-dreamer: 8 points
Sala : 3 points
San : 3 points
Nenek Su : 3 points

*drum rolls* *symbols ping pong piang* *brass band playing*
Congrats and thank you to all who participated in this month's huggie buggie competition thingie~ Who will be the champion next month? will it still be sotong LB on his scooter? or loktor chen will put some sleeping pills in his coffee?? Angel might ask supah-meng for the boost of speed, while ah may might distract her oponents by serving cake. will there be any shocking performance by selba, carcar, day-dreamer, sala, san or nenek su.. or maybe someone new?? stay tuned then` hee hee :D