Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka^3 ! ! ! !

Happy 50th Merdeka, Malaysia!!!!! On this special occassion, Ahbenben has decided to present to you 3 different races of boingboing to show you how wonderful is our multiracial country~!

This year, mix Fm came out with the unity band and I thought that was a brilliant idea. Their phrase "we have different names, different backgrounds, different religions, we're also different in colors. But we share one common thing, that is the color of the blood that runs through our veins" Fuah! I actually can remember that ad` lols!! Having a united nation definitely makes the country more powerful!

50 years of independence, not a very easy task huh? I am quite thankful that our country is free from war, free from all those terrible disasters. Hopefully it will stay that way when we are celebrating our 100 years of independence, that time you shall call me, Ah pek Benben lols!!

Happy 50th Merdeka Malaysia!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rush rush Take 3

It's wednesday, so it's movie day! how can you stay home when you're on holiday and know that movie tickets are cheaper right?? so, Ah benben (finally)went to watch Rush hour 3~!

a 7.9/10. I had a few good laughs when I was watching the show, however I just didn't have the extra punch to shoot it over 8. It's a good movie no doubt, but I think R1 and R2 was a bit more enjoyable and would have scored more marks in overall ratings.

Even so, I would still recommend you folks to watch the show. It's still an interesting movie nonetheless, especially the bloopers in the end ahahahhahaha typical :D

next, must catch up with rat show and secret show.. friday maybe? :X

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My blog is nothing!

Blogging for sometime now in blogspot and I've realised that MY BLOG IS NOTHING WITHOUT U ALL!!!

Sometimes when I am chatting with my friends and stuff, then they would say "oh~ ben's blog famous".. HELLO?! my blog traffic is so little you can finish counting using alien's fingers and toes. haha` I think most of the people who reads my blog are my friends and some family members (my sis and cousin). So without these people and YOU who are reading this now, my blog is NOTHING~

So, even though I might thank you all before, I can never thank you all enough for dropping by my blog and reading my most-of-the-time rojak language. Since sampat chen go and corrupt Ah may to tag me.. I shall kill 2 bird with one potato stone and finish this tag which was like.. almost 2 months old` BAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

since my Fan-si are my Fwen(friend)-si, therefore, all of YOU (yes, you who's reading this now) has made it up to my Fwen-si association list~ kekeke

A 38 picture of boingboing to thank you all~! :D


I think about one or two months ago, I entered the event hosted by Apostrophe gallery known as the Short-short story`

It's actually writing a story by using only 16 words. So I thought, quite interesting and I submitted a few entries in. After a few days of the dateline, I received a phone call from kl. It was a girl who spoke English with a clear and magnetic accent. She said she was calling from apostrophe and that my work is in the finalists list` hahahahha I was quite shocked actually as I've never won this kinda stuff before, what more to say, writing? lols!!!

So I asked Angeliu to attend the reception for me and to go and look at the art work~

and she was so kind to take picture of the art work for me to see before they posted up in the apostrophe website.

my story goes "he stood on stage, with poise so great, his baton dropped, and all was lost" I was actually referring to how the conductor of an orchestra dropped his baton and lost everything.. but obviously the artist didn't see it that way? lolss the wonders of arts, different interpretation for different people`

you can see the other art works' picture over here~ or here~

The thing I like the most... is the pile of sai underneath the podium ahhahaha!!! :P

Monday, August 27, 2007

Lynn Kang in Concert

Ah Benben attended a piano recital by Lynn Kang last weekend at the STC. Lynn Kang was the soloist for the night and her recital totally blew me off!

the nicest programme notes that I've ever see in all the concerts which I have been to.. must have cost her a bomb!

I like this picture.. it gives me the feeling of a performer playing in a big hall.. only the performer, the grand and the empty hall with great music echoing in the air.. magical~ :P

The show that night was marvelous I should say` She played a wide range of music ranging from Beethoven's sonata right up to Ravel's Jeux d'eau, which, was one of my favorite piece for that night. Of course, there were other great pieces such as Chopin's nocturne in D flat, op.27 no.2 which was very well played as well. The clarity of the upper notes and phrases had definitely kept me mesmerized. Lynn also played pieces by Schumann, Liszt and mendelssohn and ended her show with an encore piece: Debussy's Golliwogg's cakewalk.

