Sunday, December 31, 2006

来吧二零零七! ! !

EDITED!! hyperlinks now working~ Thanks chen :P

*loso till die again before the end of 2006*

hehehe` was supposed to blog about the bloggers meet but I was quite blur then so didn't take a lot of pictures` For more pictures please refer to frankie or pc's blog` heheh oh yeah` nice to meet you, merv~ and also louis and of cos all the other blogger frens` hehehe :D

back to the topic~ 2006 is coming to an end~ so like most of the other bloggers, i will look back at what I have achieved and what havoc I have done in the whole year~

hrm.. lets see now:

enjoyed Chinese New year~

made ang ku kuey during chap goh meh

bloggers meet and stirrer fight with feli! :X

grand launching of this site~

performed with german guitarist peter korbel

went kayaking with frens at damai beach :D

performed in the pop and jazz concert 2006`

had my first studio photo shoots with azzie

bloggers meet at coffee bean + creation of straw fight v 3.0~ :X

launched THHC at on 9th of June 2006

cooked ka lei kai~

meet up with my violin teacher and frens~ :D

went to rainforest world music festival~

had a great birthday!

performed in international society of music education Conference and met up with angeliu` lols~ :x

baked tarts

io ka chng with chen, pink cotton and redsponge at sharing planet~

io ka chng with cuban group, Sazon

puisi merdeka which I wrote hahaha~ :D

scored merit for my first flute exam

another bloggers meet~ + lamb shank fight V4.0 omega beta zeta

performed in gigs and bar zing's anniversary

became ciplaker and ciplaked seng kor

syiok syiok after receiving a bouquet after a charity show~

SONS concert at STC

performed at hilton kch`

dinner with robin, kenneth, sam and feli and here comes straw and spoon fight v5.0

sang in choral concert and made new frens!!! hehehehe :D

attended not-so-useful workshop but met leng loi celeb :X

expansion of social circle during this cha si lang session at bings~ :D

made tang yuan, performed in jungle bells and io ka chng as an elf~ during this christmas~

fulamak!!! so many things~ hahahahahha and i cant believe that I go and copy the links for each and everyone of the post mentioned above` lols~ some are taken from my xanga site before i moved over here, so you can see how i made ANG KU KUEY and all those thingy` lols

Dear God,
Thank you for a fufilling year as a music student~
Thank you for letting me meet new friends
Thank you for letting me meet all the cool and wacky bloggers all over the place :D
Thank you for blessing my families and friends
Thank you for giving me the strength to type such a loso post with "sane" language`

Dear All,
Thank you for bearing with all of my slangs and not-so-professional english
Thank you for spending time reading my posts
Thank you for spending time in commenting even if you don't read everything

Bye bye 2006 and Happy New Year~

With loads of love,

Your one and only,

*io ka chng*
Ah Ben :P

Friday, December 29, 2006

visiting 101...

in kuching :X

erm` just the restaurant larh` not the real building in taipei` lols :D

the interior of the place`

the bowl of gubak mee i had` I also ordered another glass of Wintermelon tea` overall, the place is QUITE DISAPPOINTING cos the portion is pathetically small I use it to sumbat my nose also not enough quite small and the price is quite expensive` but you guys can go try if you want~

so` sorry larh kedai taipei 101, unless terpaksa I wouldnt go back anymore~ :P

After that i decided to go to..

sunny hill for dessert~ hahahahahah~ sedapnye~ enjoyed it more at sunny hill` :P

p.s: wantan accumulated = 1 full trash bin
p.p.s: last night i was a bit feverish, so scared i will burn until become idiot~ will you still lap me if i were an idiot? :X
p.p.p.s: tonight got bloggers meet` hopefully i am sane enuf :P

Thursday, December 28, 2006

internet cuckoo-ism along the sidewalk`

Aiyeryer~ Internet siaw liaw! I called up then they say got some major network disruption. Then I read read read again, some fren of my said it's caused by the major earthquake in taiwan? ai` I cannot log into msn and my yahoo list is soooooooooo dead!!! no ppl one in yahoo` :X so everynight go out` hahahaha! :X

yesterday afternoon went to e magic cafe but din bring camera~ so no pictureS~ hahaha last nite me and my frens from secondary sch went to..

sidewalk`~ this place is located around green heights area and is quite ez to spot actually :D

the atmosphere is quite good` dark dark and all` suitable for couples` :X ahhahaha! the place is not air conditioned so it might get a little stuffy if you sit outside` :X

the drinks we had~ whiskey coke, tequila sprite, vodka lime, tequila sunrise, the gelik-till-die black russian and smoothies~ :D

this place serves food as well~ and the menu looks quite tempting` price ranging from 10++ to 30++ for the main course` anyone interested to bring me go makan? lols~ :X

p.s: lucky blogger still working or else really can pluck mushrooms at home already
p.p.s: ah ben's nose is starting to make wantan again` ai..

