Thursday, August 31, 2006


Happy merdeka ya all!!!!!!!!! hahahaha this yr's celebration in kuching~ lalalallala crazy like mad`

Oh yeah` I just wanna make this a short post` Just now when I was admiring the fireworks (yes, my house can see the fireworks` hahahah), I received an sms`

dunno how true is it though, but this kinda stuff` better help right??

If you see a car WFE 2365 wira aeroback green colour, Please call the Ma tah!!!!!!!!!!!! A 18 yrs old chinese girl was kidnapped by 5 kidnappers.

do keep an eye~ till then` this is ah ben, wishing everyone one a happy merdeka day~ wakakakakkakak *shake ka chng underneath the fireworks~*

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Green Angel Charity Concert '06

ohohohoh~ last night pergi tonton concert lagi` ahhahaha this time is Yat pun/jit pun/japan mia performers` hohohooohoooh

Image Hosted by

the concert was at Merdeka palace.. and dahlah this yr mia merdeka celebration at the padang there` TRAFFIC JAMMED LIKE WAD!!!!!! STUPID OWH STUPID!!! my goodness` tomolo night how to go out also dunno` sure jam neh` cham si` hahahah

anyways` the concert was made of two segments` quite enjoyable owh!! hahahaha and since its charity` lagi seronok larh when watching the concert`

Oh.. I was quite bad.. ahhah` cos the singers hor, sang "the rose" by bette midler` and then the lyrics got one part is something like "it is a river" .. then the yat pun mui go and sing "it is a liver" hahahahahah~ river and liver different thing owh` :P hahah maybe they came here kena influenced by us.. malaysian slang` liber :X hahaha

Image Hosted by

dengan itu yat pun conductor~

Image Hosted by

wakkakak` yat pun leng lui` hahahah the one beside me (darker skin color) i dun think is yat-pun-nese though.. hahahah` Aiyah! shud have put my hands over the shoulders hor` hahahha i am too kuai` hahahahah! :X

Image Hosted by

with the pianist, tenor and the flautist~ whahhaha she is also using a pearl flute` dunno wad model one larh :P

okay~ ah ben mau mimpi yat pun leng lui tido liaw~ hee hee Gud the night~ :D

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Such a dull night` and yes` I practiced violin at 1200` trying to create huru hara in the neighbourhood` hahahaha!

and since Ah ben is soooooo bored, he will give you a link to a joke~ and I wanna thank Miss S for sharing this joke with me` thank you` and now I am gonna share with all of you~ hahaha Here is the link~ remember girls~ Clock is not the same as cock` pronounce it right or else you might get into big trouble` hahahaha :D

merdeka day` road block everywhere` nowadays you see cars with loads and loads and loads and loads (times infinity) of flags~`` you really love malaysia so much, or are you just trying to seek attention? ai```

Image Hosted by

keh lem ah keh lem~ wo ai ni~~~ hahahahaha ah ben feel very bored and blue, thats why i am gonna eat this whole tub of ice cream!! finish it all!! chen, this is the sunny hill ice cream u tak jadi makan` hahaha :P forgot bring you there` aiyo! today go sch take spm cert, the clerk said "eh, kan lu cikgu R mia pelajar, hahahah sekarang sudah gemuk hor`" waleh!!! chap siao liaw` i am gonna eat till become sumo wrestler` hmph! hahahahahah :X

short post today neh` nothing to do better go watch movie~

why is ah ben so free?? I AM HAVING HOLIDAYS!!!! hohoho` *no energy io butt nemore~*

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Gooooooooooooooo Boooooooh NenGGgggggg Sarawak~!!! :X ai si` ah ben just woke up.. already 1325hrs` hahahahahha!

AIyeh!!! I kena tag by sikui acey!! aiyoyoyoy! that time already kena tag by Angeliuna write about that write till half dead mia long story` then hor! this time kena puisi!! waleh! paling teruk they all write long long!! even that Loktor Chen say susah also write manyak panjang!!! *pusing pusing atas lantai*

ok larh` sik mau ku complain complain kat sitok, lebih baik ku tulis ku mia puisi`

here goes nothing`:

Satu malam yang indah,
ah Ben keluar berjalan,
goyang burit balik ke rumah,
msg msn kelihatan.

apabila baca dengan jelas,
acey keluarkan tag yang panjang,
tak tau maciam mana nak balas,
ah ben hampir pengsan ke dalam longkang.

