Monday, December 31, 2007


heheh~ Ah benben went to Bangkok the other day, thanks to Apostrophe~ I was one of the finalist for the postcard programme and that was so not expected! hoorah for boingboing, cause I submitted his paintings lols :P

The trip to bangkok was extremely fun and definitely an eye opener for me. The life in bangkok is sooooo vibrant! Well anyways, the things are very, very cheap in bangkok, especially in Chatuchak Market. I spent the whole morning there walking from 10am till 4pm` BAHAHAHAHHA! (of course, my legs almost broke when I reached the hotel)

So all in all my trip this time, I bought....

A pair of flops, A watch...

A shirt and 9 tees...

board shorts and a bag~

WAHAHAHAHHAHAHA See I told you bangkok was a shopping paradise ;) Stay tuned for more updates about bangkok`

p,s: IT's NEW YEAR"S EVE!!!!!! O M G :X

Monday, December 24, 2007

Ho ho ho~~

This the season to be jolly, io io io io io, the io io io~~ :D

On this joyous occasion to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, Ah Benben will announce the special edition of the long awaited HHC results since july~ heheheheheh (it was supposed to be a monthly thing... :X)

1st - Angeliuna with liuliu(66)pts~!
2nd - Jemima with 59pts~
3rd - LB and May with 37pts
4th - Chen and Daydreamer with 28pts
5th - silver with 27pts
6th - wennn with 24pts
7th - misti with 23pts
8th - ah nel with 22pts
9th - doreen with 19pts
10th - sala and robin with 10pts
11th - happy and anna with 8pts
12th - rinnah with 7pts
13th - kyh, uncle cocka, iced nyior, zeroimpact and JL with 6pts
14th - ZZMM, sin ling and yomi with 5 points
15th - nesh with 4pts
16th - rene rya and rauff with 3pts
17th - sam poh with 2pts
18th - Rling and Jimmy with 1pt

Thank you all for commenting~ hehe Have a wonderful christmas!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

beachy beach~

Few days before I went to bangkok, I head up to Damai Beach Resort with my college mates~ Since a few of us are leaving next year, we thought we should go for some gathering and spend some bitchy beachy time together~

I drove up at around 2pm in the afternoon, and then I received an emergency sms from those who have arrived. *panic music in the background* O M G~?! I HAVE TO WHAT?!?!?!? sigh, since it was an emergency, I drove into Kampung Santubong to look for a grocery shop. *hallelujah chorus playing* I FOUND IT!~!!

and I bought what I was assigned to get.. quite embarrassing actually to buy it cause the aunty kept giving this weird smirk on her face. Ish, can't I help my friend to get it? :X

anyways, I finally reach Damai beach with my bag on my back, lots of food on my left hand and the pack of kotex on my right

The weather was good when I got there`

I took a dip in the pool with my friends, and of course,

went to laze at the beach` :P

There were lots of fun in between, squeezing 12 people into a hotel room, laughing like mad, eating the yucky nasi goreng at the hotel, going to Buntal for seafood, made so much noise at night until the admin came over to knock on our door, sleep at the beach and etc~

I enjoyed the trip a lot and to see that it's our last outing, it kinda gives a very sentimental value to the whole thing.

Time does fly, very quickly too. :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

back and gone again~

Ah benben is back from his damai trip and will be off to KL again tonight. Then, tomorrow morning I'll be heading over to bangkok for a 4D 3N stay and will only be back in Kch on next Monday` See you guys soon :)

Friday, December 07, 2007

Events events events~

There will be a few events coming up this weekend:

1) 4 choir groups from singapore will be performing at the Old court house, kuching, this Saturday (8th Dect). This is definitely an event not to be missed as these four choirs (around 190 members altogether), will be putting up a show with a repertoire of varied genres. Tickets are priced at RM 20 for the afternoon show, while RM 50 and RM 100 for the night show. This is a charity show in aid of the Sarawak Thalassemian Society. For more details, please contact IMH at 424658 or leave a comment or something :)

2) There will be a blogger meeting sponsored by Tao this Sunday. The meet will feature local artist, Alex Wong (lead singer from SingleTrackMind)and bloggers are welcomed to join them. Details are as follow:

