Saturday, March 31, 2007

the never ending tags`

EDIT (31/3, 2230hrs): OH NO!!!!!!!!!!! THAT SIKUI CHEN said i owe her 5 first time tag!!!!! *PENGSAN BUIH PUTIH SETINGGI GUNUNG!!!!!!*

I am in debt~!!! my gudness` let me settle one by one first` now let's see...

1st up, DD's tag! must settle her's because she is constantly reminding me that i owe her a tag!! her tag is very simple to complete, she just wanna look at my desktop`~

yay! one tag settled~ ahhahaha

next up~ kenna tagged by the liudog and liudog's momma` tag me for the same tag, ai memang like mother like son`

01) Coke or Pepsi?
neither!!!!! me like F & N Sarsi the best` and also other soft drinks leh but not the two mentioned above~ haha

02) KFC or McDonald's?
KFC for the pok pok kai~ mc D for the moo moo pao~ :x

03) Häagen-Daz or Baskin-Robbins?
can choose both ah~ it's very hard for me to say no no to ice cream~ but hor, these ice cream all so super duper freakingly sweet eh` let's go makan sunny hill kehlem hahaha :P

04) Coffeebean or Starbucks?
FYI~ Ah ben doesnt drink coffee~~ hahahaha and hor!!! that day i ka chng itchy go and drink teh peng in the coffee shop and my body went cuckoo!!! like pregnant lady like that, constantly wanna puke` kns!

eh.. side tracked.. coffeebean's cake is quite nice, starbucks reminds me of winn and sk cos they treated me a cup of green tea iceblended there :D

05) Nike or Adidas?
owh~ both are nice. so i'll choose both~

06) Mercedes Benz or BMW?
Myvi? hahahahah

benz and BMW sports, i like em both leh~ *drool*

07) UK or US?
UK seemed very classy~ US more upbeat~ tough choice~ UK.. US.. UK.. US..

08) Paris or Rome?
owh~!! I will go to both if i have the cash~!

09) Céline Dion or Mariah Carey?
hrm.. mariah is getting a little old to show so much flesh` so i think i will go for celine dion`

10) Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?
is britney still alive?? :X

oops` miss akugila gives better charisma and has a more powerful tone. loves her projection leh`

11) Brad Pitt or David Beckham?
both also starting to become kedut liaw leh :x

12) Dad or Mum?
mom i guess` but i love them both larh dun worry :D

13) Movie or Music?
movie + music~ needs a balance between this two eh~ :D

14) Windows or Mac?

Mac is very classy~ :D but still windows leh :D

15) PC or Lappie?

eh` salah tengok` hahahah PC at home, laptop bring out~ wad so difficult ?????

yay!!! finish tag finish tag~

now i stil owe choulyin and kenny taikhor a tag` oh my.....~

Thursday, March 29, 2007

sg phantom trip ep. 2

today leh, I am gonna post some pictures which i snapped during the trip~ the surroundings and some of the architectures` :D

there are a few churches beside the hotel, all very pretty one eh~

I like this pic the best` praying angel. Pray until something happens :)

at lau pa sat, looks like some train station in harry potter lols

they are building a ferris wheel also leh, not complete yet`

sky rise buildings and the merlion spitting water in the middle :x

Inside the "durian" @ esplanade` it's very pretty leh inside` very canggih, too bad kch don't have this kinda places :|

stay tuned for part 3~

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

SG Phantom trip~ ep.1

AH BEN is back from Singapore~ wahahahahhahahahahhahahah!

oops` laugh too loud :x

anyways the trip was super fun and as usual when we go to trips of cos must show some photos right?~? hehehehe

first in my list is: to show what I bought!!!! kekekeke :P

a white coloured watch with random moving numbers in the middle` there are a few movements for the numbers and you can change them by pressing the buttons on the side~

my new pair of Brazilian praias` white colour again` :X hahaha very comfortable to wear and i heard it's durable eh` so I bought it at Hierens i think`

some souvenier from the esplanade theater

bought some clothes too` bossini stripped polo, a S & K T-shirt, a singapore Tee from Hang Ten, a T-shirt from Fila and a belt from Fourskin`

hehehehe that's all~ didn't really buy much cos I always have to think about conversions` hahahaha

more photos in the next update :D

Friday, March 23, 2007

Io ka chng in a foreign land~

syiok si~ phantom of the opera!!! food!! frens!!! ooooalalalalla~

see u all after a few days~ miss me ya

hahahahahahhaha! *io ka chng~*

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

empat puluh lapan gundik~ (ep. 7)

Dengan gembiranya, I was selected to continue the klangklang story of empat puluh lapan gundik aka 48 concubines~ ahemz..