bulan ogos bulan merdeka,
tiap-tiap tahun disambut dengan meriah,
31 ialah tua-jit-chee kita,
kerana kita tidak lagi dijajah.

semua orang goyang burit di sana,
jerit-jerit borjoget hingga pukul lima,
pontianak dan momok juga gembira,
turut bergoyang bersama mereka.

pantun ini tidak bermakna,
siapa yang faham memang bijaksana,
tapi saya ingin berkata,
selamat hari merdeka kepada semua~

wahahhahahahahhaahaha!!! Sudah siap pantun ku!!!! *pengsan di lantai* *keluar buih putih* *bergetar-getar macam lipas*

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I had a wonderful dinner em.. last night` hahahah My sch's GM had some sort of small dinner at home` then I turut diajak.. later I tell you why` hahahah

what I had for dinner was:
baked macaroni with cheese, ham, tomatoes and egg`

bbq Chicken wings~

Fried wanton and fried meat loaf

Cheese cake

Orange juice

and a cup of honey tea~

wahhahahaha! fat fat fat` lalalalwoooooooooo *do belly dance`*

anyways, ever heard of 家教? hee hee` Ah ben is a tutor for 18 days~ hahahah I am helping my GM's son.. giving him some exercises and teach him CHINESE!! hahahahaha :X ai si` hahaha just hope he can score in this coming exam` hahahahha cham :P so his class was till 8++ tats why I turut dijemput makan` wkakakaka!!

OH!! AH BEN PLAYED OBOE TODAY!!! Wahahhahhahha!! SO DIFFICULT TO PLAY!!! BUT SO NICE THE SOUND!!!!!!!! Whahahahahahhahahaha ~ *io ka chng till floats into the air~* whahahahahahah!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

ter-kiap my finger!!!!!

AIYOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah ben terkiap his own finger!!!!

my right hand mia 2nd finger dikepit oleh the freaking mic stand`!!! stupid me lor, when i was trying to keep it, it dropped and kiap! my hand` fulalalla! now still pain` internal bleeding too~ T.T

fingers are so important!!!!! have to jaga jaga jaga jaga` keep it strong, do finger excercises, keep the nail short, polish polish to keep it clean` banyak maciam` If I loose my fingers hor` really k not live liaw` hahahaha` eh.. how come k not live i still hahahahah so loud` cham :X

tuesday` HISTORY CLASSS!!!! *foon thet~* but luckily its dvd review today` so still not bad` hohoho :D

Monday, August 21, 2006

Kch Fest~~

Image Hosted by

hohohohh~ kch fest` makan makan makan~ :P I think they closed the fest already yesterday` Actually went there to eat a few stuff` but hor, 2nd day and 3rd day din take camera, sooo only show you what i ate on the first day` hee hee :P

Image Hosted by

keh sit~~~ hohohohohho in other words kepak ayam if you nvr see chicken wings before` whahah :P

Image Hosted by

jagung~~ :P

Image Hosted by

chicken fillet ~~ RM 4.50 for that big piece hohohohho

Image Hosted by

hohoho` this is not kalipap~ this is......

Image Hosted by

fried keh lem~~ :D

then hor, still got eat Taiwan sausage larh, fried oyster pancakes larh, bbq sausages, em.. boxing chicken... em... kim chi, jab che, em em... i think that shud be it larh` hee hee hee :P not bad larh, every yr must at least go one time or else hor.. or else hor.. or else wad ar? :X

okay` ah ben is going to sch now` for practice` lalalalwuuuu` :D

Sunday, August 20, 2006

early blog again~

since最近大家都用华语来写blog, 那我也应该加入, 嘿~有样学样 haha~

哇, 不知不觉已经五点了~ 哈....我终于把绿光森林看完了!!!! 好好看哦! 那戏竟然让我感觉到恋爱eh` hahahah! 天啊, 我在说什么... 真是羞死人了 ohohohhoh~ 但是...象那种那么完美的爱情,应该只有在戏里头才会出现吧~

可是我跟你们说,虽然绿光这片子是偶象剧,但是它是一部感性,感人又好笑的剧.. aiyo~ 我再怎么说也不比你们自己看的更有说服力吧~ :D

看完了真想再看一遍 hhahahaha 其实那戏里有很多话我想跟你们分享,但是真的是多到我不知道要说那一个....em, 那我就选一个好了,大概是这样:


嘿, 我有改了一点, 但是大概就是 aneh kuan larh` hahaha :P

我觉得着话说得真好, 所以啊, 有什么要说的,要做的, 就要在那时完成,不然啊,到时后悔也回不了头了~ 但是,做事也要用脑,不要只懂得用屁股想,这样未免太委屈屁股了~ hahahaahhahaha!!!

