Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Back from Palm Beach Resort~

Yooohooo~!! ah ben ben is back from Palm Beach resort~ and to my horror! there's 51 updates in the blogsphere` FULA! *slow slow read later*

anyways` The trip to palm beach was super syiok!!!! (minus the long distance drive. apuh.. my back almost broke.. :X)

Our very cosy family terrace house~ 2 rooms can accomodate 6 people~airconditioned + shower with heater~ very very nice~ :D

we had the whole resort to ourself cos it was monday~! wahahahahah

the sound of the waves, the salty taste in the air, the breeze that touches your face so gentally, the feeling of sand and sea water between your toes, aiseh.. this is the life~

this trip was organised by ME~ lols Since this year the school is not organising any trip so I organised this outing for the academy students` 14 of us went~

*trying to be vain* qualify for "wish you were here" postcard? lols!!

dinner and breakfast are included.. the dinner was so so, the breakfast was american breakfast so it was quite nice~ :D After dinner we played crazy games like Mafia, tuki tuki game, teet teet game.. lols~ then we set up for BBQ .. my gudness I walked more than 1 Km along the beach yesterday, and now I have to pay the consequences *stick salonpas on thighs* lols~

ahhhh, it was great spending time together with all the others~ Hopefully we can go for another outing again at the end of this year~ :D


boing boing tok tiok kim~~

warning: hokkien lee-biew(review) ahead

tok tiok kim = ter-pick up gold~ yi su si kong, boh zho mik kia pun th-an tiok lui~!!!

wa lai ka lu kong jit eh stoli. jit leh stoli si about boing boing. Boing boing hor, sipeh suka sia blog, tak jit pun tiok ai sia blog, boh sia blog lu ciak png ciak beh lok, sai sai pang beh chut, sipeh susah!! Butthen, boing boing aneh kut lat sia blog also boh hamik mik kia in return.. so ee tam pok pek chek. wu ji zit, boingboing jit peng kia lo, jit peng io ka chng.. suddenly, jin zheh moo lah ka lao from the sky!!

MM si hee leh MOO and the LAh woi! mai suku` Moo lah = lui = money = bling bling!

ah~ aneh balu tiok

boingboing jiang tua tua sia "WAISEH!! tok tiok kim~!!!" hee leh moolah drop non stop from the sky wor, so boing boing pun chi tiok jin ki guai, cho mik suddenly wu aneh spesial eh su????? so, ee kua ki ti teng...

Ai seh!!! advertlets kin hia drop moolah from the sky.. boingboing beh tang siang sin wu aneh hoh eh tai ji!! blog blog blog pun wu lui ka laok from ti teng~!!! So since then, boing boing pun sign up for advertlets and av-day pun sia blog, and advertlets pun sipeh kut lat, owez pang moolah into boingboing's pocket~ and ee lang live happily ever after~

boing boing: "KAMEH JOIN advertlets tan lui lu!!!"

Let me tell you a story about boing boing. Boing boing loves to write blog, everyday also write blog, if dont write blog sleep cannot sleep, poop cannot poop, sipeh susah! But then boing boing write blog with all of his heart, and get nothing in return so he a bit frustrated.
one day, boing boing was doing his usual io ka chng stroll along the road.. moolah dropped from the sky! NOT literally "moo" and "lah" la woi!!! dun be silly. money dropped from the sky!!! Then boing boing shouted "WAISEH!! Tok tiok kim". Since boing boing was curious of this sort of phenomena, he tilt his head up.. to his suprise.. ADVERTLETS is dropping moolah from the sky!!!!
Boing boing could not believe such a thing, blog also can earn moolahs!!! so since then, boing boing signed up for advertlets. In return, advertlets started to put moolah into boing's pocket and they lived happily ever after.

so what are you waiting for, QUICK sign up and earn moolah!!! (then treat me ice cream :x) hahahaha~

Monday, May 28, 2007

Mr. Ho serves good food~

nope, not the unker ho who provides dvd` lolss this unker ho cooks~!!

the place is located at crown square~ just renovated. It's hard for you to miss it cause it's directly in front of the parking lot.

quite a classy interior~ quite limited spaces though :)

my iced lemon tea~

chef mel's diluted-and-not-very-nice-punya milk tea :X

my roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and veges~

chef mel's crispy pork @ fei zhu yok with apple sauce

dessert for the day: oreo cheesecake~~

Total spending for a person is around 25++ with dessert :X I loved the food there so I'm definitely going back for the second time.

some down side of the restaurant:
1) the staff there bin chao chao (face black black @ as-if-I-owe-you-gazillion-moolah kinda face) eh hello, don't spoil your customer's appetite leh, smile more larh, so stingy for wad :x

2) they played weird music which did not match the ambience (the dunno who changed it in the end and it was better)