Lynn's playing had matured to a stage whereby when she's playing, you would feel that as though she and the piano was one and that the piano was actually part of her. The talent and technique of her was definitely something I admire a lot, not to mention her memory skilled (she performed the whole show without her pieces.. that's like few thousand bars of music.. O_O)

One more thing that makes me kinda proud is that she is from Kuching~ lolss So, all the best to Lynn with her career in music and

must take a picture with her just in case next time I could not afford to buy her concert tickets` hahaha :P

Friday, August 24, 2007

everything looks prettier over the fence

Why do people say that everything looks better over the fence? Let Ah Benben tell you why~

erm.. maybe not a good picture to illustrate "prettier over the fence" but! the keywords are over the fence! and this is my neighbor's yard` It looks alright, not in a mess even though there's construction going on huh? why??

COS THEY DISLODGED THEIR IDIOT ROCKS AND WIRES IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE!!!!! Eh hello?! throw so near to the wall, dunno the paint will come off one is it? at least put some plywood or whatever to cover the wall first before you dump marh! waleh, my gate could hardly open`

Kanasai these workers! cubalarh you throw at the empty space IN YOUR CONSTRUCTION AREA and not IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE'S HOUSE!??!?!

fulah.. lucky I don't believe in feng shui and all those lalala stuff. I think if Miss Too come over and have a look sure faint at the road side keluar buih putih straight away` :X

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Help! : x

Tolong~ someone please save the Ka chng cio @ itchy butt ah benben~ You see, he's been trying to decide which one to get` both equally tempting~!

or should I save the money just in case I need something next time?? I am quite interested in the silent violin actually cause can explore a new dimension of sounds.. PSP I like it also, but by the time i graduate, maybe got a new model of PSP come out already`.. AIYO!!! DILEMMA!!! tolong~!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

long long one time~

wah` quite long didn't update blog (actually only four days) how are you guys?? how was your weekend?? sorry I don't drop by your blog on time nowadays, usually few days later haha hope you guys/girls don't mind

anyways, ah benben decided to relax a bit during the weekends, so he bought 6 dvds on friday`~ ekekekekekekek

the simpsons~ hahahha I know, I know, it's not a new movie and I should be watching ratty chef by now, but who cares, the dvd damn clear lols :X Quite enjoyable show I must say` the creators are damn good!! lols worth to watch :D

Evan almighty! lols~ same creators as bruch almighty` but because this one they have to imitate noah's ark and put alot of animals in, the virtual graphics are some how not very natural` so it didn't made it pass 8 cos of that. Bruce almighty was more enjoyable. But still, I had some good laughs watching the show~! ehehhe

other movies 3 movies which I watched (but don't know how to illustrate) were:

Premonition: a thriller starring sandra bullock. This film was filmed this year` I was rather intrigue with the mind boggling plot, you know, thrillers` 8.0/10

blades of glory: the plot is quite simple. I laughed like a mad man in some parts` aahaha since it's weekend, I'll be lenient and give it an 8.0/10 :P

die hard 4.0: starring the un-die-able bruce willis, hacker and sexy maggie Q lols~ too bad she plays the bad girl in this show` 8.2/10

still got 1 disc left~ so many movies to watch, so little time~~

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kuching Fest 07~

Kuching Fest is here once again~ the one-year-one-time-eat-till-fat-fat festival is back`!!!

Kuching fest lasts for the whole month of August and of course, Ah BenBen must pay kch fest a visit larh`

The malay kakak promoted in Hokkien so I bagi sapport a bit and bought jagung from her`

Han ji ben` long time didn't eat already~! and got my name inside (-_-) how can not buy???

Mango Tree` bought their Thai style calamari` the taste was a little mild~ :x

fried siu mais and fried paos~

Curry fish balls @ kah lei yu dan~ curry taste so mild! tsk tsk tsk

Fried sausage with cheese, ham and mayo~ quite nice owh~

shake shake Popsicle~ kekekeekek quite refreshing especially when the weather is hot~! they pour the soft drink into the mold thingy, and they start to Io io io io IO until the soft drink freezes~ tadah~!

the yummy oh-chien @ fried oyster pancake~ wait till half dead for this one` so many people buy!

We bought bbq-ed string ray! but forgot to snap pictures already gobbled the whole thing up hahahaha so.. er.. put satay pictures beside :P

Cheers~! longan and shandy` ahhhaha they don't sell this there. well, you see.. I actually took a glass of longan, then I finished the water so the flesh is still there, so I poured the can of shandy into the cup~ and tadah! shandy longan~ then the stupid bbq so spicy, I ordered cincau + sarsi next` and finally before we all left, I ordered another cup of ABC~ wakakakkakakakak!!!