原来打华语那么好玩,有时还能比较有效的表达自己的想法和意见, 但是打拼音真是有点麻烦,用写的还会比较快,然后,假如一直用华语,那不懂如何念的visitors就不想再回来啦,hahaha 真矛盾 :D

好了,那阿班我就先去睡咯~晚安应该是早安了 :D

Saturday, August 19, 2006

drama craze~

wakakkakakakakakakka! 0400hr` ai si ah!!!! *almost fainted*

hahaha` ah ben was watching drama just now` what drama you say? 绿光森林!!!!!! or directly translated into green light forest` ooooolalalalalalal`

the story line quite interesting leh~!! hahaha make me watch till 4 hrs non stop` :X ai si ah! hahahahaha ai` but the story hor, too good to be true larh` only happen in drama and series one`

But hor, that love story memang quite meaningful` wonder when will my destined one appear hor~? wakakakakkakakakakakak!!! wad am I talking about ~?!?!?! hahahah *blush blush io ka chng~ *

okay` I better sleep before my eyes pop out and i have to go chasing after them` lols~

*ZzzzzzZzzzzzzzz* WAKAKAKAKAKAKA* ZzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZz*

Friday, August 18, 2006


But Ah Ben no more grey mood~ hahahaha Consider a gift from God, I usually heal after the next day` wkakkakakakakkaka so Ah ben is now all bubbly and yao-piku-ish again~ wakakakkak :P

BUT! the haze still haven go away leh!!! how can!??!?! So long haven rain` my gudness` I think everything is contaminated larh` even the water also contaminated liaw i think` lalalawuuuu!! Did I mention I cannot see the Cat museum CLEARLY when I go to sch everyday? well, this morning, I CANNNOT SEE THE MUSEUM AT ALL! waleh` so sipeh the super hazey wei!!! my gudness` wish i had pictures to show but dunno how to take the pics while i am driving` lalalal

AS SAFETY PRECAUTION~~~ Ah Ben will share with you some tips~ well.. nothing special larh` just some kind reminder~

Image Hosted by

~ Go get a mask to prevent sucking in too much polluted air!!!! Make sure you choose canggih designs` and also note the weight of the mask to prevent any FSS (face sagging syndrome~)

Oh yeah~!! I saw this on tv once~ THEY DIY masks at home using.....

NENG KAK @ BUUU RAH~~~~ wahahahahhahahhahha

so ladies` if you are free, go choose a pair of striking boo rah, cut it in half, stitch here stitch there~ then ur ready to go~ all style, all sizes, all colours` customise it yourself~ but hor... not wise for guys to attempt this as ppl will think you are some bin tai lou.. tsk tsk tsk`

and of cos, drink more water, shower more, stay indoor` and all those larh` lols I think you all shud know already :D

gnite all~

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

hazey greyey mood`

Sigh` Ah Ben is not himself lately` Don't ask me what happened` Just listen to me spill`

but.. dunno how to put it in words also leh` Sigh` just like the weather, I feel so "dry"`.. and there's haze to enhance the sai sai mood` you see, everyday I have to drive past the big bridge which links kch to petrajaya` it used to be a very nice view when you can see the cat museum and all` now, all you see is haze, haze, haze` everywhere` like momok town like that` ai..

then got dunno what idiot test site come and spam my chatter box` aiyeh` then the stupid blog rank thingy not working` must be kena banned due to the spam ppl` oh yeah!!! and i wanna say about sickening drivers` Last night when I was going to church, then i was at this huge roundabout, when some kurang ajar ppl didnt wait in line and cut que wor`(the line was quite long due to fly-over construction) then hor I was almost going out the road when he suddenly appear in front of me!!! ngaiti` lucky didnt knock his idiot car` then I got pissed, so I HONKed him once` usually i dont honk cos I dun wanna be chopped into 18 pieces` but yesterday k not liaw` make me almost kena accident`! Then more stupid is` already no car` the idiot MALE driver` still kept looking looking looking` DON"T WANNA MOVE WOR!!! IDIOT!!! SO, being the nice guy, I HONNKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDD him for the 2nd time! this time louder` UGH! Wanna cut que still dun dare to move` SI KUI!

oh no.. this shud stop.. see once you're in hazey mood, everything seemed bad` this is terrible` terrible indeed` see.. i am mumbling to myself already` sigh`

anyways` flute presentation today` hope that I wun screw up` hoh`

God help me` *sigh cheem cheem*

Monday, August 14, 2006

Jeep Chart`

Jeep Chart - pencuri masuk @ BROKE IN!!!!!!!!