3) their place very classy but they(workers) wear polo T~

despite this little little things, the place was not bad at all! So ah ben ben recommends Unker Ho's DVD Mr Ho's Fine Foods~ :D

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Blogsphere official premier~

It's my greatest pleasure to present to you, my own composition,

Cascading Dreams (rêves de cascade) :D

thank you all so much for the encouragin reviews, and most importantly spending time to listen to the song and giving your comments :) Oh, I did some changes to the piece, the ending of the song had 3 chords last time, so now, I chopped of two and it ends with only 1 chord :D If you haven't hear the song,

tadah~ :)

on the side note, I have completed all my assignments for this semester~ and yep, ben ben is on holiday now~!!! *syiok till die syiok till die~*

as a bonus, I am gonna torture you all by posting up my yucky recording for my music tech.. remembered I mentioned 5 pieces?? the following are the remaining four. Both parts are played by me.. My playing is horrible.. therefore I shall mark my work as... "PG"? lols~ Please note that ben ben is not responsible for any injuries (eg. puke blood, keluar buih putih) which are experienced by the listeners :x

there you go, 4 short pieces~

violin (etude)

violin (playful duet)

flute (dance)

flute (green sleeves)

fainted yet? lols~ :X

happy weekends you all!! :)

Friday, May 25, 2007

No neng!!!!

ermss.. I mean .. no name *ahemz*

All your titles are quite unique and personal because it's what you feel after you listen to the song, making me even harder to choose on the title`

Okay, I initially wrote this song about a dream, then this dream sort of like was-not-meant-to-be or those never-will-come-through type of dream. Thus explaining the dilemma and struggle in the middle section.. the main themes reoccurs in the last section to state that after all the dilemma, the dream is still too beautiful to let go. The ending chords sorta like gives an end to the dream.. the sort of like *sigh*"we'll see.. " kinda feel` lols :)

some thought it was repetitive and not special. Some mentioned rain and water, I think it makes sense too.. cos the repetative first note give the raindrop impression.. there were some good titles such as "attack of the cleaver-held madman" lols!! and "thrng thrng ting ting nerng nerng" hhahaaha.. and some in BM too~ amat canggih all my fwens.. but that is not the question.. HOW I CHOose?!??!?!?!?!?

okay.. I put a few guys.. but not enuf time to wait for everyone's opinion zhor.. lols~ (in no particular order)

1. cascading water. white waters. rapids. - misti<< "l'eau de cascade" sounds good`
2. Voices of sadness- qi hao<< I changed it to voix des rêves, voices of dreams
3. present tense- Lb
4. runaway dreams - Ian<< matches what I had in mind.. how bout german "Durchgehenträume"?
5. mysterious life- Red sponge
6. last leaves of autumn - nenek .. autumn leaves are a bit cliche i thinkk
7. frankie- footsteps in the mist < quite good too`
8. hope- yen << everything sounds sexier in french.. how bout "espoir" ????

oh no.......

Thursday, May 24, 2007

boing boing and the bling bling~

beberapa bulan dahulu, ah ben did a review on advertlets
. Then to my horror, I was not qualified for the thing!!!! (because last time the number of unique visitors not enough.. hehe) then hor, ah ben so kek hei, straight away buang that post and the codec away.

one fine day, while i was happily chatting with my frens and slurping my green bean dessert, I received an email from Josh, the founder of advertlets saying they need bloggers from sabah and sarawak wor~ then I thought "eh, I not qualified leh, why he send me email lagik" So I sent him an email and guess what,the minimum visitor a day is 50~~ and now they are launching non-traffic sensitive ad~ and low traffic bloggers can also blog and generate revenue from their blogs!!!! imagine that, you blog what you like and you get to earn yum-cha pocket money while you do so, you say syiok or not?~?~?

apart from earning money, you get to know your visitors too (if they fill in the poll that is) what poll??? neh neh *points to the right* you notice the mr bean's face there?? there's actually a poll hidden behind it~ all you have to do is click on the button with the ..erm sorta like "refresh" button thingy, then it will flip the thing to the other sidE~ tadah!! u see the poll!!! *ahemz.. * so wahai kawan-kawan, do me a favor and click click the 4 questions leh~ :D

OH OH!!!! there's this money grabbing oppurtunity going on. So, I quickly quickly type a new post to particpate in their "bling-bling giveaway" thing. All you have to do is write a review on advertlets and that's it!! RM 50 just for reviewing eh~But THIS OPPORTUNITY CLOSES END OF THIS MONTH!!! nei zhong dang mud yeh(wad are u waiting for)????? hurry up and sign up at advertlets~

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cupcakes, my love~

yooooohoooo ppl~ this is the video that i made for my music tech project. I wrote the script, wrote the music, added the sound effects, drew a bit of PNG images, trim the video and joined the video and also added the subtitles~

