Saturday, July 28, 2007


Sorry people that I haven been updating lately.. it's been 4 days! haha my bloglines feeds has gone over 180++ and I have yet to read them one by one` So if you don't find me commenting in your blog, don't kill me okay`

This is gonna be a short update.

firstly thanks to ah chen, misti and Wenwen I was awarded the

Sampat award! lols`` laff me die die, this chen memang CPBSP~ ahahhaahha thanks chen~ I haven tag anyone yet wor` Award everyone who reads my blog can ah? :D

So many awards lately, that day irene gave me a schmooze award, budak bising also gave me the same award` alamaks, so proud the nose almost kembang and explode` :x

secondly, my results for the first semester is out. By God's grace, I did quite well. Thanks be to God.

Major study - violin: A
Minor study - flute: A-
Music History: A
Harmony: A-
Aural: A
Music technology: A
Ethnomusicology: A
English: A
Study Skills (BM): B
Ensemble studies: A

(don't tell my student my BM get B ahhaha~ but he did improve larh` from 38 marks to 62 :D)

final semester already, september is coming close~ AGH!!! I don't wanna have my recital` so scary...

anyways, short update~ but since it's weekend. I will try to update~ hehe

P.s: o m g, haven post about RWMF, bloggers meet, sue's gathering... so many things!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Newspaper appearing act`

Ah benben appeared in the newspaper I think about one week ago. Since I don't subscribe to English paper, I didn't know there was an article until my friends came to me and say "You're on the papers!"

first up eastern times.. *flip flip*

tadah~ *look to next page`*

WOAH! It's the first time that my full-body-length picture got into the papers` So flattered.

A week later post mag wrote about the review~ The reporter, Margaret Apau, spelt Flautist correctly~! :D most of the people call flute players flutist.. I don't dare to say it's wrong but I would think that flautist is a more appropriate term for flute players`

black and white sleepy look`

It feels kinda funny to be in a newspaper clipping.. because I know that my performance was not up to par, those of you who watched the video should know. But frankly speaking?... It's quite fun to appear in newspaper once in a while~ hahahahah :P

p.s: I am so sorry about the tag debts.. I really got confused already about who tagged me.. lost count! pisang, may, rinnah, leonard, anna?, drunkfish... who else??? I am a bad tagger`

p.p.s: Ah ben is planning to get his own domain name` or lols~! just a thought :)

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Today ah Benben seven early eight early drove to the Pending post office to collect my precioussssss~

Tadah~! BAHAHAHAHAHHAH! my Advertlets cheque is here dy~ Woahhh~ my belated bday gift?? :P you see, really can make money through blogs! (I am one step closer to my PSP~) wahahahahhaha

this time they gave us 7 stickers and 2 badges~ I like the two badges~! very very adorable~

musician-friendly-badges~ See, I pinned them on my flute bag` Canggih or not? quite nice kan?? Still can pin at violin case too~

*reads reads letter* take picture... with badge.. post... EARN MONEY!!! *eyes shimmering with moolah sign~*

Leng luis and lengzais, Ah benben is gonna have his debut camwhoring session in his blog` As you all know, ah benben only post pictures of food most of the time, where got post own face one??? So this time, I am gonna sekaligus post a few camwhore picture just for Advertlets~ get ready your pails and plastic bag just in case you throw out` :X


Once upon a time, there was an angel with a white advertlets badge living in advertsland`

oh yeah.. we need a name for the cast.. Let's call him Angel B` So this angel was supposed to look after the advertlets cheques~ It was all peaceful in advertland until..

evil T with the black advertlets badge showed up~ evil t began to steal the cheques given out by the Mayor of Advertland. Everyone was dejected because they could not buy their favourite plate of FKT, even the commitees at advertland could not do anything because evil T kept them in hallucination~

Angel B knew it was time he took some action so he went up to evil T and gave him a can of

Angel B: wah evil T very hot hor, see you so busy snatching people's cheque, the background always got the fire effect, you must be hot till wanna faint. here, drink up first~
Evil T: *teary eyes* Angel B, you are so nice to me~ aiyo, you don't know only, this background is burning my Ka chng till I have to apply aloe vera every night! *slurp drink*

Little did evil T knows, the drink has been spiked! Angel B had added his potion, Lao sai selama-lamanya (diarrhea forever and ever) potion into the drink` So, Evil T spent the rest of his life in his toilet. Once again, the day cheques are saved` thanks to..