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

How to io ka chng~

yao si lor! you know what chen did to me??? she Elf-tify me!!!!! apuh!!!! make me do live show io ka chng in front of all her readers~ but i must admit.. it's quite FARNIE!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!! sikui chen`~

Hear ye Hear ye~ watch ah ben io ka chng HERE~ and like chen said, dun drink and watch the short clip` later tsunami in ur house and water will be coming out from ur nose :X hahahahahahah~ enjoy the Live ShoW and of cos~ dance along with me!! ahahhahahahahhahaha!

thanks sotong, for the "wonderful" clip~ apuh.. no more image liaw~ :X hahahaha *io io io ka chng~*

if CHRIST = X, therefore Xmas = CHRISTmas

*quite a long post...*

Silver bells~~ silver bells~~ it's christmas time in the city~~~~ :D once again it's christmas time~ okay before i start blabbing about how i spent my christmas I just wanna share with you all the true meaning of christmas. I am a Christian, so celebrating christmas is actually celebrating the birth of someone very important to us which is Jesus~ therefore, I just wanna let you folks know that you should replace the X with CHRIST becos hor, in maths and anything X is something you dunno and have to place something in it~ So since we know it's CHRISTMAS~ so remember to put it into the equation har! hahahaha :X

hahahahah! rushing my christmas post~ oh yeah!I would like to THANK each and everyone of you for the christmas wishes (smses, frenster testimonials, live greetings, blog comments etc~)Although it wud be better if the smses were not mass forwarded` lols but i did encounter some quite interesting smses regarding pao.. which goes something like "jingle pau, jingle pau, siew long pao, cha siew pao, neng ku pao, lor mai kai, siew mai`" and something` ppl with their wacky ideas` tsk tsk tsk hahahahah~

so~ what did ah ben do on christmas eve??

went to church~ it's a very special feeling when you feel the tingle up in ur spine when you hear a certain song or the things the pastor preached` ah~ simply magnificent~ :D

performed in the jungle bellS` :X

went to bing's to eat the mars cheesecake and drink the red mango smoothies`~

meet up with suapanda`~ went to travillions first, SO PACKED WITH ALnAB~ so we headed to PEtanak market and I ordered my 6.80 chicken chop as my christmas dinner~

I also received a few gifts this yr~


my mom bought me a TAMI~ wahhahaha! version 2 a.k.a Odoru! Hidamari no tami~ This orange on not only can shake head, but also can IO KA CHNG!!! wahhahaha` now my blue blue tei tomi not lonely anymore liaw` ada partner io tao and io ka chng! ahhahaha!

chocs from michelle and my cous kelvin, and the smiley deco thingy which is so useful!!! can be used to clean hp, pda, camera screens` ooolalalal~

The doggie from suapandra and the lovely liu lians from pandra's mom~ thank you aunty~ heheheheheh

still got esprit t-shirt from my cous, and also a watch from my uncle~

LASTly, I WANT TO WISH YOU All A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!! 金狗表,金狗表, 金狗噢的喂~ ahhahahah! :X

Saturday, December 23, 2006

quite syiok mia winter solstice :)

Winter solstice without snow~ lalalalalaallalal

Ah Ben was bz growing mushroom at home` So after I plucked the mushroom, I was bored till siaw again~ So, I decided to call up ji po and ah mu to meet up for lunch~ after berpusing-pusing, we've finally decided to go to Tun Jugah~

I tell you! Today is a day of beeps and honks, dunno koh tiok wad sai. First of all, got this ridiculous unker with kereta buruk berwarna purple tidak kepurple-lan` APUH!!! SO MANY CARS coming you know, then he there honk honk honk honk honk!!! KNS!! WANNA DIE is it!??! ish` dunno how to wait for a while, lucky din kena langgar kereta ah me` ai.

