Saturday, April 28, 2007

o.O !!

anything special about the picture ke??

yes? no??

okay` if you didn't see it carefully, the miaw miaw only have 3 legs!!!!! when i walked pass it, i was like.. ai seh.. super fat cat~

then suddenly~ *BREAK!!!!*

*reverse reverse*

AI SI AH!!!!! ONLY 3 legs geh?!?!?!?!? how come still alive!!! still can jelling me summore`

watcha looking at?! *jelling jelling*

and with two pictures of 三脚猫, I call this another blog post~~

hahahahahahahahha congratulations you have wasted ur precious time :x


Thursday, April 26, 2007

when "qi" is in the air~

ai seh, today I go visit blogs everywhere also talk about qi` got -ve qis here and here, got positive qi over here. even got tai si fu explain apa itu negative qi lagik`

fulala~ since -ve qi is so deadly, ah ben shall contribute his part to the blogsphere and send out..

boing boing the "-ve qi buster"!! Using the very special "-ve qi repellent Vers 1" and "-ve qi swatter vers 1", boing boing is sure to get rid of all the -ve qi-s and also can wallop the -ve qi generators which is roaming around~

So if you feel that -ve qi is near, have no fear cos boingboing is here!!! :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I wanna go there~

A tag by Acey~

Actually he only asked to mention one` but then since i like to travel so much, I'll mention two places :)

If I have the cash, i would wanna visit these two places first,


and JAPAN!

after that maybe revisit taiwan again, who knows can bump into celebrities, or better , kena recruited into the entertainment field? lols~

so where do you wanna go? :)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

saturday night fever`

went to have dinner at a seafood restaurant with my unker and my family cos my unker kena nombor barh :P

after that met up with sam, cindy and deb, was supposed to meet up at 9+ but my dinner finished at 830, so i went over to empire to buy more "unker ho's dvd" kakkaka~

wanted to go to Secret recipe (yes, if you didn't know there's a secret recipe now in kch`) but the place was freaking packed, like as if there's free food or something.. So we moved over to bing's instead. Chilled out there and later moved over to amoebar

travilion is quite packed on saturday nights` hrmm, after that we went to the kopitiam beside am bank to grab a bite to eat (gemuknye aku.. :X)

so it was a fun nite out` gonna meet up with pisang later if all goes well :D

Friday, April 20, 2007

tag debts (1)

Abc tag by choulyin

[A is for ang tao jian lut] in other words ais kacang!! nyams~

[B is ben] I am ben! :D

[C is for celebrity] This few days i was pondering, how does it feel to be a celeb hor??

[D is for diploma] shud I or shud i not sit for the dip exam?? :x

[E is for enlightenment] enlighten me oh wise one~ lols`

[F is for fong fei kei] dislike kena put aeroplane to the uttermost

[G is for gooogooogaaagaaa] baby talk`

[H is for hiao si~] miang betul

[I is for instruments I play(ed)] violin, viola, flute and piano. used to play trumpet too in school band (gave up and changed to flute) and also joined the chinese orchestra before, playing bamboo flute, mongolian lute and er hu.

[J is for just kidding~] a lil joke is essential but dun go overboard :)

[K is for ka chng] kay ape si and Keh lem also applies :P

[L is for london] I must definitely go there one day :)

[M is for music] no music, no life!

[N is for nevermind] everything's gonna be okay~

[O is for olen] daily dosage of vitamin c is good for u~

[P is for phantom of the opera] good show!!

[Q is for queensland] might study here

[R is for ringgit] not enuf ringgit to spend :(

[S is for sensitive] girls like sensitive guys like me yes?? no??? hahahahahah

[T is for teh koh] extremely essential~

[U is for understanding] to prevent misunderstanding~ hrm.. doesnt make sense :X

[V is for valentines day] just another ordinary day, i wonder when will it be special eh? lols

[W is for walao!] pandainya orang yang mencipta perkataan ini :P

[X is for x-men] i enjoyed watching this cartoon when i was a kid

[Y is for yo~ yo~] things hip hoppers like to say`

[Z is for zeng zeng zeng~] great sound effect :x


5 first time tag by ah chen~

1st time playing the violin - when i was in form 2 (2001)
1st time blogging - when i was in form 5 (2004)
1st time getting on the bicycle - fell into the drain :X
1st time learning how to rollerblade - fall flat on my ka chng when going down the slope :P
1st time involved in accident - this cunning uncle bump into my car and then didnt wanna pay` kanasai` :@


layercake tag by naomi

Layer One - On The Outside
Name: ah ben
Birth Date: july 15th
Current Status: single
Eye Color: black
Hair Color: Black
Righty or Lefty: Righty

Layer Two - On The Inside
My Heritage: Chinese
My Fears: cicaks and cold blooded stuff, heights
My Weaknesses: lots of em
My Perfect Pizza: dun really fancy pizza wor..

