Saturday, June 30, 2007

Polish exhibition + Cocktail Reception~

Ah Benben was invited to play in the launching of an exhibition which was organized by the Polish Embassy, Kuala Lumpur. It was such a big event, imagine reporters' camera flashes, RTM camera man holding the giant video recorder.. tell me, HOW CAN I NOT BE NERVOUS?!

How did the performance go? my flute almost slipped and fell when I just started my performance. hahahahahaha!! The hall was sickeningly cold, so my fingers were numb~ and my mistress (my flute) was getting slippery and wet due to the low temperature in the hall... okay.. slippery and wet doesn't seem to be very appropriate to be placed after the word "mistress".. and before any hum sup comments pops up, I was referring to my FLUTE! FLUTE! FLUTE! FLUTE! *ahemz* :x

The chief minister's wife and the polish ambassador launched the event after the 5 performances~ I was expecting some big ass photo of Chopin or something, but all they got was 3 puny pictures` :x

I invited Sam and kenny to the cocktail reception`

I suaku-ly (suaku is the hokkien version of Jakun :x) looked around cause it was my first time going to a cocktail party where everybody wear lounge suits` So, it's time for some light refreshments after the show` FOOOD!!!! wkakakakakaka *eyes shimmering like diamonds*

the boxing chicken tasted damn good!!!

and like what I always say "eat more fruits and veges to prevent constipations~" hahaha

pita bread, kuih lapis and fruit punch were also available there~

This kinda event is very good for my CV building, especially when they issue a certificate` :D and to end this post, I present to you my yucky performance for the night. (as usual, Ah Benben is not responsible for any conditions suffered by viewers after they watched the video) :X

tell me I don't look like some aerobics instructor with that mic on` haha

P/s: IELTS result was out, thank God I did alright. I scored an overall band score of 8.0 :)
p/p/s: Tonight another performance at the teachers college with Sarawak Symphony Orchestra :x

Friday, June 29, 2007

KL - Penang trip~ (pt 11)

It's part 11 already.. thank you all for still following my review` I apologize if it's getting dry :| before I start, I just wanna say all the best to all of my friends who are leaving kuching to further their studies tomorrow.. time flies..

okay, lets continue my never-ending trip

Ah Benben then went over to..

Fort Cornwallis for a visit~

I liked that place. For a cheap entrance fee (RM 3), I actually enjoyed my visit there~

Pinang baskets located at the hut`

Posing with Francis Light :x

trying to bomb down the imperial palace of Emperor LB

and when stupidity strikes...

I think the pony almost charged out and kick me off the earth after he saw me posing in front the tent..

and sometimes.. you do something which will make other people fainted, such as..

this`~ (Chen snapped this picture :X)


The place was quite well maintained~ OH! then there's this cannon, it was believed that if you touch it, then you will get pregnant~! I wonder if the guys who ter-touch the canon will miraculously get pregnant also... ahemz :x

(thanks Frank for editing the photo)On a more deathly note, Ah Benben is gonna perform with another few performers tonight in a Chopin exhibition organized by the Polish embassy. Imagine playing in front of the Poland Ambassador, Eugeniusz Sawicki, The chief minister's wife and other dato datins and angmohs... I am not up to par *shivers*` oh.. IELTS result is out today too` :x

sigh.. gnites all` :)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

KL - Penang trip~ (pt 10)

My first stop for my "cuti-cuti penang ala Golden Limo ride" was KeK lok Si` I wanted to post up the Dried shit that they are selling there (yes, your eyes did not deceive you, DRIED SHIT!) But I thought, people are gonna puke straight away after looking at the sai, so posting food pictures was a better idea :P

The weather was so hot in penang!!! I was sweating like mad even after I took a cool shower. aiii~ Climbing up the slope to Kek Lok Si was quite tiring. But you get to see loads of shop lor, like those which I mentioned earlier.. selling shit, some selling t-shirts, buddha statues, Jesus statues... etcetera.

sun bathing kuras~

Finally reached the top!!!!! I was sweating like dunno what already.. The view there is quite nice :)

The journey down was much more easier~ bought a can of 100 plus~ fuahhh` heavenly lols!!!

After climbing a few gazillion steps, it's time to eat again~ hahahaha! :x

Air Itam Market's famous longkao side Assam Laksa~!

Fuahhh~ nice nice~ Ah BenBen recommends this shop too~!

bukit bendera~ didn't go down to sit the car going up the hill~ only stopped by to snap picture~ then cabuts dah` hahah

passed by eastern & oriental hotel (I think)~ one of the old hotel in Penang :)

Pt 11 - The attack of the wild ponies~ :X

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

KL - Penang trip~ (pt 9)

Looks like I almost generated a Kuey Tiaw war after I posted up the yucky Fried Kuey Tiaw pic from Gurney drive~ hahaha Don't worry, that's not the only plate of FKT I took.

OH! before I forget I must introduce the Io Ka Ch'ng (shake butt) guy selling Pasembur at Gurney!!