It's gonna take a while to load so I don't really know how many of you will watch the show` :D Hope you will enjoy this little silly clip` haha

Speacial thanks to alll of my friends (the casts) who helped out in my short movie. Thank you all!!! you were great :)

Thursday, May 17, 2007



刚开始的时候还会因为不明白老爸的想法而经常和他大小声。这么多年过去了以后,我们也长大了不少,思想也比以前成熟了许多,终于比较明白老爸的用心良苦,也知道应该如何去接受他的 "示爱方式"。

就说这几年,我看了看老爸,就发现他真的老了,额头上的火车轨道也多了好多条。在这个时候,终于对每次书里念到的这句话有所感慨。因为明年就要出国了,就会发现老爸的压力更加繁重,而我那多愁善感的老爸,有时候也会因这件时和公司里的事而烦恼。他那天才跟我说 "boy,不要担心念书的事,你老爸我自有安排,你好好念书就好了。 能的话就不要到小城市念,可以试一试到melbourne或sydney念。" 我听了这句话就觉得很心酸,同时也觉得很感动,因为我的老爸肯为我付出那么多,看他那么辛苦,我真的很不舍。虽然我老爸称不上什么博士,硕士,但我并不看轻他。他为儿女,家庭所付出的一切,让我十分钦佩他。


Saturday, May 12, 2007

B is for Boingboing~

That day ah ben bake cake~ today guess who baked cake???

boingboing baked cake!!!! why boingboing ciak pah boh sai pang go bake cake you say?? of course that is not the case~ It's because boingboing is on a mission, and when the mission is complete, each and everyone of the special agent would say:

"YATA !!!! BIRtH D. MAY Very HapPy AH!!!!!!!!

If you haven't noticed, the sentence that the secret agents shouted is actually a cryptogram~. Not only is it encrypted with a message, it also contains infos to the secret agents!??! cool aye?? so cramp your brain a wee bit and try to crack the extremely simple cryptogram :D

Thursday, May 10, 2007

still considering

wahai kawan-kawan yang kiut sekali, thanks for all your comments and feedbacks. I've yet to decide on what title to use for the song.

I've received quite a number of titles and all of them are good! I will post all of the comments and titles later if I have the time :D

Last nite i asked sengkor whether he panai draw abstract figures or not? then he terus draw one and send to me wor`

thank you very much for the inspiration` haha So after that I drew a very very simple with a title given by nenek su`

very simple kan? nice kar? does it matches my piece?

Still got other comments mentioning about rain, water, forest, mystical.. I think all of those are good too~ and some with very abstract and full of depth title. I will share with you all soon. thanks again for listening and giving ur comments :)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

what do you think?

wahai kawan-kawan sekalian~ do me a tiny tiny favor, and listen to this song` it's only around 2 minutes plus so it wouldn't take a long time to load`

done? what is in your head when you're listening to it? and the most important question is: What do you think is the title of this song?

*looking forward to your comments*

Monday, May 07, 2007


I need to sleep earlier` haha. sorry for the lack of updates, nothing much to report lately as I have been quite busy. with what?

1) practical exams next week, written exam the week after next.

2) music tech assignments (1 video to edit + compose music for the video + add sound & visual effects for the video; 2 more audio recordings left [i have to play the songs myself])

3) aural assignments (music craft ear training! hate it to the uttermost)

4) history pair work

5) ethnomusicology transcription (not given to us yet`)

6) watch taiwanese series :P

我终于体会到他们时常说的"忙到没时间吃饭"这句话真正的意思` hahaha stressful as it may seems, I still find it interesting cause I am living each and everyday differently and things might not turn out the way I predicted them to. haha` The special life as a music student, I'm loving it (minus the panda eyes due to the taiwanese series sessions haha :P)

Friday, May 04, 2007

spidey boing~

I watched the show last night and my rating would be...

a 5 out of 10` *ahemz* special thanks to boingboing for offering himself to be conteng-ed by me` hahaha :X

the movie was not bad, but i wouldnt say it was good either` it didnt really leave much of an impact on me after the show` I did enjoy the songs in there though, very good orchestration`

so all in all it was a so-so movie and i still prefer X men over spidy` :x but do go and watch if you have watched spidey ep. 1 and 2~ just to put a nice full stop the the triology kan? :D

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


wahahahahahha! got 2 days holiday! can relax~~~ ohohohohhohoh :P

spent the whole of yesterday lazing at home watching taiwanese series~ syioks! then after that, ah ben me baked a cheesecake~! ahahahhahah :P

being an amature baker, please don't expect me to bake a cake which will make you go "FUAH!!!!!!!" hahaha` but i am quite please with the outcome leh, at least the cheesecake din turn into charcoal :X but the drawings quite ugly` must improve again next time ~

cheesecake anyone? ahhahahahaha :X