Tuesday, January 30, 2007

ballet overdose~

the charity concert is finally over and i must say the dancers were great and the other performance was fun too~

It was an experience having to change 4 outfits for a show` and to make things more interesting , we had to change in the booth outside of the theatre` the cloth covering the booth was quite thin, so dunno whether anyone can look in or not` aiyarh!

It was fun taking pictures with frens too~ hahhaha especially when we are dressed up nicely and all :P some pictures of me and my friends from the academy:

F4` hahahahaha! :P

the 3 violinists~

last but not least, the 3 leng zais` ahhahahahahaha!! :P

allen is doing some update as well i think` so just look see around if you wanna see pictures of the performance :D

other updates:
1. my 2nd sem for last year went well. Results out last week. Glory be to God.

2. I bought some more Dvds yesterday and gonna spend some time watching old movies~ :D

3. I lost my sony casing which was a painful experience (expensive one too) so I had to replace it with a shin chan pouch`

4. I still owe chen the first time tag, and I had a few ideas back then but i forgot what i wanted to write!!!

that's all for tonite~ gnight all!!!!

p.s: NEW io ka chng tune at the side bar~ Da coconut nut by smokey mountains~ :P

Thursday, January 25, 2007

especially for ah may~

At first I didn't really wanna put up this video, but since it's a dedication, I shud put it on the blog then more meaningful right? :D

This is my first time to publish my own playing in the net, and as far as I know that my playing is so terrible and yucky and cannot be compared to any of the pianists out there (mind you, i am not a pianist), I still chose to post this video up (after a lot of considerations) hahahahahah~ so may, this is for you~

Hope i will get to meet u before you leave` kekekek` all the best~ :D

Monday, January 22, 2007

Just someting simple

wow.. looks like i haven't been posting very regularly after my classes resumed eh? *check stats* aiks! and ppl have stopped visiting too` :D

A little update on my quite busy life for this few days.. now let's see.. played for a wedding last night, practiced with the big band, practiced with the choir, practiced with the orchestra, practiced with the ethnic ensemble.. so yeah~ currently my life resolve around the word "Practice~"

right just to let anyone know, lion's club is gonna hold a charity concert this saturday at kenyalang theatre. the tickets are sold at 30, 50 and 100. It's for charity so if you feel like you wanna enjoy a show while watching something enjoyable.. pls drop by imh to get ur tickets tomorrow (i think it will be the last day), or those who have my number can sms me/call me. There will be guest appearence by a famoust ballet troupe from philipines which i forgot their name` :x yeap`

oh~ and my fren MEL is selling cupcakes for valentines day` pictures will be up shortly`

right, guess that's it, something simple right? :)

p.s: I am seriously in tag debts` my gudness..

Saturday, January 20, 2007

when loso-ism kicks in...

...you do the loso till wanna die mia tag~ I kena tag by ah may and ah boy waleh!! meh sai kai?!?!? dog also know how to tag ppl` tsk tsk tsk` okay` before you indulge in the super loso 70 questions, please bring a saucer or something to catch your eye balls just in case it drops out of the sockets at the end of the meme` :x

1) Are your parents married or divorced?

2) Are you a vegetarian?
No. I tried vegetarian food once and I don't like it.. too much msg.. I am very thankful that i can eat meat`

3) Do you believe in Heaven?
Yes, of course` Do you?

4) Have you ever come close to dying?
I almost drowned in the sibu public swimming pool. that moment it's like in the movie, I got a lil bit of flashbacks of my childhood years etc? lols quite spooky actually

5) What jewellery do you wear 24/7?
I wear a silver necklace with a silver cross, had it since i was a kid

6) Favourite time of day?
No favourites really

7) Do you eat the stems of broccoli?

8) Do you wear makeup?
Nope. Unless forced to (i.e. concerts have to apply foundation so that don't look like zombie on stage). I do use facial wash and facial care, to keep my face clean.

9) Ever have plastic surgery?
Nope. I don't wanna be another MJ which they will go "ARGHHHH! *fainted*" when they see me

10) Do you colour your hair?
yeap` But now I am giving my hair a rest, so it's black in colour` gonna colour it for new year~ :p

11) What do you wear to bed?
short pants and t-shirt

12) Have you ever done anything illegal?
Traffic stuff only :P

13) Can you roll your tongue?

14) Do you tweeze your eyebrows?