anyways~ forget about that, so we went to tun jugah for lunch, I ordered honey lemon chicken rice`

you see?? lap shape mia rice` hahahahahha not valentines or what leh` chey chey chey :X but quite interesting larh`

After the filling dinner, we decided to go play bowling, but in the end didn't, so....

we went to makan again~ ahhahaha!!! this time is ang tau jian lut and cucur udang and all :D

oolalalalal~ after i sent both of them home, i headed over to my grandparents' house. you see, my parents are not in at the moment, so I went to celebrate winter solstice with my grandparents` We had loh ak (braised duck<< is it spelt like that?), fried fish fillet and mixed vege~ hehehe something simple` so after dinner, I made..

tang yuan~ the one that i am going to make is the dry version a.k.a. Muachi look-a-like. erm.. this one is the dough only, not completed yet` lols

*soh soh soh~* *soh soh soh*

tadah~ now you dump it into the wok to boil/steam up to you` make sure the tang yuan float on top of the water (that indicates it is already cooked). Then you can take it to dip with penut crust with sugar` for me, i just dump everything into the peanut crust and...

tadah~ sweet and simple` hehehe Happy belated winter solstice to everyone~

p.s:carcar, winn and chen posted saya mia lukisan hodoh! ahhahahaha paiseh si :X

Friday, December 22, 2006

C.P.B.S.P (3)

At first it was really ciak pah boh sai pang (btw, this is a form of expression, Ah Ben is not suffering from any constipation or some sort :X) But now hor, Ah Ben draw draw draw pictures to give as CHRISTMAS GIFT!!! hahahahaha~ eh I draw by myself one can~ can save on christmas gifts Can't you feel my lovE??? ahhaha :X

Oh yeah~ before I continue, i must make a correction of what I said in my previous blog. BU JIN is the HAKKA not the HOKKIEN word for Lalat a.k.a fly` sorry larh` I am like winn lidat` night time brain siaw siaw liaw` that girl memang, apuh~~ write my url jadi BEHmoh pulak` ahhaha :D

in today's CPBSP, I will feature` *count count* 5 ppl~ hahahahah :D

first up!

R.W and feli~ kakakakakkakaka

next up~

dua pelompuan bercarol-carol: PC and RS duo~ :X

LAST but not least~

miss miss ccfoo, who praised my ugly drawings` :D so draw a big ass photo of her here~

stay tuned for another liuliu episode of the CPBSP christmas edition~

Thursday, December 21, 2006

C.P.B.S.P (2)

welcome to yet another one of the CPBSP christmas edition~ heeheheheh`

in our last edition, angeliuna fatt lan zha cos she shake ka chng too far away and only got a small dot in the picture` remember?

neh~ see or not?? the bu jin (lalat in hokkien :X) on top of the right hand corner??

so this liuliu angeliuna, bersusah-payah wanna appear big big in the blog, so hor~ she io her ka chng` io until half dead` FINALLY ARRIVE LIAW!!!

so, angeliuna thought to herself "WAKAKKAKAKA! liu liao this time` I io so long finally reach here, sure can get big big picture published *evil laugh~*"

just when angeliuna syiok syiok sendiri, Ms. T come and ask and ah ben can draw one cartoon for her or not wor??

waiseh` cham liao, Angel the liuliu liuna joliu, listen titoki wanna rampas her spotlight, fatt lan zha kao kao.. terus say wanna kuit yat sei jin with miss T`


you say who win leh?? *runs for cover*

stay tuned for another ngong ngong series of the CPBSP Christmas edition~

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


wahhahahahah~ christmas came early this yr! :D

this morning purposely go to post office at pending to collect this parcel~ The SIKUI KASTEM almost want to tax me, thank God didn't tax me! (the wonders of prayers :D) or else some people are going to lao sai 3 hari 3 malam berturut-turut for no reasons :X ahhahahahahah! anyways~ the thing inside the parcel is:

my Gel Rest~ wahhahahaha syiok syiok syiok~ ok larh` in this case I might be SS only, cos it's not like albie's Pheng kuey on the tree :X hahahaha but i just wanna share my happiness with all of you~ :X

So, the "operation" begins

*wear shin chan mask*

removing of old chin rest, SUCCESS!!!