Layer Three - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
My Thoughts first thing when I wake up: go pee go pee!!
My Bedtime: depends.. if i watch movies or series then it might go on till 2-3 in the morning.. hahah.. bad habits i know` have to get more beauty sleep!
My Most Missed Memory: -

Layer Four - My Picks
Pepsi or Coke: sarsi
McDonald’s or Burger King: carl's jr? lols
Single or Group Dates: Single
Adidas or Nike: Nike and adidas
Tea or Nestea: neither
Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla and strawberry
Cappucino or Coffee: i dun take coffee

Layer Five - Do I..
Smoke: fortunately no
Curse: only when something bad happens
Take a Shower: everyday
Have a Crush: at the moment, no
Think I’ve been in Love: no. sad or not??? the right one haven come yet :P
Go to School: in college now
Want to get Married: hopefully
Believe in Myself: yeap, not always, but most of the time :)
Think I’m a Health Freak: I want to be :P

Layer Six - In The Past Month..
Drank Alcohol: casually
Gone to the Mall: no malls in kch
Been on Stage: yes
Eaten Sushi: No, i want gengki sushi, jogoya`.. oooallalalla
Dyed your Hair: currently 2 colors :X

Layer Seven - Have I Ever..
Played a Stripping Game: we were given time to grab as many stuff to wear on our body, and then strip the objects only.. nothing kinky` kekekekek
Changed Who I Am to Fit In: I don't think so, usually if i don't fit in the group then i wouldnt bother looking for that crowd for the 2nd time

Layer Eight - Age..
I am Hoping To Be Married: God's will`

Layer Nine - In a Girl..
Best Eye Color: hazelnut brown
Best Hair Color: color which suits her
Short or Long Hair: Long and well kept. should smell good and must not be oily.

Layer Ten - What Was I Doing..
1 Min Ago: chatting and doing this friggin meme
1 Hour Ago: surfing the net
4.5 Hours Ago: watching taiwanese series~ damn syiok
1 Month Ago: eager to go to singapore~ :D
1 Year Ago: mana dapat ingat!!!

Layer Eleven - Finish The Sentence
I Love: to have long showers when i don't feel too good
I Feel: contented and is excited to find out what i will be doing in the future
I Hate: to be caught up in the rain when i am outside
I Hide: blue blue teis in my drawer :P

FINALLY!!!!!!! settled 3~

and now i still owe acey, kenny and mel 3 tags` hopefully i will do it soon :D
I Need: A Holiday to Japan, europe, korea... etcetra

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

tell me what do you do....

when it all falls apart... sometimes things just doesnt seem to be in the right place...

i just need some support now`

Monday, April 16, 2007

dessert cold cold tei~

so after the not so good mia dinner, we went over to igloo for our cold cold tei dessert~ :D

mana mana juga ada mia cold cold tei~

the cold cold teis~ mine is the green green tei, green tea with red bean` ooooolalallala sangat sedaps :P

then hor, on our way back we accidentally discovered this tempat baru yang canggih called..

the banquet @ 三川楼

the place looked very nice when the lights are on` one side is the restaurant and the other side is sorta like the bar, and the middle is the out door lounge with a wide tv and man made waterfall` I didnt go in cos I am afraid that the price might be freaking expensive~! hahahaha so maybe you guys can go try it out and let me know? :D

and to end the post,

a pic for the album :D

p.s: started home tuition again today, the student which i taught the other time (the one from bintulu), transfered to kch!!!!! oh my gudness.. the other time i taught chinese, and this time .. BAHASA!!! ahahahhahahahahahhahah sometimes i cannot believe myself *fainteds*

making a wish..