15) What kind of sneakers?
Depends on the clothes I am wearing. I have a few pairs to choose from

16) Do you believe in abortions?
No those "have fun don't want son" kinda abortions, but those "want son but cannot have son" kinda abortion. :)

17) What is your hair color?
currently black, gonna change soon.. lols~

18) Future child’s name?
I'll think about it when i get married

19) Do you snore?
I don't think so` no complains failed so far.. maybe i will breathe heavily when i am very very tired

20) If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
I would go everywhere in the world :D

21) Do you sleep with stuffed animals?
nope` I don't want them to come into life and starts io kachng and do some voodoo rituals around my bed` besides, I sleep with 2 pillows and 2 bolsters so there isn't much space for stuffed animals`

22) If you won the lottery, what would you do first?
check whether the lottery ticket is still around

23) Gold or silver?
I don't know` both sounds good

24) Hamburger or hot dog?
roadside burger :P

25) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
sushi~ :D

26) City, beach or country?
country` I wanna go row my boat in the lake and look see look see at the beautiful scenary` ahhh~

27) What was the last thing you touched?
the "ahhh~" keys on my keyboard

28) Where did you eat last?
At Tun jugah's food court` Nasi pattaya :D

29) When’s the last time you cried?
Very recently` and it felt good!

30) Do you read blogs?
are you running out of questions??

31) Would you ever go out dressed like the opposite sex?
I don't think so` not sexy enough` lols!

32) Ever been involved with the police?
nope` I am good boy`

33) What’s your favourite shampoo conditioner and soap?
No favourite actually, currently using Nexxen Hairogy shampoo and palmolive thermal spa body wash` I don't use soap

34) Do you talk in your sleep?
er.. I don't know.. should be no kuar..

35) Ocean or pool?
Ocean~ so wide~ so blue~ so baywatch~

36) So, who has the original missing questions? #36, 37, 61, and 62.

37) Who would you take on a ménage à trois for a dirty weekend?
my wife, my concubine and my mistresses

38) Window seat or aisle?
I like window seat when i am sitting alone` and the middle seat if i am sitting with friends` lols

39) Ever met anyone famous?
Penny dai

40) Do you feel that you’ve had a truly successful life?
my life is just starting so I can't really answer that now, can i?

41) Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?
Twirl. long long tei like that baru can sluuuuuuuurp~ in marh`

42) Ricki Lake or Oprah Winfrey?
I like Opera

43) Basketball or Football?

44) How long do your showers last?
I think around 5-10 minutes` You cant go less than that if you want to clean yourself thoroughly`

45) Automatic or do you drive a stick?
depends on which car i am driving`

46) Cake or ice cream?
Soft ice cream and certain types of cakes only`

47) Are you self-conscious?
Yes. I think being self-conscious is nothing wrong` Why choose to go out with messy hair, long nose hair etc etc when you can look good and hot? lols!

48) Have you ever drank so much you threw up?
nope~ Like i said, i am a good boy! *angel face*

49) Have you ever given money to a beggar?
Begger no. blind people playing keyboard yes

50) Have you been in love?

51) Where do you wish you were?
A place where i own the most expensive instruments~ :D

52) Are you wearing socks?
Nope` took em off already

53) Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?

54) Can you tango?
I cannot` but I played 2 tango pieces in one of my presentation last year :p

55) Last gift you received?
Christmas pressies! :D

56) Last sport you played?
...... *scratch head*

57) Things you spend a lot of money on?
music books, violin strings and accesories, cds, apparels`

58) Where do you live?
Kuching, sarawak`

59) Where were you born?
Kuching, sarawak

60) Last wedding attended?
em... forgot liaw` but I will be attending and playing in a wedding tomorrow night` :P

61) Spit or swallow?
spit or swallow what sai??

62) Favorite position?

63) Most hated food(s)?
bitter stuff`

64) What’s your least favourite?
ah may:"Least favourite of what?".. yalor! stupid question`

65) Can you sing?
when i sing, chickens starts to fly, dog began to crawl and cow began to fly over the moon`

66) Last person you instant messaged?

67) Last place you went on holiday?
em.. sibu`

68) Favourite regular drink?
Soft drinks~ fruit drinks~ cocktails~

69) Current Song?

70) Tag 3 2 friends:
Ann who likes meme


The end` thanks for reading` *fainted*

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


刚刚要出去吃早餐的时候,在半路的roundabout看到一个人,坐在路边,抱着另一个人, 好象很大的事情一样.....

所以我就把车开慢一点,然后就看到那个男人的脸,无奈,焦虑,他看到我的时候,喊了"TOLONG!",还向我挥手,叫我停车,我要停车,然而脚却往油门那儿踩.... 然后就这样开走了...

开走的那一刻,我就觉得说,自己好象很没良心,没有去帮那个人,想一下以后如果自己发生这样的事 (切断,touch wood)要是也没有人帮的话,那该怎么办??那个时候,说实话,真的满紧张的,头脑也变得不是那么清醒....