*wipes sweat*

*assemble new gelrest*

YAY!~ the "operation" is very successful~~ so behold` my wife's new look

my wife with the new boxwood chin rest, with tortoise gel rest and gold hill style clamp` wahhahahahha! *happy happy hold wife ka chng shaky shaky*

lastly, I wanna say "老婆,你是最美的你知道吗?!" wakakakakkakaka! :X

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Good morning ppl! aahaha~ since ah ben is very free now, therefore I shall launch my C.P.B.S.P. christmas edition~ ahhahahaha what is CPBSP you ask?? it is.... Ciak Pah Boh Sai Pang edition.. kakakakakakakkaka!!!!!

like I said, ah Ben is on hols now so tai pah si kan~ haahahha yesterday kan I launch the first "sexy" picture of the sam goh noi yan??? if you missed it, I post one more time eh~ (actually the post too short, post this pic to make it longer :X)

tadah~ sam goh noi yan~ ahhahaha. kolian kolian kena uglified "beautified" by me~

Today! I am gonna launch another picture~~ hahahahaha ready or not???

tadah~~ I am not gonna mention names leh` YOU ppl guess larh` guess moh~ guess leh~~ ... :X hahahahah` oh wait~ i mentioned angeliu's name` cos she io ka chng too far away, only can see a dot :X

kakakakakak~ in this chirstmas season, they are so suey LUCKY~ to be drawn by me.. well... not sui pictures larh` but I just draw larh can for me to kill time, it's my tribute to them wor~ :X ahhahahahaha

I will be back~~ :D

Monday, December 18, 2006

hunting for the suku post office and something else~

Today Ah Ben went for a "tour" around kch city` hunting for post office~ Actually, hunting for a post office nearer to my house` hahahha the BIG BIG post office actually very near my house, but that stupid place always no place to park and I don't wanna cia matah lim kopi kena samban, so, have to go hunt`

Why do I have to hunt for post office? cos I want to post...

pressies~~ lols` That day went to shop for some pressies at my church's book room` I tell you really can die trying to buy pressies for ppl, you have this person in mind, then later another pops up, then another, then another, then another, and another.. and AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! so`~ if you din receive gifts from me` dun be mad at me yeah` If i buy for each and everyone of you i will be pokai liaw` really really pokai` :X

So` in order to post all those thing away, have to find post office lor` but I dun wanna go to the simpang tiga post office cos so far away, so I decided to go to the Satok post office` First time, KNS!! overshot~ turn one round back` second time` no place to park! turn another round.. finally go in` STUPID POST BOX looks like wad lousy dustbin, make me dun dare to post` finally, i tong in the letters after saying a prayer` DONT LAUGH! the mails are important okay` must reach! if not i so susah send snail mail also no use! hahahaha :D

After all those suku turning around, I desperately need something to eat` (it was already 1520 and i haven had my breakfast`) sO i drove to KFC the one at choice mall, after i tapao and wanna drive home.... SI KUI!!!!!!! GOT POST OFFICE AT THE STUPID MALL!!!! SO NEAR MY HOUSE SUMMORE!!!! *ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!* ai` well at least next time I know got such thing near my house` no need drive so far liaw` aiiiii


Oh yeah! it's liu lian season now~ ahhahahahah and of cos, Ah Ben loves to makan liu lian~~ syiok till die~ Just now balu makan dua biji nia` THE FLESH WAS soooooooo good~ just when I was happily eating, my dad said the other side of the liu lian is rotten` DANG! so nice can the liu lian.. so I went up lor` then mana tahu suddenly the "EEEEEE~" so loud and say got big fat worm.. fullallalalal~ *blogger spirit ahoi!!!* grabs camera and went downstairs immediately ` hahaha

anyone wants me to goreng it and feed it to you~ now open ur mouth and say ahhhhhhhh~~ hahahaha careful when u eat liu lian ah ppl~ :D

I realise this post too long liaw` ai` later no ppl read straight away go comments` waste my energy type` hahaha! :D


a special picture for sam goh noi yan~ hahaha I hope you know which one represents who` kekekekek

bloggers meet~

Yooohooooooo~ Ah Ben finish exam liaw~ So happy` kakakakaka

that next day after exam straight away go attend bloggers meet liaw~ syiok till die` hahahah this particular meet was organised by cicak man :X ahhahahahah` hope i got his url correct` this is quite a big meet ey` and I am quite happy cos half of the people there I have not met before~ meaning, BIGGER SOCIAL CIRCLE! wakakkakaka~ *laugh loud loud sambil io ka chng~*