I went with my academy friends and it was of course a noisy night out :P If you haven't drop by the fest, remember to go there to get fat have a look around~ :P

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jazzy Fire

*band width sucker post!*

Roland Asia Pacific came and did a promo in IMH Academy and now IMH will be the official dealer in Kuching~ *pang pao pang pao ping pong piang loud loud~!*

On Saturday night, they decided to organize a concert featuring 4 different types of performances`

superb playing by Joyce` Her Chopin piece was very, very well played. But I thought that she would be more used to the touch of a acoustic grand piano instead of a digital grand. By the way, she finished her studies in Germany, under full scholarship` o_O!!!!

vincent, who holds a master's degree in composition from Melb Uni, played his own composition that night` modern music which was very well written and performed.

next, my band, Juzz friends! who did a wonderful, wonderful show that night`!

Band leader, Marvin who plays jazz and sings like nobody's business`

adrian, the singer, guitarist and trumpeter`

chung yi~ bassists all the way from taiwan` jay chou's cousin maybe? lolss

Cikgu thalib` Drummer~

yours truly was not in the performance tonite cause cannot plug any of the roland products into my flute` so.. lols :D

next, Ocean of Fire! FREAKING TALENTED ROCK GROUP WHICH ROCKED OUR SOCKS OFF!!! and I quote them "instrumental rockfunkjazzynotsometal Project"!

Leader, Kelvyn who puts on a great smile all time. he made playing lead guitar seemed sooooooooo easy` Inhumane playing again` very talented person!

co leader, chiat, who's guitar strings unfortunately broke at the beginning of the show` nevertheless, he put up a great performance as well!

two jonathans` lolss the drummer jon is same age as me, my goodness and he drums like some expert! and the tone of jon's bass, round and mellow`

more write ups here~

a picture for the album with the band :)

with joyce`

and last but not least, a picture of the wacky bassist (who overheard my lousy violin playing at imh this afternoon) and me (who failed miserably trying to act rock-ish) lols!


Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Benben is feeling much better now` No, I was not feeling emo for no reason, something big did happen. Sometimes, it's how well you control your mind and emotions. Thank God I was gifted in a way that I heal very quickly (but doesn't mean you can go full blast in trying to hurt my feelings). Thank you very much for those who cared about me, who are worried about me, who gave me hugs, koyoks and ointments. It made my recovery process a tad faster.. Bubbly io ka ch'ng benben is "on the road to recovery" and will blog soon~ Thank you all :)

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Life is not a bed roses.. Life may be as beautiful as the roses at times, but mind you.. roses have got thorns.. I am scarred.. right now all I can do is pray to the Lord cause it's way beyond my capacity to solve the problem.. No..I did not get myself into a relationship and get dumped by girls..I am not asking for your sympathies but all of your companionships are very much appreciated.. I wouldn't be blogging for a few days.. maybe weeks? I don't know.. take care you all`

hai sensei~!

*quite a lot of pictures post`*

randomness is good~ so I'll start my post with a random picture taken at B!ng :D

IMH was honored to be invited once again to play with the education ministry orchestra which was established one year ago. This time we were playing for the retirement of the head of the education department of Sarawak if I'm not mistaken.

Outfit for the night~ Pardon the sleepy look` I like this outfit alot`! looked like some Yatpun-nese High School uniform` Or do I look like Chairman Mao? lols!

Meet Marvin (left) and Adrian (right). Talented musicians currently teaching at IMH. Marvin with great piano playing skills, and Adrian with good vocals` We are actually from the same band, called "juzz friend". I'll write more about the band but now, do check out their Website to listen to some of the songs they recorded :)

The teachers in the orchestra are teachers who are currently teaching in Government schools in Sarawak. These teachers are very sporting!!!! I kinda respect them all, because they had to put up a show in less than one week's time.. imagine not touching their instruments for one year (they are not allowed to bring back their instruments)` sallutes!!

F4? wkakakakakakkaka!

wendy busy conteng-ing her score` The group picture is in kat's camera i think` cos i don't have it` :X

arts student are all one of a kind I tell you` and I do have very very nice and wacky classmates and college mates. Catch them by surprise and they will give you different expressions all the time.`

you're on benben's camera~