你是否遇过这样的时呢??你是否也把车开走,还是你也帮了人呢?? 这是我的第一次遇到这种事,所谓"不经一事,不长一智", 下次应该会知道该怎么做了`那么我,应该还算是有良心ho?? :)

话说回来,有些TMD人,就爱利用我们的善良... 我希望以后假如遇到这种事,最好是真的需要帮助的,而不是那些猪狗不如的死骗子!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I live on trees~

I did this post back in 2005 but just wanted to share with all of you again~ lols :D

This is taken below my house~ yeah i live on this tree top. Don't play play, actually this tree is just a camouflage.. the thing you didnt know is that in the center of the trunk is an elevator. everyday, we go up and down the tree using this elevator. Our tree house is fully airconditioned, with flat screen tvs, DVD and surround systems.. not to forget the satelites and ASTRO which are hidden so that we can enjoy watching programmes like FEAR FACTORS.

Our main transportation is Buayak (crocodile). Mai kua suey out sarawak buayak i tell you. Swim sipeh (extremely) fast ok.. maybe faster than your speedboat` We even made a statue of the buayak just to show important they are to us. When we told buayak the news, Happy until jump up ok!

What?! Sarawak buayak knot know martial arts is it?!

mail?? postmans?? nah.. no need... we got these:

Don't look down on these babies` They Fly 200 km/h. FASTER THAN postman~

During Christmas or Kuey ni (Chinese New Year), Going visiting was never as simple.. until our brilliant people invented these`

These are extremely safe as we have ang kaos (monkey) doing regular maintainance for it. Now Everyone Can Fly Walk from Tree to Tree~



Here's a pic of our beautiful Kuching City. SARAWAK, A PLACE LIKE NO OTHERS~

hahaha~ k I'm done with my blog.. not like a lot of ppl will read it, but yeah.. at least I blogged about it and I'm suang now.. hahah.. if got ppl in KL say we live on tree ask them come read my blogs.. haahah! have a nice day *lolS~*

do you know everything about ah ben???


I got tagged by naked LB to write about 5 things you didn't know about me~ ahahhahaha

at first when I saw the tag, I was thinking to myself "ohohoh~ shud be a simple task" but then think think again, what should I write ah?? *scratch head*` so finally, I came out with 5 items`

1. There's this one time in kindergarten, I took a pair of scissors and cut my own shirt` My sis thought I got bullied but I answered her "I cut by myself one~" *fainted* hahahaha` eh, already a "designer" back then eh? lols~

2. long long long time ago, when I was still a cute little boy, I used to have the ability to S & S (stand and shit) hahahahahahha! I would shout for my mom so loud and then I would release a gigantic "atom bomb" which might killed all the fishies in the drain` lols don't worry, I go to the toilet now :D

3. I started learning piano at the age of 9 and quitted one month after` (which I SO REGRETED UNTIL TODAY!) cos I did not like theory and I did not like my piano teacher` lols` It was until form four that I bought myself a keyboard and learned how to play by myself` Last year I had 2 months of formal piano class~ :D so now I can play some simple tunes on the piano~ wahhahaha

4. there's this time when I rode the bicycle (without brakes) I knocked into a pole cos I couldn't brake and my "hootz" whamped into the front part of the bicycle` I think at that time I could sing a soprano's range` hahahah! so painful you know` but I don't think girls will understand the "sensation" :x

5. Until today I still wonder why did I choose violin back then.. I started violin class when I was 14 years old (so old..) I still remember one reason was I don't know how to read the bass clef so I chose violin (violin uses treble clef) hahahahah~ so duh eh??? should have chosen piano or cello or oboe or something else`~ hahahhaha oh wells, since i've chosen violin, so violin it is!!! :D

bonus!: I was 10 lbs when i was born~ whahahahhaha! heavy or not ? :P

*fuuu* finally finished~ :D quite difficult eh this tag apuh!!! I don't know whether they have been tagged or not larh, but I shall tag:

1. Robin~

2. Frankie

3. anne

dunno whether they will answer or not` kkakakak :D

p.s: I just attended a very nice birthday dinner~! I had a gigantic bow of laksa, around 8 pieces of sushi, bbq honey chicken wings and apple crumble with ice cream~ WAHHAHAHAHAH! *fat till die~*

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The process to revive boing-boing (Ep.2)

Apart from suggesting me to go hiaw, the witch doc also asked me to go buy some ubat to makan~ so, ah ben pun kuai kuai go and buy~

to makan~~

and apparently.....

boing boing loves orange juice!!! kakakakakaka~

Thanks to the super high dosage of olen juice~ boing-boing started to recover and now is able to....

perform his special io ka chng stunts!!!!

and now since boing-boing has gotten his power back, he decided to challenge evil toing-toings once again, and did boing-boing succeed???