okay let me recall who I met the other day... Miss Irene, Miss see-through translucent ann, Mr Frank, Mr Allen, Mr. CicakIvan, Mr. Mike and mr joshua~ yahoo~ new frens` of cos not to forget my old frens: Robin, Miracle, Chun chow, unker francis and his kayak customers and also Gette~

the two "balls" unker ho picked up during his kayak trip -_-|||

I tell you all hor, these kch bloggers are all siaw like me one okay` hahahaha which is a good thing though, I had a lot of fun that day talking about erm... about... OH! about make ups, about momoks in toilet, about how things are legal if you don't get caught.. yada yada~ I think most importantly hor, they are a big bunch of frenly ppl~ YAY! kch bloggers are frenly~ lols

right` the only two photos which I took` hahahaha oh mike, you asked to censored ur face with a line` I drew a pair of sunglasses for u instead :X hahahahah and if ann is reading this now, I got no pics to send leh` if you want the uncensored vers of this group pic I'll send to you` hee :D

It was fun meeting with you guys~! SEe you all in the next meet :D

Ah BEn realised hor, all of the blogs I visit, most of the time they blog in near-to-perfect english with canggih vocab and sui sui grandma grammar` Only my blog, the "odd" one out` Even some of my frens say that they will get dizzy after reading my blog cos it's difficult to understand` (apalah, my blog so ez to understand leh.. Smart ppl sure will understand one` you are smart right? :D) hahahahha~ Well, sorry for the wide usage of slangs + hokkien + foochow + canton + BM + Chinese... But hor, I think you are reading what Ah Ben is talking about, and my blog shows my true self` I still remember that time angel said to me "ur just like ur blog"` hahaha that's what I want it to be, "as though I am talking to my readers"(quoted from miracle). Thank you all for spending your time in my blog and I definitely hope that you had fun reading some of my posts` :D

(hopefully got ppl read the p.s part` type till so "Emo" later no ppl read` sia suey lang` hahahha k gnite folks! *ah ben signing out at 0532hrs*)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


edited: 0900hr 14th DEc 2006

ah ben's current conditon: momok-tified, say hi to Ben-pire with two dark circleS!

AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stupid history!!! :X


exam wanna finish liaw! hahahahah after history tomolo, life is gonna be quite relaxeD! ahhahaha

The Subjects:
Listening Analysis
English (speaking)
Western Music history

today's speaking test I talked about Premarital SEx.. hahahahah~ :P ABSTINANCE IS THE BEST POLICY!!! :)

hahahahhaha~ exam wanna finish liaw~ syiok syiok` k not wait k not wait~


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

koh chek, kao shu, koh zhv~

Aiyaiyai~ my finals this week~ ahhahahahahha tak sangka two days already over~ masa berlalu dengan cepat sekali` So fun! quick quick finish better~ then can rest for a while` aiyai` :X

The Subjects:
Listening Analysis
English (speaking)
Western Music history

hahahaha~ i very stress now` preparing for the stupid listening analysis` ai, have to memorise all those weird names in foreign languages T.T

O quam tu pulchra es, amica mea simply means Oh how beautiful you are, my friend~ aiyeR!!!! ki siaw liaw~ : X

Oh yeah~ advertisement time:
IMH Academy Career Talk
Thursday (14th December, 2006), 7:30 pm, IMH Auditorium
It's actually sorta like a "show", for people (spm n stpm leavers, music lovers etc) who are interested in getting a music degree` There will be explanations, some demonstrations by music students and teachers` Admission is free, so if you feel like pursuing a career in music, do drop by and have a look :D

OK larh~ Ah ben shall continue to memorise the songs~ aiyaiyai!!! *io ka ch'ng helpless-ly~*

Sunday, December 10, 2006


ah ben likeS Chocolate!!! kakakakakak you like??? since it's christmas mood (excuses...) so can eat more chocolates and grow horizontally~ ehhehehehehe :X

Image Hosted by

this chocolate was given by my pedagogy instructor when she went to Vienna` Thank you so much!!! :D Until today balu I eat, lucky it wasn't expired` hehehehe This particular chocolate was said to be Mozart's favourite choc when he was a kid~~ wa, I get to taste what Mozart liked wor~

Image Hosted by

tadah~ the inside of the choc` I think it's filled with almond.. unfortunately, not really my type of chocolate` lols the almond tasted a bit like medicine` so Mozart, pai seh ah, me and you different taste`:X ahhahahahaha siaw liaw me