Angel B`!

o m g` so much camwhoring can seriously kill!!! I wonder how could they stand it???? *acts angelic`*

If only I was as cute as boing boing and toing toing` ahahaha

Hope you enjoyed the "show"` and remember to sign up for advertlets to start earning your moolah~ :)


lols~ another one of those "special dates"` die die also must blog something :P

btw, my Advertlets cheque has finally arrived!!!!!

well.. arrived but ah BenbEn was not home to collect it! So tomorrow I have to drive to super far to Pending's post office to collect the cheque` aiyoksss

But I am glad that the cheque arrived at this time because it can be added into my Laptop fund~!

If not my laptop fund, then it would be...

for my PSP fund~ wahahahha! lately ah benben ka chng cio (buttock itchy) and is very tempted to buy a psp~

1) i wanted to buy the Sony Digital Mp3 walkman but since PSP can listen to songs too, why not just get a PSP? then I can play game marh kan? :D

2) Can view the pictures taken with my digicam cos both of them using the same type of memory stick~

3) Can play game in the toilet`

4) to ease the itchiness in the ka chng

5) It's a Sony so it must be good~

So you see, with all those excellent reasons above, I think it's good enough for me to get myself a PSP~ But hold up!

NEW PSP~ looks the same kan? but it is said to be lighter, brighter screen and the battery has longer life span. It's selling for the same price in the states but I think when it reach Kuching, the price is definitely gonna be more expansive than the old PSP` then again.. since both of it looked so much alike, I must just get myself the old one because when the new one comes out.. the price of the older version is gonna drop straight down into the longkao wahahahahahhaha! :x

*saving up money saving up money~*

side note, There's gonna be an unofficial bloggers hang out tomorrow at bestberry cafe` If you guys/girls wanna tag along you're welcomed to do so` Don't have to register yourself or anything` :)

side note 2, since the pinch ka chng fever is always on the loose. I shall now teach you all a new hokkien word. ready? make sure you are all dressed up like our Modal student ehehehe

the word for today is "Nyam" which means pinch~ so now, you dun have to say pinch ka chng, you say "nyam ka chng"~ tadah!! so simple kan? Class dismissed!

oh, before i forget. The Emperor is gonna meet up with the imperial loktor` So who's gonna nyam whose ka ch'ng? we shall wait patiently for their posts~

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Potter Boing

Ah Benben went to watch harry potter earlier on. I gave it an 8 out of 10. I thought the show was not bad as I haven't read the book (the book's still in the shelf) so I don't know what details did the missed. The name of the spells are very interesting` :D The casts were more matured in this show but I thought harry potter was getting old, literally. Well, he looked older compared to the previous show.

I wanna put spoiler can ah? I minus 2 marks off the total due to the kissing scene` Don't why I feel gelik after watching that part, I mean harry potter is suppose to be mixing potions, zapping momoks, and fiddling with his wand.. so I personally thought that scene was a bit.. er. yeap, a bit ER.. :X

As usual, the music for harry potter show is excellent. The main theme always catches my attention, very cleverly written indeed. The effects created by the orchestra was great too. That's why I say "sometimes you really have to salute these ang mohs"`

If you haven't watch the show, you can go and watch it. But ah benben suggests that you go on movies day (if there's such thing in your place) when the tickets are cheaper cause hardcore potter fans might find it to be not so worth it if they had to pay the original ticket price. :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Big boy lor

*so-many-pics-can-faint post`*

Ah BenBen celebrated his birthday on 15th of July` I was io-ing my ka'chng at Rainforest world music festival~! But of course, there was some celebration before that :P

I think one week ago Jen already wished me cos she is too bz and she scared she forgets later` hahaha Rames also sent me 96 cake emoticons in msn one day after jen I think` ahahhaah!

The cards arrived a few days before. You cannot imagine how happy I was to receive these in my mail! :D the left card and the tortoise (winn said was from kek lok si ahha!)is from winn and Sengkor and the right one was from Chen!

I think it was a friday night, when noisy till die guy and SamPoh (click to view more detailed post) asked me to go out for a drink at blablabla` fuah! find parking till half dead` So after I finally settled down, they said wanna move to 2nd floor. I was so sweet and innocent *coughs loud loud* that I didn't suspect anything` They were taking longer than I expected.. when they finally came up.. O M G! i was stunned

they gave me 20 cupcakes!!! they said since i filmed the show cupcakes my love, they decided to buy the cupcakes` ahahah! There were 20 candles` I blow till half dead you know?? wanna use one whole breath also cannot.. imagine 80 year old apek with 80 candles.. blow till die on the spot later! haha thank you both!!! :D

I saw this parcel when I got home that night` It was from my sis, yen~! all the way from aus! she got me a book` is she hinting that I should be more intelligent and should read more? ahahahha` thanks yen` I like the book` (haven read it though :P)

Birthday eve I went out with my college friends for dinner` We went to da om for korean food~! wahahhahah

Looked as if there's a dead corpse inside kan!?? lols` it's the gift they gave to me~

giant gift! look at the box` It's a bear design again` ahhaha the two cards above also bear design` wad a co-incidence!