So prince moh walks in the room, berpura-pura wanna send cupcakes, actually is trying to catch a glimpse of gundik W mia face.

actually, prince moh never see gundik W mia muka before geh, always listen to his daddy, emperor LB open cannon say wad "gundik W pak suet suet, huat luet luet", ini itu, so the prince pun percaya lor~


ai si ah! just walked in the room already hear such loud noise. Chey, rupa-rupanya it's prince moh's daddy, playing "ninjas and the emperor" mia game. Dahlah mission fail cos all the concubines are masked up in colourful masks with corak yang pelik pelik`

Prince: "daddy ah daddy, which one is gundik W leh?"

Emperor: "OH~! neh, look at that one, drooling at entertainer Wang's poster one leh, neh neh` at that corner *points points*"

Prince: "not like what u describe leh dad!"

Emperor: "I thought you like?! oh no oh no, what in the klang klangs name?! I still ask the imperior executioner to come that day cos I thought you and gundik W having an affair!"

Prince: "Apa lar lu, daddy! I have already found my one true love leh~ Nama dia Vai Ling~ (pronounced vio-lin)~ But I heard GUNDIK W having affair with the EXECUTIONER leh!!! wad is the executioner's name again... OH YAH!!! Siu Kiong!!!"

just then, the executioner walks in`

Emperor: "EH!!!!! Arent you Siu Kiong the Eunuch I hired the other day?! fake eunuch?!?!?!"

Did gundik W really had an affair with Eunuch executioner Siu Kiong?! and yes SiuKiong is definitely a PERSON, not a kar zhat! hahahahahahha stay tuned for the next episode of "48 gundiks" written by Mr. Kyh~

Saturday, March 17, 2007

having fun with a wonderful crowd~

expiry date: February, 2007

hahahahahha so paiseh leh` now balu post up this post.

if you guys didn't know I went to kl again this yr a week before cny to meet up with my sister leh` and i must say that i was very fortunate to meet up with the kl bloggers, Up close and personal~!!! *syiok till die syiok till die*

we meet up at izzy pizza cos it's nearer to where i stay~ I think. then also got special deal leh :D Those whom i got to meet was leng leng may, classy kings wife, angeliuliu, ah winn, sk, jilo, kenny, nyonya, jason, cynth and her bro~ did i miss out anyone.. hopefully not :x

It's my first time posting pictures of famous anonymous bloggers so banyak susah leh, have to crackkkkkk my head dunno wanna erase their eyes kar, or draw something to cover their eyes kar, or delete their mouth kar.. and so on` so in the end i decided to draw mask on their mukA~ paiseh ya, ah ben only got paint to use, so i lukis guna Paint saja` :x and i cannot find gambar jason!!! so sorry` :(

the lovely ppl who went~~

waiseh` so many photos~ hahahahha thanks u all for the great time

Note to LB: ah may didn't pinch my ka chng~ lalalalalalalal :P ahahahhahaha

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Concert tonight~

wahhahahahhhaahh~ concert lu~ and I am very thankful to God that nearly 400 tickets are sold~ *phew`*

at least we know there'll be ppl coming~ and to those who are coming, be ready to enjoy and have a wild nite with us!

there are still tickets (RM 20) available wor~ so if you want, you still can come and get it at IMH (opposite courts mammoth) and of cos, can contact me via hp

see you there~!! hahahaah

p,s: I heard Gary (chao ge) sing LIVE tonite, wow, good skill`~ exactly like the recording one` tsk tsk tsk :)

Monday, March 12, 2007

It's always painful to say goodbye`

My sis left kuching yesterday and had gone back to aus. I sent her off to the airport and everything was going fine until the stupid stupid stupid!!!! kastem ppl` UGH!!! 不是我要说那些HN的坏话,可是那些在场的那几只,真是TMD惹人厌!!!! UGH!anyways, forget about them` this post is for my sis, so I shall no go into the sickening kastem matter.