at the wishing well`~

So today I decided to tryout this new eating place in kuching along with 2 of my friends, jipo and ahmu` :P

the exterior of the place` quite beautifully designed I would say` the night sky in quite lovely in kuching tonight :)

the interior` also got water with a giant pot in the middle. We wanted to sit on the 1st floor at first, but then they said it's not opened? then deco until so pretty for what` so we decided to sit by the "pond" instead.

our drinks` I like the tone of my green apple soda`

and now the food..

yakitori a.k.a japanese satay` RM 6 i think` expensive till die ! 3 skewers only` and it does not taste very good too leh.. tori Q tastes way better : x

my terriyaki pork rice` hrmmmmm tastes alright, but very homely. it tastes like something you can cook by yourself in your own kitchen` :x

my glass of green apple soda and the rice cost me RM 12` All in all, i think it's not really a nice place to visit cos the food is rather expensive and the taste is not as great. oh yeah, did i mention there's lotsa mosquito!!!! they were "Dancing" on my fingertips while i was talking to my friends.. my gosh`

I wouldn't recommend this place, but if you seriously wanna donate your blood to the mosquitos just to go make a wish at the wishing well.... err.. It's your call~ lols :D

after that, we head to somewhere else for dessert~ more about that in the next post!

Gnite all :)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Syiok syiok saturday~

Ah ben today very good boy~ what did he do?? He went to teman his grandpa~ and teman his grandpa do wad leh??

play majong!!! Wakakakakakakka syiok si syiok si~~

and hor, today ah ben sipeh heng, won some pocket money eh! wakakakakaka, but still not enough to belanja you all yet` (must mention first later kena ppl wat cheng sek yeh~ :x)

hahahaha after that went to jalan song a.k.a Ciplak paradise to hunt for dvds~

sangat syiok sangat syiok` *io ka chng holding majong tiles~*

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A night at the movies and a piano recital~

Ah ben went to attend a concert tonight at the sarawak tourism complex` my appologies for snapping in the piano into the picture, i was too lazy to move my heavy ka chng to get a better angle` ahemz :X

so the concert was a collaboration between the bel canto vocal group along with miss wong wye yi. The concert started off late even though the tickets printed 7.30 sharp`

the vocal ensemble sang a few songs from the movies such as saturday night fever, my girl and a few more. Oh, their kyrie was quite nice, I really enjoyed that piece of work.

miss misato sakai, the japanese soprano who is currently lecturing in unimas sarawak. Powerful singing but her japanese accent is rather heavy.

Wye yi was a graduate from IMH as well, but by the time I am in there she has already came back from australia` haha.

She played pieces with contrasting styles, namely works from bach, haydn, brahms and albeniz.

the pic is not clear cos she was swaying to the music :)

After she played her prelude and fugue, there mic was humming! The sound man at the back was so slow to do anything, and the humming lasted for quite sometime and trust me it was not pleasing to the ears! oh, one of the note from the higher octaves on the piano was out of tune :X

AND of course there were those stupid moments, i.e: someone's handphone rang, beeping of low batt handphones, and unwrapping candies during the show! how rude!! *slap them with smelly teh kohs*

overall the concert was not so bad, but it did not leave a great impact on me. But knowing the fact that it's not easy to prepare for any sorts of performance, not to mention the time when you have to handle yourself during the actual thing, I would like to congratulate all of the performers for working so hard and putting up a show with all of their hearts~ *applause* :D

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sg phantom trip FINALE~

Singapore has extremely cool cars there!! my goodness.. the road is like a show room you know, you get to see all those important cars which can instantly make your mouth go GA GA!

benz, bmw, and all sorts.. no buayak kancil, wira or wad so ever roaming in the streets, no no~

Anyways, today's post is of cos about..


the show was held at the esplanade theatre. It's my first time visiting a real theatre and damn was I excited!!

curi curi snap gambar inside the theatre :X the place is very grand and we were sitting on the 4th level, it wasn't too bad` but it was really high up! luckily they have binoculars for sale!

the show was exciting from the start` Started off with an auction scene, then there's different different scenes, the theatre scene, the masquerade` OH!! They brought whole gigantic stairs for the masquerade scene and 30 ppl were standing on top of it!!! my gudness, and there's this part where the chandelier drop from the sky` oh! and the phantom was on top of the theatre and so on!!! it was marvelous aitelyou!! the ornaments they brought and decorated the theatre.. the statues.. *speechless*