A box with chocs pasted all over and the giant gift inside! the crystal deco and such comfy slipper~!!! now I wouldn't have cold feet when I am typing in front of my com nemore` thank you so much!!

OH! before I forget` there's this idiot fella who parked behind my car!!! Then I couldn't reverse` STUPID guy! *do lao-sai-3-days-3-night booga dance* ISh! hope he lao sai! : x we went to frappe later the evening to meet up with kenny then and raenai` :)

A cologne from mom~ I like the smell~ so.. sexy? lols!!!!!

hand made card from my cousin`

and now~! I wanna thank each and everyone of you who made my 20th birthday special`! (not in any order)

Mom, dad and yen, my cousin betty and her husband eric, ding ding, aunty siok and aunty sabrina, lisa and family in kl, Angeliuna and everyone who wished me in her post dedicated to me!, Sk, Winn, chen, Rames, Jen, Sam, Ehon, Theresa, Vero, "mei Ling", Yen, Chung Yi, Kathy, Michelle, william, Suai, Wendy, Jing, Kenny, Raenai, Sandra who compiled all my boings drawing in her post, Ivan gecko, Elise, Willie, Kashin, Ah Tan, San's friend Brandon and John, Nicole ang moi moi, han hua, Hui teng, Loon tung, Benny, Yi jing, Foong, tang yi, audrey, adrian, Michelle lu, crystal, sin ling, yung hung, Irene who gave me a schmooze award, Fou, Florence, Ah mike, samz, Mong Song, Liu min, Ying sian, Lee Lin, Stef, Gwen, Nenek su, Edmond, Wan Lin, Ai li, Abel, aunty brenda, Allen, Siaw Joo, Minny, Hikaru, Allen, Janet, Chin howe, Ronnie, yee shien, Sala, Mrs Law, Wei Ni, Eugene in aus~, Yii, tutty, Boom Kim, Unker Steven cocka, Marvin, Wilson Kong, adeline, Feli, Pink cotton, caryn and charles, Jemima, DD, May, Doreen, wenn, Lb, Ah nel, misti, Selba, nyonya, rinnah, silverisle, king's wife, slurp!, acey, choulyin, Ah lost, Mr bherng, Ah Boy, Gu leng, Ivor, Flo, Kenny, Jo hui, Anna, Yomi, Deborah, Cyn, Feon Rabbit, frankie (who called to said sorry he forgot my bday` hahaha :D)

I seriously hope I didn't left anyone out` Do forgive me if I forgot to put in your name` Thank you all once again from the bottom of my heart!!

Now if you would excuse me, I have to soak myself in SK II, hahahah!! jk :P

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Music in the forest~

Ah benben is going to the Rainforest World Music Festival today! It's their 10th anniversary this year so I think it must be great! If you guys see me there, do come up and say hi or something :)

P.s: special post coming up after I come back from RWMF`

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tagged for a good cause`

Tag debts are pilling up but I must settle this one by Rinnah asap because this tag is a charity tag~!

Blogger Idham has pledged to donate RM 127.00 to the Darul Izzah Orphanage in Bangi for every tag completed before 26 August 2007. It's so simple, all you need to do is to complete any 17 sentences from the 27 listed below (that's the tag) and drop Idham a comment over at the tag's original page here.

1. A person is only as good as ....................

2. Friendship is always ... something which I cherish the most

3. To love is to ...... be able to sacrifice for that person

4. Money makes me ... wanna lalalalal whole day

5. I miss ...

6. My way of saying I care is by ... showing it through my actions

7. I try to spread love and happiness by ....................

8. Pick the flowers when ......

9. To love someone is to ... be there for the someone anytime, anywhere

10. Beauty is ...... expensive

11. When I was thirteen, what I remember the most was ...

12. When I was twenty one, I remember ....................

13. I am most happy when ..... I can make people happy

14. Nothing makes me happier than ... receiving encouragements, hugs and gifts from people~

15. If I can change one thing, I will change ... the conditions in this screwed up world

16. If smiles were ... currency ... then I ...

17. Wouldn't it be nice if we could ....... teleport to the desired place and not stuck in jam?

18. If you want to ... be somebody ... then you have to ... sacrifice your own body? :P

19. Money is not everything but ... without money, some people treat you as nothing

20. The most touching moments I have experienced is ...

21. I smile when ... I meet new friends :)

22. When I am happy, I ... Io Ka Ch`ng show it on my face~!

23. If only I don't have to ... work ... then ...

24. The best thing I did yesterday was ........ putting a smile on a few people's faces

25. If I ever write a book, I will give it this title, "you should name my book"

26. One thing I must do before I die is ....... to travel around the world

27. Doing this meme, I feel like ...

Now, I would like to tag these kind hearted people :)