Yes` Ah Ben's mia rumah masuk pencuri last night` well` Didn't really masuk though` let me illustrate to you` lols

like this, the pencuri see one of my window not shut tightly (due to the wire at the side, so k not shut properly).. so he/she pun go and giao giao giao (korek korek korek) at the pile of bags which i left on the sofa~ unfortunately, itu pencuri mia tangan kuat pendek and k not reach the bags~ sooooooooooo`~ he cleverly invented his tools on the spot~ may I present to you~

Image Hosted by

Jamban Brush-Hook Vers 1.0 Alpha~ Made using high quality jamban Cheng @ toilet brush + strong n durable hanger~ I am auctioning this stupid brush @ toiletBay~ interested let me know` :D

Sooo, luckily nothing was stolen` only the bags were in a mess.. and you know what? the stupid thief actually took my wild channel bag, but then he threw it at the back yard cos there were nothing inside? hohohoohhoh~ stupid... AND HOR!!!!!! MY CONCUBINE was just there` right beside the bags nia!!!! lucky he dunno that is my concubine as she was clothed in black~ fuiyooo~ darlings~ all of you are coming up to my room tonight~ no more sleeping downstairs~ ahahhahahahha :X

but I must still say.. DON't WANNA WORK GO BECOME PENCURI!!!!!! LUCKY NOTHING STOLEN OR ELSE I SURE HOPE YOU LAO SAI 10 HARI 10 MALAM until KA CHNG KANG pecah!!!! but hor~~~ Since nothing stolen, I don't wanna be so cruel larh` waste my energy` hahahaha

So folks, it's not a safe world no more.. make sure you check that all your doors and windows are tightly shut and locked. Got money can go pasang surveilance system also` Thank God for Looking after my house` *phew``*

Saturday, August 12, 2006

I am sooooooooo in LoVE~~~~

Ah Ben is soooooooooooooooooooooooo in love~~~~~~~~~~ *floats floats~~~*

aiiiiii~ rupa-rupanya inilah rasa dilamun cinta~ oooolalalalla~ it makes you yearn for more and you feel like you cannot live no more if you don't see him/her~ oooolalalalalalall

since I am in a loving mood~ I shall share with you the picture of my love~ oooalalalla~ *yao piku`*


























*oooo~ this is quite fun` no wonder they do it` hahaha*











Image Hosted by

yorkie (or famously known as yorkshire terrier)~~~~~~~~~~ soooooooooo adorable~~~!!! *lum sei`* I am not looking for those hunter dogs (german shepard etc etc), but i might get golden retriever if I have a huge house and if i am damn rich next time` BUT`~ this one mini size one` good to kacau and dun eat so much wor~ although need cost to groom hair and all that` but stil` food more expensive` I can always gunting the rambut myself` hahahaha!

Image Hosted by

aiiiiii` Doggie cutie pie` such a good companion` but hor` this is just like looking at a few billion dollars violin` Can see but you will never have it`

*floats floats and drop down the bukit`*

maybe one day~ yorkie~ I'll be bringing you home~ wait for me~~~~~ :D


It's fun to play in concerts but the preparation is always not enjoyable` The practice tonight started from 7++ and ended at 11~ Imagine that` My neck almost broke and you can use my head for the upcoming EPL` fulalalalal`

And hor` since I am playing VIOLA (pls note that VIOLIN and VIOLA are two different instruments~) and Cos hor, it's china mia instruments with thick, metal strings, made me play till my fingers developed blisters` lalalalwoooooooooooo!!! lucky not those severe blisters so still can perform` hoh~ that's why, don't think we music ppl mia life sangat senang everyday play instrument only` slow slow wait larh` lols~

The concert will be at Tazaa (batu lintang teachers college) tonight~ lalalawooooooo~ have to be there by 6.30.. kesian~~ Okay larh` I wanna go makan abit` then pong pong, tiao bu tiao bu, yao ka Chng and go to sleep` ohohohhhohho~ :P

Friday, August 11, 2006

What do you do when.....

you kept coughing for almost two weeks....

Image Hosted by

and all of the above fails to cure it``` It was so nice of ace to share some remedy to me` asked me to gargle my mouth with warm water + salt` But hor` Lazy so din try` maybe next time you guys try` and tell me effective or not hor????

