Thursday, November 30, 2006



IMH organised a CHORAL CONCERT this Saturday night at STC, 7.30 pm` tickets priced at RM20 (15 for privileged card members). We have invited guests coming in from singapore, and they will be singing loads of classical pieces` Kuching ppl who are interested, let me know~

first of all~


okay` I typed that phrase at 2350hr` so still sempat! ahhahahahahha

Just now I headed over to Link's for their grand lauching` Free flow until 2230hr` Quick quick go lor! hahahahahah :D I tried whiskey coke, which had the taste of Normah Specialist Hospital` hahahahha :X but it goes well with the satay` speaking of which, I was over-dosed on satay just now` lols` it was too yummy to resist :P anyways` Links is a really, really cool place, so do check it out. I just hope ABAAL don't go and flood that place` If like that, that place is not gonna be fun nemore` :X

Oh.. I am going to sit for DipLCM for violin next year, and also grade 8 flute.. violin in september, flute in june.. I guess` it keeps me thinking you know` am I really up to par to sit for a grade 8` I skipped from gradeless to gd6 this yr` then next yr I am going to skip to gd8... sigh` sudden strike of depression` dun know whether I am up to standard or not`
later people say "wa gd 8 ah` diploma ah~ must be good" *listens to me play* "ai si lor!! like that punya standard also gd 8 ah?!? tsk tsk tsk"

ai ai ai ai ai`shouldnt care about what ppl think hor??? nvm larh.. already enroll.. must go for it` JIA YOU!! KAR YAO!! KAR SI YAO!! KAR YIM!! KAR HU JIU FAN!! :X

okay~ gnite!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Food~ glorious food~ wonderful food~ magical food~!

hahahahhahahah~ wahai kawan semua` ah ben tiok sibu tuong li liu (ah ben came back from sibu already~) hahahahhahah` the wedding was good` I didnt screw up my performance~ so my first post back in kch will be~

FOOOOOOOOD~~ ahhahahah since i like food so much` of cos must post about food first lor~ :P

Image Hosted by

top row~
1st pic: Kong piang kiek nuik~ (Kong pia with meat~ hahha this one is the toasted version, got another type is the soaked in soup version` both tasty~)

2nd pic: Ma ngee (a type of pastry` quite common in sibu` sweet and delicious~ :D)

3rd pic: Kam muan tao iu, lak (kam pua with soya sauce and chili sauce. Cheap and nice` hahaha can get it in almost every kopitiam in sibu~)

bottom row~
1st pic: tiang piang ngu (that time chen got post about this too` it's made out of rice flour.. i think` then got black fungee, fishballs, and some other nice stuff`)

2nd pic: zhao chai hung ngang (rice bee hoon with zhao chai.. a type of sour vege` this one is served with fish` sometimes is served with tiger prawns~)

3rd pic: pa kui gang (fried pa kui` i think this one is also made from rice` then fried fried until become like what is shown in the picture)

wah~ hahahaha the name of the food is in foochow` :P Maybe the food not attractive for you all` but it is definitely something delicious for me~ wahhahahahhahaha :D

Friday, November 24, 2006


wakakakkakakakakak!!!! finish practicals lu!!! and by God's grace I did quite well` a little slips and stumble here and there` but overall was good~ good comments from examiner` yay! can rest for a while`

just now went out with feli, robin, sam and kenneth` lazy post pictures` refer to their blogs for pictures larh` I think Feli and robin will upload photos soon~

OWH!! I just remember` must upload this special photo~ tradition liaw` hahhaha

Image Hosted by

Spoon and straw fight Vers 5.0~ WHAHAHAHAHAH! canggihnya` tak sangka already vers 5 liaw` hahahhaa

hahahah Okay` i have to go pack pack a bit first` later got early flight to sibu~ :d gnite folks~ heeh ehhehe

Thursday, November 23, 2006

tik tik tok~ 10 minutes passed 12

hohohohohoho~ Just finished performance` and tonight's performance is at`~

Image Hosted by

Hilton's grand ballroom. A wedding banquet of Lea Centre's daughter` hehehehe` you know ah` last time the tauker of lea center used to sell shoes in his van` then now he is one of the rich taukehs in kuching eh!!!! tsk tsk` earn big money` you see ah, so long as ppl willing to work hard, sure can become successful de~ hahahaha :D

tonight I used a different mic` and i feel like.. an aerobics teacher wearing suit and a bright orange tie~ may i present to you:

Image Hosted by

ME~ ahhahahaha~ I look sleepy @_@

anyways~ practical exam!!!! heheheh thanks for all the luck guys~

1500hr: violin exam
pieces: 1) Greig sonata 1st mvt 2)Paganini's Romance 3)kreutzer etude #35