sekian terima kasih sama sama~ :x

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Starbux has landed~

Literally landed at Kuching International Airport... of all the places` So Ah Benben decided to go for a visit~

sorry the starbux lady looks a bit like Michael Jackson :x`

Emptiness. It was raining earlier in the evening so the air in the airport was freezing cold! my goodness.

Follow the sign~

AND I FOUND IT~! Starbucks Coffe(e)

The place was not as packed as Secret Recipe when it just opened in Kuching. Maybe because it's at the airport so people don't really bother to go so far just for a sip of very expensive coffee. Well, maybe they just haven't heard about the place cause it's still new? :x

My glass of hazelnut-sweet-till-die-hot-chocolate`~ Yes, Ah BenBen doesn't drink coffee if you haven't noticed.

Noisy guy is back in kuching! no wonder no peace in kuching these few days, feel as though the air is polluted with noises` :x

david who thought that there weren't cream in his green tea ice blended`

With sam poh. MY EYE BAGS!! So horrible you can fit two large LV bags inside` T.T

group pic snatched from sam's site` The other David on the far left and clarence on the far right`

Nothing to hoo-haa about starbucks cause it's like quite common in KL?? But since it's the first shop in Kuching, so I think Kch ppl should give this High class kopitiam a visit :)

Monday, July 09, 2007

Concert Etiquettes~

I just attended a violin recital by Yap Ling and my flute examiner, Geoffrey Pratley just now. It was really a rare event as we seldom get concerts in Kuching, which was quite sad. KL have mpo, nso, Aiyer` how I wish I could watch their concert every week. ahah, okay.. don't side track..

The show started a bit late` They played quite a number of pieces, ranging from Bach to Saint saens. Mr Pratley played Schubert's Impromptu. VERY WELL PLAYED!! the top melodic line was crystal clear~! such great control` *droools*

Yap Ling who played well~!

mr Pratley accompanied and played well too~!

Now, to the main concern of this post`! Concert Etiquettes` Some people just cannot sit still~! Babi them, so noisy` Oh, and people already reminded them to switch off the handphones or put it to silent mode, and then hand phones still ring! So embarassing! imagine Mr. Pratley who played for BBC and is having all these. Oh my goodness!! *hides like ostrich*

Then got this stupid kid, who walked so near to the stage thinking he's the star. This one must ask nyonya to piak his butt using rotan! YERRR!! Then those kids, the song haven't finish, clap for what?!?!? Even in between sonata movements you're not suppose to clap also!!!

*Unleash evil toing!* Feel like giving them one kick in the butt and let them stuck in the wall`!

But then again, I am so sweet and lovable *ahems loud loud~!* I must educate people properly kan??? *kicks evil toing into the drain*

Angelic voice:" Remember, if go to concert, must make sure you sit quietly. If you bring your children, bring super glue to glue their butt onto the chair and lastly, Don't clap in between movements or before the song ends!"

this is a community education message brought to you by angelic boing~*harp music in the background~*

Sunday, July 08, 2007

KL - Penang trip~ (Finale)

07 - 07 - 07! Die die also must finish everything today hahhahaahah :D and as a end to my eating trip, I'll pose all the food which I tasted on the last day~ so this wil be a photo post with minimal words~ :D

breakfast time~

penang har mee.. beehoon.. ?? :x

CKT at that coffee shop~ nice~~~

cheong fun~

cha kuey kak`

kuey tiaw soup with meat balls`~

Lam min~

****** tea time~ ******

penang rojak~!

Ais Kacang Special~

oh chien @ fried oysters` nyams!

******** dinner time~ *********

my fried kuey tiaw again~! FKT overdose` but it's nice so who cares???? :D

sotong kangkung~ sedaps!

lastly, KTS again` tasty as well`

That's all for my trip report` thank you all so so much for keeping track. I hope you enjoyed looking at those food photos` Oh` I would like to thank those who meet up with benben too` it's great to meet you guys :)

kay` have a nice weekend :)