OF COS HE DID!! nothing can beat the io ka chng power~ ahahahaha! :X

so once again, the day is saved, by our very cute and cuddly, boing boing! (hrm, sounds like some cartoon punya ending line hor~ i wonder what *fake fake dunno~*)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The process to revive boing-boing (Ep.1)

since that day, boing-boing was in the state of comma and ah ben's throat is still very painful! so~ ah ben went to look for his witch doctor, who knows the witch doctor was on an outing trip, so he had to contact his witch doc using the brand new I-mirror vers 1.0~

after getting the cure from the doc, ah ben decided to follow what is stated~ first of all, the doc say need to go out more~

so ah ben pun pick up his lazy ass and head over to..

patio for dinner with jipo, amu and fish~ lols :P

i ordered carbonara cos i k not take steak and fried stuff` so kolian` and there's lamb chop (like rubber` dun order oh`), seafood spagetti and baked rice~

i even ordered tea eh` like old man like that` apuh! :x

overall the place was so so only` the food is okay, and the drinks are okay` their portugese bbq is not bad larh` but my throat k not handle spicy food, so next time if got eat i go take pictures again :P

after that, we decided to go for second round, so we went to...

day dream for a drink~ hahahahah! nope, I did not find day dreamer there~ lols :p

since boing is sick, i decided to doze myself with..

a gigantic cup of orange juice! hahahaha` approximately 1 litre i think` :D kakakakakakakak

So did boing-boing wake up from comma??? stay tuned for "The process to revive boing-boing (Ep.2)"

Monday, January 08, 2007

loosing voice~

Because of the untreated toing-toings attack, ah ben lost his voice already`.. I think I talked too much when I met up with san, jj and robin` ai

my voice is so sexy now~ yeh baby~~~ *pssssst* ahhahaha! ok not really, I sound like a duck and my voice is very suitable to sing macy gray's song now` so put duck voice + macy gray together, you will get ....

A duck singing macy gray's song` :x

Is the description of my current voice clear enough?? hahahahahha~ aiyoyoyo`

Sunday, January 07, 2007


is still in the ICU`

apuh` *throat pain*


Friday, January 05, 2007

boing-boings and the evil toing-toings

meet boing-boing~

boing-boing is the good bacteria which keeps ah Ben's throat healthy and pain free~

everyday boing-boing will meet with other boing-boings to clear up ah ben's throat to make sure there's no bad thingy stuck onto the wall of the throat`

one day while having his usual stroll, boing-boing was surprised to find some of his ka chngs cousins died along the road sidE~ he did not have a single clue about his cousins C.O.D until he bumped into...


evil toing-toings gathered around ah ben's throat and began to slamp and whamp into it using their horns`

Boing-boing see ah ben pain till wanna die, wanna come and save him, mana tahu his ka chngs all gone already!!!

Can ah ben's throat recover without the help of boing-boing?????? stay tuned for the next episode of boing-boings and the evil toing-toings~

p.s: my wantan evolved into cendol already :X

Thursday, January 04, 2007

blue blue tei~

heheheheh~ ah ben baked a blueberry cheesecake yesterday~ lols

this time i didn't use biscuit crumbs as the base~ Instead I discovered something new, called sugar crust based` or something like that :x

you have to poke poke poke using a fork to let the air come out when you bake it~ must constantly look at it eh, if it kembang when it's in the oven must quickly poke it with a fork to let the air out~

peng until a bit golden brown then can liaw~ hahahah sugar crust` very fascinating :x

then hor you beat beat beat the cheese, butter,and sugar, and egg, and add in some lemon juice and vanila~ pour it in and let it *panggang panggang panggang~*

AI SI!!!!!! A BIT TERBAKAR! :x` but lucky not black, just a bit dark brown` hee hee :X make sure you don't talk on the phone or watch tv or io ka chng while baking cake later exploded then you know~ aiyaya~ :X

but the dark brown is okay for this cake` you know why????

you have to spread blueberry garnishing on top~ wahahahhahaha! cover up cover up~ :X

blueberry cheesecake successful! wahhahahaha~ :D

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


my first poll of the year`

should I post "成哥与winn妹之sotong篇~" ? yes or no?????

hrmmm :X hard to decide leh` i scared i post later they kill me` hahahaha!! u guys decide for me leh :p

p.s: today i peng-ed blueberry cheesecake~ whahahah tomolo post picture :D