Food mountain~

First time trying Pasembur~ ME LIKEY!!!

and I tell you this rojak seller damn funny one! hahaha He was chopping the thing according to the tempo of the song with his eyes closed! how can?!?!?!?? then still got finishing move one when he pour the sauce onto the rojak.. lols! see for yourself :)

After all those wonderful food, we went home and played chinese 4 colored cards hahahaha! :X

The next day I met up with Ah Chen and she showed me around~ hahahaha First up, we went over to this famous Sin Hwa Coffee Shop for brunch~!


The FKT aunty who poses when I took her photo~


The Choi-nei-dou-soh Assam Laksa aunty~

My duck egg FKT` THIS ONE THEN IS CALLED FKT MARH!!!!! fuah!!! gazillion times better than last nite's~ Penang KT wo ai ni~ hahahahaha!

Chen ordered Assam laksa~ So i cukai abit` ME LIKEY ASSAM LAKSA TOO!!!

Chen:"there's also another type called lemak laksa"
Chen:"You wanna try??"
Benben:"aiyoo.. paiseh leh~ Okay you go order~"

AHAHHAHAHAHA! Chen dunno got faint or not :P

my bowl of lemak laksa~ I LIKEY TOOOOOO! tell me, HCINGF ?!?!?!?!?!?!?

So after that, we hoped on Chen's trusty Limo and started our cuti-cuti pulau pinang` kekekekek see you tomorrow :D

KL - Penang trip~ (pt 8)

After 5 hours of bus ride, I finally reached Penang's Bus Station.. with a flatten Ka Ch'ng.

So after my aunty picked me up from the station, me, my mom and my other aunts went to .. Tesco~ Nothing to buy there one leh.

*ffwd to dinner time~*

Dinner at Gurney drive!!!!!

people mountain people sea, cari parking pun ai si~ (a lot of people, find parking also wanna die.. :X)

Let the feast begin!!!!

First taste of Penang Assam Laksa~ I like it~!!!!

penang FKT. THIS plate of FKT failed!!!! yerrrr.. not so nice lor.. bad impression.. luckily I didn't suffer from FKTTS (fried kuey tiaw trauma syndrome... wad talking me?!?!?!) Ah BenBEn doesn't recommend this plate from Gurney~

Penang rojaks me likey~ crispy yao-zar-kuai me likey too~ oooolalalallala

oh-chien @ fried oysters ala penang style~

wash it all down with two cups of Air Mata Kuching~

*look left look right*

GASP!!! Ah Benben saw a spesial stall~ wahahahhahaha but of course must save it for next post lar, If not how to reach 10 parts? hahahaha :P

Monday, June 25, 2007

KL - Penang trip~ (pt 7)

Sent Vai Ling to the workshop at Damansara earlier today~ Poor Vai Ling has to sleep overnight at the workshop~ :(

*switch face~* After I dumped vai ling there, I went to..

KIM GARY at Plaza Damas for lunch~

My Golden Pork Ribs Set lunch. I enjoyed it :D

I went to Sungei Wang after that...After few hours in SG Wang, I head over to KLCC. That time the Monorail was packed like mad, KTM also PACKED LIKE MAD~ and yes~ The free "aroma-kill-me-therapy" session in public transport are killing me. Yes, I mean B.O.!

Dessert is a must~ hahahaha :P

The size of the burger at BK are getting smaller by the day.....

oh` Part 6 was supposed to come after this post, but in collaboration with Winn's Geisha Sushi, I must post it up earlier, since she already blogged about ninja jones too` hahaha :p

and It was time to leave~~~~

The trip to Penang on the bus was a bit.. noisy I must say. Even though I had a very comfortable one-seater, the squash coach two seats away from me played songs from his phone (and had an impromptu karaohkey session) and the driver on the radio at the same time to "challenge the coach". Imagine, dangdut tune and middle east tunes.. played together simultaneously~ *keluar buih putih in bus~*

reached the perhentian and I had my lunch in front of the fountain~ (so romantic yes? lolsss)

"how long more till I reach Penang???"

Saturday, June 23, 2007

KL - Penang trip~ (pt 6)

Ninjaaaaaaaa yoooooooosh!

It was my final night in KL, and I was very very lucky to have my dinner with Angeliu and winnliu. So we head over to

NINJA JONES for dinner, which explains the weird opening for this post :P

The entrance to the place is very keh si (fascinating) hahahaha~ It was an automated door, and if you wanna go inside you have to press the button at the side of the door~ OH! there's this "mamarazzi" who snapped my pictures, and say this kid k not bring out~~ read about it Here~ The "mamarazzi" even caught me camwhoring :X ahhahahahhahahahah malussss~

My terriyaki chicken~ I like sweet terriyaki sauce~~ hehehe

Winn's green tea-pour on-eel rice~ :x she likes it wor`

Angeliu's Hoh-liao-soup-in-paper~ (dunno wads the name) eehehehehe

I enjoyed my visit to that shop lor, cos the people who served us are.. NINJAS!!!!

lols, Great concept I must say. So, winnliu began to start her entrepreneur talk...

Winn: "They have ninjas hor, why not we start a shop hor, then we have girls dressed up in Kimonos Geisha and start serving us sushis????"

Angel: "Yalor hor~ something new right????"

Therefore, I shall provide you all with a pictorial illustration of winn's concept shop......

Welcome to Winnie's Kimono Geisha sushi~ (' x ')