1600hr: Flute exam
pieces: 1)telemann sonata, Andante and allegro 2)Hummel sonata, 1st mvt 3)Hindermith's etude

ai~ nothing much I can do liaw~ hee hee` just go in simply gesek simply blow~ and finish!!! relax relax` hahahahhaa :D

p.p.s: That day was Jipo's and khai ling's bday (18th nov) send msg and sms only` so now must post in blog!! hahaha Happy belated~~
IMH is organising a choral concert on the 2nd of Dec (sat) at sarawak tourism complex` tIckets priced at RM20. Interested pls leave a comment owh~ hee hee :D

Monday, November 20, 2006

finish liaw~

ahhahahhaah~ now SONS's concert also over liaw~ Since ah ben didn't take much photos`~ pls refer to pc, feli, and SAm's blog for pictures` hahahaha

that night was a lovely night out, performance was so so` after that we went to SCoopS~ yeap` finally went there~! I had roche ice cream with banana cheese ice cream` The Roche one is very nice! heee heee` the banana cheese.. is like munching cream cheese with chesdale strips without the taste of banana` wuek! ahhahaha next time go try other flavas~ :D

AFter that we went to bings, and then soho (too many ppl!! so canceled`) then we ended up opposite of Soho, which is Ipanema` this new drinking place? Everyone was like staring when i was in scoops, walking to bings, walking from soho to ipanema` cos i was in my suit! hahahahahhaa :X they look up and down like as if I am not wearing anything like that` hahahha so when i was in ipanema I took off my coat liaw~ hahahahahha :P

aiya` feels so empty hor without pictures` hahahah! visit their blogs har! got pictures to see there~ wakakakka :D

curi photos from feli~ ahhahaha!!!! okay that's all! practical exam on thursday` wish me luck folks!!! :D

Saturday, November 18, 2006

zeng zeng zeng zeng!!!

wahhahaha~ intermission from my break~ hrm.. wad am i talking about` hahahhaha anyways` tonight finished one concert lu!!! yahoooooooooo~~ the concert went well neh!~

Image Hosted by

they even gave the performers a bouquet of flowers!!!!!! I am so touched~ first time in my whole performing life that I received bouquet after performance` oooolalalalala! ahahhahahahahah

Okay` It's saturday now` Tonight got another concert~~ alalalalallala~ okay` that's all for this short advertisement` tune in again next time~ hahahahahahahha!~

Monday, November 13, 2006

Gonna break`

Hey folks` Ah Ben is going to take a rest from blogging this one or two weeks` not very sure` Although my blog is not updated daily, but at least got update, but now maybe update also dun have liaw`

It is going to be a very busy week, two different concerts on the 17th and 18th.. concert rehearsals almost everynight, choir practices twice a week for upcoming DEcember 2nd's concert, ensemble practices... apart from that, prepearation for history class, preparation for practical exams (i have to play 6 pieces, 3 for violin 3 for flute), practice sessions with accompanist, music techonology's assignment, impromptu speech,...... so the list goes on` now who said studying music is ez?! I am so gonna wallop that person with a big smelly teh koh`

那天上琴课,老师说我不够成熟,有天份,但还不会把那才华充分地利用..... 当她那么说时,我每次都会觉得很对不起她... 以前跟 mr. b 学拉琴的时候也是觉得很对不起他... 可是我这懒惰的大屁股... hahahhaha ai`~ 无话好说..这次我真的累了,哈哈, 还是第一次呢~ 不过,这些应该都是学习过程吧... 能轻而易举的得到的话, 那生活还有什么乐趣??? hahahaha 讲话好象糟老头...

好了!! 在这里发泄完,当然就要努力!!! 书要读,琴要练,但是饭照吃,戏照看,屁股当然也要一直摇下去!!! hahahah 这样活泼又好动的ahben 才不会为小事而叹气,可能还会为别人带来欢笑呢~ hahaahahaha

总之, 行行出状元,我一定要闯出一片天!!!!!!!!hahahahah~

口气真大 :P

p.s. 我突然想写东西给你们看的时候,我一定会偷偷跑来写东写西` hahahah it's not forever anyways, just taking a rest for this week or two` talk until i wanna shut the blog like that` hahahahha :D

P.p.s: Just now at practice i was surrounded by kids!!! ai si` trauma` ahhahahah got this extremely fat one` come and sing thru my mic, and always wanna touch my flute summore` aiyoyoyo! then when he sings right, i dunno wad to do, I tekan his face then he become like shin chan` hahahahahaha!!! :X lucky got aunties help me chase them away` or else i really dunno wad to do`