It's been fun having my sister back in kuching. It's because i only get to see her once a year and it's always fun to have some more people to talk to at home, to watch DVD together and mock at the bad guys, to eat dinner together and share a can of soft drink, to go out and shop together and criticising each other's taste` haha and many more stuff larh.

anyways, A lot of things I really don't know how to put into words, but then I am really thankful that my sis is there to support me when I really needed someone to talk to.

in our family, we don't really put words like "I love you" into our daily conversations, maybe because our family is considered quite conservative and somehow it feels kinda weird when we say it out. But in my blog, I wanna say this to my sister:

thank you for the wonderful time we spent together, thank you for all the goodies you bought for me, thank you for listening to me and being there for me when I needed someone and there are so many more thank you but I think that it is understood and I don't have to list it out one by one. After a while, we will eventually go back to our normal daily routine. But before we go back to that, I want to sincerely tell you from the bottom of my heart, I love you and I am starting to miss you already. Take care okay?


Thursday, March 08, 2007

have you heard?

That it's LB's BIRTHDAY TODAY?!?!?!?!?! *girls screaming and fainting in the background*

yup that's right folks~ today is non other than our very own stylish, applish, fetish, hiaw hiaw-ish and hum-sap-pish ALBIE TAI KHOR's bday!!!! *see another girl fainted*

okay, I shall finish my post asap before the hospital calls to complain. :x

LB tai khor,

ppl say one year older, one year wiser. For your case, I think it shud be one year older, one year haw-er` BUt also must be wise eh, cannot simply go around giving naked hugs no more` hahahahhahahahaha! Anyways, hope you will have a wonderful time today!!

dunno he will kam tong or not~ but just draw he keluar air mata larh` perasan abit` hahahahahah! :D

Tuesday, March 06, 2007



A lil update on the concert` We'll be doing songs such as welcome to the black parade, only hope, la camisa negra, a moment like this, kenangan yang terindah, and many more, performed with our own touch and interpretation~

tickets are on sale~ you can contact the IMH ACADEMY (numbers printed on the poster`) IF you don't know where is imh, do email me ( or give me a call/msg , Then bring your cash and I'll give you your tickets` :D Fixed seatings so get your tickets quick!!!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Chap Goh meh special~

Chap goh meh, is a very special day~ this is the end of the chinese new year, but more importantly, it is a day when the girls come out to baling oren/im kam/抛柑(throw mandarins)into the river~ If not mistaken, this is for the singles to find their mr right. usually a girl will go baling oren and I've never seen guys throw oranges before, cos usually it's the girls who throw and the guys who will pick the oranges up~ But hor, since the world is constantly evolving, the human brain also thinks differently now, and chap goh meh can be quite dangerous` why dangerous? let me show you a scenario~

a girl falls for a guy on chap goh meh~

then she prepares her oranges`

However, when kiasu-ism kicks in, girls will think that oranges are too puny..

and of cos, the briliant idea will come at the right time~

that is.. to replace oranges with PAMELO!!!

and instead of throwing the thing into the river...


Siapa cepat, dia dapat. Maybe next time the girls will do some pamelo throwing contest, then all the guys would have to run for our lives, of course wearing a helmet as precaution` hahahahha

I hope you all had a wonderful CNY, I know I did~! :D

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Huggy buggy bak kua chuppy~

Before I start the chup chup point award list, I must remind all again that there will be a concert on the 15th march~ IT's a pop concert so If you are interested to let me know!!! thankiuk so the very much~

Okay!!! now to the serious business~ 3-in-1 condensed chuppy points! hahahahahahah so paiseh~~ from one month one time to two month one time, now become 3 months one time!!!! APUH!! dunia oh dunia, apa telah terjadi?!?!?! *drama drama* :x

anyways~ here are the spectacular chuppers for the Dec 06, Jan and Feb 07:

1st: AH MAY with 76 points
2nd: San with 60 points
3rd: LB with 56 points
4th: chen with 41 points
5th: sin ling with 20 points
6th: Angeliu with 18 points
7th: winn with 11 points
8th: DD with 10 points
9th: Titoki with 9 points
10th: carcar with 8 points
11th: wenn and kenny with 6 points
12th: happy with 5 points
13th: Acey with 3 points
14th: Sengkor, Ivan and Kyh with 1 point

Great bak kua chupping you all!!! and thanks for participating :D

Because I feel a bit paiseh that i calculate 3 times once, I shall treat the top 3 chuppers for a cup of Mc flurry/ice blended, yeap~ that's ah may, san and LB` you can claim from me when you meet me, no expiry date owh` wahahhahahah

To all, thanks again for dropping by and spending time in leaving your precious comments and who knows you might be the next one getting a treat from me eh? hehehe gnite~