End of report` lols :P

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Forever in Love~

Ah BenBen went to The Banquet last sunday night (2nd December) to attend Alysha's wedding~`

I arrived quite early and no one at my table arrived yet!! So I feel abit awkward to sit down alone at an empty table` hehe

Finally there are more people coming in and I don't have to fake fake walk around Since alysha and paul opened a dance school together, there were dance performances by their students` *io io io io`*

Jimmy, Irene and pinky were sitting together with me~ Then there's luke, sandra, Sharon, Nian, and a couple which i forgot their names :X

Of course, the most important part... FOOOOOOOOOOOD~!!!

cold platter, shark's fin soup, steamed fish and roasted chicken

yam basket, braised broccoli and abalone mushroom, buttered prawns and lotus rice`

The dessert: milky sago mango :X

Me and leng lui Linda, one of my high school mates and also the senior dancer in Alysha's school.

Last but not least,

Congratulations to Paul and Alysha!~ May your love for each other grow stronger by each day. God Bless~ :D

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Enchanted Sensation~

Benben went to watch Walt Disney's Enchanted today and it was a freaking great movie that I decided to give it a whooping 10 / 10` maybe it's because I fancy cartoons too :P

I personally think that the producers are very creative to merge fairy tales and real people. The plot has a mixture of fairy tales with few twists here and there, and not to mention the humor blended into it. The effects was interesting and everything looked so Enchanting! Oh yeah, since it's a Disney movie, the music and sound effects are bound to be good. The singing, the music, the effects.. just gives me goosebumps~!

Now I feel like working with Walt Disney production after I graduated.. or maybe go study those film making, soundtrack composing, movie makeups and special effects.. haha Just a thought :X

Anyways, I feel that it's a great movie all in all and you guys can check it out ;)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Benben is back~!

Yay!!! Finally, Ah benben is done with all his finals, his violin exam his recordings~!!! Holiday already~!!! *io io io ~*

I really must do spring cleaning in my blog, lols~ Not many people drop by cause I seldom update :P ahhaha, well, be prepared for lots of crap this december cause Ah Benben will be around` hahah *fingers crossed*

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kuching Entertainers Gathering 2007

Everything is stated in there (click to enlarge), what more can i say? lols~anyways, Benben will be going to this event!! if you don't wanna call the number stated there, u can leave a comment here or in the chatter, then I'd forward it to the organisers :)`

Saturday, November 17, 2007


My 2nd song for this year. It's called "simplicity"` It's written almost in the same style as my previous piece "cascading dream" but this one has a more simple left hand part, which is formed mainly by broken chords. Hope you guys enjoy the little tune :)

exam week next week!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

You all are damn smart!!!

After visiting Rinnah's and chen's, I wanna see what level of education is required to understand my blog~

cash advance

to my excitement, you have to be a genius to understand my io ka ch'ng-ness, so i hereby declare my blog readers SUPER GENIUSES~!! bahahahahahha

happy weekend ;)

Friday, November 09, 2007

One Item off the list!

Finally, after enduring the "pre-exam anxiety" and "stomach-full-of-butterfly syndrome", Ah benben had gone through his DipLCM exam.

I hope I can pass the exam, results will be leased before Christmas, so if I pass I shall take it as a Christmas gift from God. hehe :)

One down, more to come!! *replace batteries in ka ch'ng*

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What's going on?!

Hello~ how are you all? thanks for dropping by even though I didn't update for a while~ heheheh

Ah Benben is quite screwed up cause of his stupid schedule:

1) 8th of November - DipLCM violin Exam
2) 15th of November - Uni entrance audition dued
3) 19th of November - my finals start~!!!

Last weekend was a blast~ I had guests from oversea~ LITERALLY OVER THE SEA! ooooolalala :P there's a few things to update but I'll do it later.. my gosh I am such a procrastinator. Ahah~

Okay, short and sweet update for you all. Drop back soon for the updates~ XoXoXoX *io ka chnG~~*

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hikaru in Miaw miaw city`~

Hikaru was on "business" trip in kuching a few days back and ah benben was lucky enough to meet up with him :)

I was at concert rehearsal when this guy arrived in kuching, asked me where to find food. hahahaha` I purposely drew a map and mms it over to him. but he didn't realize he had a mms and was already finishing up his meal by the time he saw it -_-!!!