Image Hosted by

Maybe I should just gargle using spirits instead` hahahhahahahah

Image Hosted by

Or maybe I should go look for some voodoo witchdoctor and ask them to cure me???

nah```~~ I think I better go find a normal doctor`
Image Hosted by

sigh` it sucks being sick` so stay health guys and girls!!!

IMPORTANT things to note!!!
1) Please do not gargle your mouth with methylated spirit when you have sore throat
2) Ah Ben is a christian and does not believe in WITCHDOCTORS, mediums, lalalala and all which falls into that category
3) Ah Ben is NOT encouraging you to look for witchdoctor to cure your sickness.
Let me share with you a story. There was once a friend who's mom was dang superstitous, brought her to see a medium. then you know what the ppl say "oh, the medium having sore throat today, k not see you." WTF?!?!?!?
4) Don't email me and ask me to cure your sickness cos I am a music student not a Witchdoctor`


Thursday, August 10, 2006


before I post about the concert` I shall post about this super fun afternoon in sch!! a cuban group came to our school today` lalalalal! I think their band is called Sazon if not mistaken larh` hahahaha!!

there are actually here to perform at merdeka palace, kch` lalalawoooooo` got sexy girls and handsome guys and our school's auditorium basically became a club at 1 o clock in the afternoon` hahahah!! and today is really *yao piku* sesssion!!!! oooooolalallalala!!!!

Image Hosted by

me and the leng lui dancers @ singers` hohohohohohh~ hrm.. this pic kinda odd cos my hands are beside my waist and I don't dare to put em' over their shoulders` ahhahaha! the one with black hair danced with me` you know those.. em.. almost stick to body kinda dance? those Jennifer LOpez mya dance move??? wakakakkakakaka! but of cos din stick onto the body larh` I am still a good boy *angel face* hahahaha!!

and to be fair to the girls` I shall post a pic of one of the leng zai in the band` this one is the keyboard player` why I post his face.. is becos i only took pic with him` hahahahah!

Image Hosted by

I wanted to upload a video` but since youtube is not co-operating` so too bad larh`

Aiyo` I found out that I don't know how to use my camera` T.T and the pics I take not very clear one leh` aiiiiiiiiiiiii` must be cos of the settings? or the lightings? aiyeh` benci`

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ah Ben Went to a concert on sunday night~~~~ more details coming up soon :D Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Coughy sunday~~

aiiihhz`` Ah Ben still haven recovered yet leh` still coughing coughing *cough cough* already one week liaw wor` tsk tsk tsk` hahahaha cham si`

This morning was suppose to visit blessed church cause mr Alvaro sanchez was playing guitar there` BUT.. as I was caughing till half dead last night` I didnt have a very good sleep` then I couldnt wake up this mornin` so.. ciak sai liaw lor` T.T hahahaha

Today's breakfast` is something Albie Tai ko might like` hehehheehhehheh~ So i dedicate this to him lor` hahahah

Image Hosted by

tadah~ lor mai kai` heehehehheheh Speaking of which` loktor chen sudah balik kampung` now she is in KL enjoying with angeliuna, ah may, lb them all` tsk tsk tsk!! kek si wa` still eat wad mui choi kao yok`!!! I also want wei!!!!

anyways` back to my breakfast` after finishing the lor mai kai` I continued eating my.......

Image Hosted by

Hok hai tua pao~~~~ ham sap ppl will call it neng ku pao` ahhahah Aiyeh` when i look at the pic I suddenly remember the ovary tumor chen showed me` fulalalal!! *pening pening* okay.. thou shall not compare hok hai tua pao to ovary tumor` *noted* :X

*chomp chomp chomp~*

Image Hosted by

Look at the tu bak~ hehehe this pao shop is quite famous eh` most of the time ppl from other places will tapao and bring to dunno where one wor` hohohho

okay larh` dun boh liao liaw :P Later going to watch classical concert` ooooolalala~ *io ka chng~*

Saturday, August 05, 2006


I was browsing day-dreamer's blog` and I found this EQ quiz` Ever wondered how high is your EQ?

Your EQ is 147

50 or less: Thanks for answering honestly. Now get yourself a shrink, quick!
51-70: When it comes to understanding human emotions, you'd have better luck understanding Chinese.
71-90: You've got more emotional intelligence than the average frat boy. Barely.
91-110: You're average. It's easy to predict how you'll react to things. But anyone could have guessed that.
111-130: You usually have it going on emotionally, but roadblocks tend to land you on your butt.
131-150: You are remarkable when it comes to relating with others. Only the biggest losers get under your skin.
150+: Two possibilities - you've either out "Dr. Phil-ed" Dr. Phil... or you're a dirty liar.