OH OH !!! and hor, when they kiss hor~ bukan main main eh~!! so mesra and passionate, of cos we bunch of kaypohchis immediately took up our binos and started to "oooooo~ ahhhhhh!" at our seats` hahahahahahahha :X

OH OH OH!!! and they have live orchestra!!! sitting underneath the stage in the orchestra pit, I almost wet my pants when they started to play!! simply magical~ but of course you cannot see their faces, only the blonde conductress's head was visible.. ahhaha there's this part when they were in the phantom's house, the stage was filled with dried ice and it was flowing down the stage.. ahhahaha the conductress had to put both her hands in so that the orchestra ppl can see` very interesting~!

but, i must admit got some section i was dozing off cos got one particular song, which was sooooo repetitive, i was "fishing" on my seat :x and the blank gun shot WOKE ME UP!! *bang!*

and since photography is prohibited in the hall, i risk my life by taking a photo during the finale to show to you all~!

wonderful, wonderful show~!

dessert after show : chocolate coated strawberries~

************************ monday morning~ ******************************

then the next day we leave singapore and we head to some shopping mall in JB to shop!!!

my giant bowl of baskin robin's` I almost fainted after finishing that huge bowl of kehlem! :x

the plate of so-so spagetti which i took at the airport`

that's the end of my trip report~!!!! thank you all for staying tuned` that's why put heart shape kopi to show my.. er.. heart?? hahaha (and no, it's not my cup of coffee)

P,s: Violin presentation today was good!!! :D

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

sg phantom trip ep 7

Vivo city~~ i think it's a new shopping place.. if not mistaken` quite a nice place, bright and huge` hehehe

the view outside is quite nice` it's quite near to sentosa i think, can see cable cars too` :D
MAC was having some promotion` make up thingy so that you can look like Barbie~ then after that you can take photos and leave it at home to grow spider web

how old is barbie??

the shops in singapore are mostly very adorable and well decorated` very special eh.. these ppl are really creative *salutez*

and wad did I tell you about singapore being a very open country???

imagine half way shopping and see a naked guy on display.. quite traumatising don't you think?!

after walking and walking` looking and looking.. HUNGRY!!!!!

carls jr for our meal!!! NYAM!!

the burger was soo huge i had a hard time stuffing it in my mouth`.. goodness.. but it was very nice :D


remember the lau pa sat i mention a few post back??? we went there to try the ikan bakar and satay~

singapore satay~~ I prefer kuching one cos it the one in kch has a better texture` The ones in singapore is liked.. minced then shaped.. so not as chewy nemore` :D

ikan pari a.k.a sting ray~ SO SPICY LARH THIS DISH!!!! oh my gudness` :x

Okay`!!! I'm done` Only the last episode left!! of cos, i will blog about POTO, or else i think angeliu is the first one who's gonna nick my head off` hahahah! oh, just in case you are waiting to see photos of POTO, I'm afraid I have to say a big sorry to you cos photography is prohibited in the hall.. so I don't really have much of a photo to show :( but anyways, can read about my opinion too right?? heheheh

stay tuned~ *io kachng with phantom*

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sg phantom trip ep 6

so we continued to walk around orchard road after I io kachng with the 3 gigantic metal stooges in front of paragon. The next stop we head to was, TAKASHIMAYA~! I don't recall doing much at takshimaya.. but EAT!

tori Q!!! japanese satay~ :D

the automated celuping machine~~

i like this one!!! pork with asparagus~ chicken bbq~ OH MY!!!!! can still taste the aroma~ nyam!!! *drools and tsunami takashimaya~*

oh~ also got eat pretzelsss and beard papa's creampuffs~

after food of cos must take dessert~ so go buy dairy queen's kehlem~!

so scared the stuupid keh lem dropped out when i took this photo` lolss

******* tido tido snore snore snore~`*************

next afternoon~ we went to SIGLAP~

our lunch is jong taufu~!

then we head over to siglap performing arts center` very nice place` and why did we go there???

to see singapore's top school choir from VJC sing!!! have to warm up our ears for POTO marh! lols~!!!

YAY~!!! 2 more episodes to the end of my singapore trip report~ wahhahahahaha manyak loso` : x

sidenote: Performing at RTM tonite.. some P. Ramlee concert :S