Hik and fong, his senior. They both came over to fix something in RTM` Hikaru is a damn friendly person lor, although it's the first time i met him in real life (tak sempat meet in kl last time) he treat me like abang adik like that, should bully him more often ahhahahah :P

the first night we went over to topspot seafood center for dinner, but my favorite stall #25 was not opened (it was 2nd day of raya), so we succumbed to stall number dunno wad.. ABC. There were a lot of people and we had to wait for almost 1 hour for our dish. fuhhh...

The 2nd night they went for dinner themselves (at the same place) but tried stall no.25~! hahaha I only managed to join them after my performance and we went to the garden for a drink and went to petanak for kuey chap after that :)

I brought them to breakfast on the day they were leaving. Hik got to try laksa, dunno whether he liked it or not` lols, then straight after laksa, we went to...

sunny hill~ hahahah! don't know he got lao sai after he eat that tub of ice cream or not eh :X

Dropped them off to the airport at around 11.45. Although the visit was a short one, it was fun and I had to adjust a bit after they go back because I will tend to mix hokkien with cantonese when I speak haahahhaha

It was my pleasure meeting up with hik and his senior~ hope to see them around soon. but before that, I am gonna have two bunch of friends visiting from KL again. real soon~~ SO EXCITED!!!! :D

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Selamat hari raya~

Selamat hari raya~ aidil fitri mulia~ ehhehehe halo everybody~ long time no see~ wow it's been more than a week huh? I forgot how to blog already. hope you guys still remember benben here, and not turn me into amin bin mohd hahahaha :X

so did everyone went out for visiting??

I went to two houses only this year` my academy teacher and staff's house. fuah, the daging masak hitam is heavenly!!! I tell you, one of the great things about hari raya is their cooking. *drooooooooolsssss* *look at stomach* *thinking twice* *continue to eat rendang* :X

last but not least, do drive safely~ last night alone I saw two cars went in the drains you know? scary` okay` selamat hari raya~!! :D

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


yes, ah ben is still alive` sorry for not updating often` heeheheheh but no fear~! hari raya break is coming soon~ so can update sekali gus? ahhahaha

so how's everyone doing? :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

mooncake fest~

happy mooncake @ mid autumn fest too all of benben and boingboing's friend. hope you all had a great time eating and savoring all the good mooncakes around, and of course, got the chance to reunite with your relatives. *io io io io*

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Catscity clique finale~

The group of people went over to permata for dinner` I didn't join them because I have my own family dinner at Lok Thian. But I did drop by afterwards`

(picture stolen from Here. The people who are there~ gette, Alex and Platinum girl was there as well, just to name a few~! :D

the other side of the table~


anna's chopstick` fake fake wanna feed Gladys. But actually, annna...

eats alot! ahhaahhahah (jk jk)

They went to ABC to eat` Personally I prefer number 25 better, cheap and nice`! :D and i also heard that they got conned by the bbq stall~ ahahhahah! they said they weren't familiar with the place.. hahah oh wells. beware folks, if they come and approach you and ask whether you want bbq seafood or not, you better shoo them off because it tastes horrible and the price is FREAKING UNREASONABLE!!!

after dinner we went...


people wanna take picture, this Johnston come and POSE pulak????

It was quite fun since I haven't bowled for a very, very long time! After bowling we went for lok-lok but I didn't eat much` Only a stick of Chicken Ka chng~ hahahaha. So that was pretty much about the bloggers meet.

After that, I drove naomi and josh around.

We drove around town and I showed him the colonial buildings and all those, but we didn't get down and walk around because night time very dangerous, who knows kena ambush ahkua or something right????

Josh seemed to fancy kuching and is looking forward for his next visit.. But one thing I don't get about him is that...

He fancies Hotlink banners so much and he seemed to be very much intrigue by them. hahahaha!! Well, josh hope you enjoy your short visit`


Catscity Clique` A success! :)