Friday, November 10, 2006

Teh-kho and birthday~

Ai si ah~! for the first time in my whole blogging life` itu comments mencecah over 40 in a post` and still got spamming in other ppl's post about my teh kho~ even ah boy the dog also came and comment` ahhahahaha!!!!! laugh till i wanna die` wait` before that must celebrate`

*pang pao io ka chng~!!!* *hit drums and cymbals` chit koh long tong ciang tong ciang~*

hahahahahhahaha~ I punteng wanted to post the front of the teh koh box for the ladies` but to prevent any unnecessary stalking session from unwanted ppl` so I better dun post larh` hahahahah`


OH YA!!! THis afternoon i was ticked off!!! cos i pinjam my book to a fren to photostate, then the book become like kiam cai!!!!!! T.T paling benci my music book become kedut one` aiyerh!! okay.. i shud not be angry` but human nature leh!!!! but now okay liaw larh` butt is shaking at normal pace already` hohohhh :X

so~ today was my ah ma's birthday~!!!! hahahahaha :D and we went out for a simple family dinner~

Tonight's highlight will be on...

Image Hosted by

Mongolian chicken~ heee hee` quite nice owh you dun see it like lao sai color like that` very nice when you eat it with white rice` hee heee

Image Hosted by

bidin to kek doctor chen`~ahahahahaha!!!

Image Hosted by

not so tasty mia black pepper ketam` hahahahah

Image Hosted by

Clam with serai and dunno what other things`

Image Hosted by

Fried fish with garlic` dunno what is it called in english` but hokkien it's called "ngo hu".. heard it's not that cheap neh` taste like ordinary fish dunno why so expensive~ ahhahahaha

still got kangkung` but didnt post up` dunno kangkung will merajuk or not hor` hahahahah

Image Hosted by

anyways~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY AH mah! I lap you~ *blush blush* heheheheheh :D

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The color of blue~

~* EDITED!!!!!!! *~

The color of Blue~ reminds me of you~~ I never see grey green black you're true~~ hahahahah S club 7's song` :X

Okay I am now answering loktor chen!'s tag

1st up~

Image Hosted by

Tomi~ The happy head bobbling tomi which cheers me up easily~ hahahaha :D

number 2~

Image Hosted by

deodorant!!! especially essential if you're out whole day! this is to avoid bad impressions and causing someone to faint and keluar buih putih when you're raising ur arms up high in MRT, LRT, ART, FART.. and so on` :X

nombor 3~

Image Hosted by

my pants~ lols that day i told carcar I want to post pics of blue teh koh @ underwear.. but think think again` better dun larh` hahahaha! :X

lam-ber 4~

Image Hosted by

shower curtain~ hahahahhahaa nice or not the fishies??

number 5~

Image Hosted by

my tsunami tupperware! always leak one` bring to sch drink drink drink, shirt wet!!!! aiyer louya si` :X

lumber 6~

Image Hosted by

Lastly itu south park mia can drink cooler or something? dunno how you call it larh` it's those thing which you can put ur can drinks into it` hahaha

Image Hosted by

it says : why dun you chicks go home and wash some dishes` :X not I say one ah! so dun come chasing after me with parang! ahhahah :X

WEd, Nov 8

AI si ah!!!!!! Last night havoc in the comment boxes cos they wanna see my blueblue tei teh kor`! aI` dun even know what is teh kor then they cincai chant liaw`

blue blue tei = blue blue one
teh kor= Underwear

So` after last night's spamming` (which was interesting to read when you just wake up), I hereby dedicate the following pic to Carcar~,winn~,May~,Loktor chen, and lastly albie who got excited for things he doesnt know` hahahaha :X

Image Hosted by

tadah!!! tehkoh pics` new one owh! haven wear one` and dun achi achor say have to post up I wear up before one ah!!! hahahahaha` Okay already post liaw.. IF got stalkers you all must protect me oi!!!

*mou ngan tai X_x*

Sunday, November 05, 2006


I realise that our world is closely connected to the term "ciplak-ism"` Nowadays, everything also can be ciplak-ed by others` They look at your hair style sipeh chun` then they go ciplak` They see you got this nice shoes they also go ciplak`

Branded stuff also ppl ciplak, Calvin Klein become Galvin Klein, Elle become Elley, Gucci become Gooci, Prada becomes perodua.... and so on`

Ciplaked DVD are also all over the place which is a good thing for us ahemz` hahahahahah No no.. I didn't say that, Must support ori!! *hides ciplak dvd*

So since ciplak-ing is the in thing now` I suddenly thought of ciplaking a blogger after looking at Chen's picture in her surgical gown`....

and the suey sipeh heng blogger who got ciplaked by me is~~~

Image Hosted by

Seng Kor~

ahhahahahaha! behold` the ciplaked version

Image Hosted by

so` waddya think?? hahaha It's a ciplak world`

how cwappy'~