Image Hosted by

kekekekke~ still got some more to eat~ kinder bueno` and also kit kat given by my student.. well, ex student` hehehehe I never know kit kat got peanut butter flavour leh` shocking :D dunno nice or not~

okay` pls pardon me while I go indulge like a king and end up like a pig` hahahahaha :X

Friday, December 08, 2006

Wednesday and thursday siaw-ness~

hahahahhahaha~ Last night me, jeepoh and ah mu went out for dinner~ to celebrate the end of their STPM exam` hahaha as you can see hor, malaysia is rather exam based so not doing well in public exams = no future~ well, not true for all cases larh` hahhaha :D

So we went to ajiten ramen for dinner` after the full-till-wanna-die dinner, we went to hokkien park! hahahahha~ first time there you know. it was rather scary` dark and all.. then when we were about to walk into the park, got 3 mr. la vroom past us on a motorbike` waleh! can die can die! we thought we will kena rob or something luckily nothing happened` phew~~

Image Hosted by

hahahha~ they even have the foochow pondok~ cool aye? hahahaha :D pardon my idiotic pose with the lion and the obscene pose with the piggy` hahahahha :D

After the walk at the park, we decided to go for a drink~ so we went to....

Image Hosted by

Java juices~ the drinks are cheaper than most of the drinking places` but not very consistant lor` sometimes nice sometimes not nice` I had cookies and cream smoothies` sweet till keluar buih putih :X~~~~

OH! and you know` they were showing "victoria's secret" at java juices` imagine drinking and watching model doing cat walks in neng khak and teh koh` fuiyoooo tsk tsk tsk~

Image Hosted by

hahahah shud post this or not hor>? later lb lar, acey lar, unkle cocka larh pengsan i dunno how` hahahha :P

So today was thursday and we went to watch possessed~ a local movie filmed in kch` waiseh not bad owh` I actually enjoyed that movie` hahahahha not scary but it's like fun, cos we know where they filmed that particular scene` hahahahha and it was fun going out with sandra, kat, michelle and jing~ hahahaha laugh till wanna die :X

Image Hosted by

a pressie from Sandra~ hahaha` thank you so much! see now I have one more violin to add to the collection` hahahaha :D

okay` so much for study leave :X hahahahah It's time to go back to read about operas and symphonies.. can die I tell you``~

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Early morning workshop~

I attended this choir workshop this morning` The thing started at 9~ meaning I had to wake up at 8! It was raining this morning, what a nice weather to sleep!!!! aiyerh` but since it's free and that I've already registered, might as well go` hahaha :D

The workshop was conducted by Miss Sharfinaz.. aparently she's a local celebrity? or am I wrong` hahahahha Her explanation was informative and I did pluck out some points from her sharings. The other two on the other hand... fulalalalalla` completely a waste of my precious beauty-sleeping time` tsk tsk tsk` oh wells at least I get to take pictures with the leng lui~

Image Hosted by

the wonders of spotlights~ hahahahahha

I am actually on study leave now` But then.. might be going out to watch james bond later! hahahahahahha! syiok~ :P

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


... of social circle!! wahhahahaha~ and yes, I am super excited`

Last saturday we had a concert at Sarawak tourism complex` this time it's a choral concert` first of all, I would like to thank Pink cotton and miracle~ for supporting the concert~ :D

There are a few guests from singapore this time` and damn! they are good!!! it's the first time such good YOUNG SINGERS you know` ooolallalalala` The voices of the sopranos can make me melt` *melting melting*

Image Hosted by

shi hua, me and evelyn`They sang beautifully!!! hee heE~ so happy in between pretty girls~ *float float~*

Image Hosted by

darren, danny(who mistaken Ipanema of ipanyaki ahhaha :X), me and chuan en`

It was soooo fun to meet new frens` who are actually nice and decent` hehehehehehe

Image Hosted by

evelyn, wynne, shi hua, darren, kristen and david~

there was also wynne and her husband~ and also mr thomas kuek.. eh wait` shud call him thomas khor khor` hahahahah` he is such an enthusiastic person!!!!

Image Hosted by

It's really very nice to meet all of you guys` we really enjoyed your visit here. hope you guys will come back in the future for more kolo mee, laksa and honey chicken wings~ hee heee :D