Wa` I have quite high EQ` lols :P

Z!ng Z!ng~

Image Hosted by

Last time used to come here once in a while to drink and chit chat with friends` and I was very excited cos on thursday night, I was performing at Bar Z!ng` ahahah for the first time` :D

I was playing the flute and it was definitely a great experience`our repertoire that night was light and ez and mostly are jazz songs with improvisation in between` heheheh it was my first time playing the jazz flute and I am quite interested :D Really look forward to more of this kinda performance~ hehehe Oh yeah! thanks ya red sponge~ who was worried that i cannot perform well due to my throat` hahahha Gan dong!! ahhahahahahahah~~~ *io ka chng~*

but hor, fun it may seemed, it's very tiring!!! ai` life as a performer` hahaha


one more thing before I go to sleep` have you had any weird ppl adding you in msn? I have` not one only` ...

sigh` I am very lazy to elaborate on the whole story` some ppl like chen or ace will know`

Please larh hor, if you are those bin tai lou/ la la mui reading my blog or what ever, pls dun simply add me into your msn and say all those ocipala stuff okay or not ha??? My life already very colorful no need this kinda ppl to addd more color and spoil my picture` dahlah this kinda ppl never listens one wor! ugh!!!!

*cough* cough* aiyo` I need rest``

p.s: Ah Ben is thankful that his site counter is gonna reach 8888 soon~ so if you are free` do participate in this boh liao activity and take a screen shot with the counter in it, if you are the 8888th reader~ hehehehe the counter is at the side bar` thanks for participating` hahahhaa :X

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Huggie buggie July wuggie~

Waiseh` dengan cepatnya masa berlalu~ it's time to calculate the points for july huggie buggie wuggie` and since it's July in the lunar calender` I shall draw itu comic using momok/guai/hantu/ghost/鬼 concept` whahahahahah! BEHOLD!!!!!

Image Hosted by

the guai version of the top 3 scorer of my site` Sorry the lines not very clear after i shrink it small small` winners can ask me to send the file to you if you want it` hahahaha :D

Sotong guai @ Chen this sotong guai maanyak canggih neh last month` stalk my blog like no night no day` gonna meet up with this sotong guai later for some food~ ahhahahah she scored 58 medal points!!! lalalaalwuuuu!!!

leng guai @ ah may sorry ah the blush was not properly drawn and the lashes are not long and out of propotion` but hor!! I coloured it with blue mascara and let you have sexy angelina jolie's lips` aiyok! forgot to draw the mole` hahaha! since Ah may party like mad in july` her cartoon i also purposely draw one hand up, one hand down` to imitate dance steps in the 70s` hahaha :P ah May Scored 36 medal points!!!

happy-go-lucky guai @ sala lalalalawoooooooo! this siaw siaw guai never fails to make me laugh` hahahahhah! dengan pandai sekali, she laugh laugh laugh also can fly to the bronze spot eh!!! dong puay puay~ sala here scored 21 medal points!!! ohohhoh~

And not to forget the other chuppa pals who participated in this momok event~:
4th: Aceone` (13 pts)
5th: Angeliu (11 pts)
6th: Day-dreamer ( 4 pts)
6th: Miracle8 ( 4 pts)
6th: Nenek Su ( 4 pts)
7th: Carcar ( 3 pts)
7th: San ( 3 pts)
7th: winn ( 3 pts)
8th: Selba ( 2 pts)
9th: Yii ( 1 pts)
9th: LB ( 1 pts)

oooolala~~~ thank you all for participating in this event~ cham liaw` this month I dunno what to draw` maybe shud start looking for pictures` hahahahaha

have a nice day` :D

Sharing planet~

met up with Chen, red sponge and pink cotton tonight at sharing planet~ ahhahaahhahahahah

it was actually my 2nd round cos I already had light dinner at home~ hahahha I ordered chicken chop there` and hor I forgot to take pic` so no picS~ hahahahaha

It was another crazy meet up I must say` cotton and sponge are such funny peeps!!! hahahahahha sporting like wad` ahhahaha nice to meet you both~

we left our notes` and off we go home` hahahah check out their blogs for updates` I am so lazy` hahaha :D gnite ya all`