Wednesday, September 26, 2007

mooncake fest~

happy mooncake @ mid autumn fest too all of benben and boingboing's friend. hope you all had a great time eating and savoring all the good mooncakes around, and of course, got the chance to reunite with your relatives. *io io io io*

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Catscity clique finale~

The group of people went over to permata for dinner` I didn't join them because I have my own family dinner at Lok Thian. But I did drop by afterwards`

(picture stolen from Here. The people who are there~ gette, Alex and Platinum girl was there as well, just to name a few~! :D

the other side of the table~


anna's chopstick` fake fake wanna feed Gladys. But actually, annna...

eats alot! ahhaahhahah (jk jk)

They went to ABC to eat` Personally I prefer number 25 better, cheap and nice`! :D and i also heard that they got conned by the bbq stall~ ahahhahah! they said they weren't familiar with the place.. hahah oh wells. beware folks, if they come and approach you and ask whether you want bbq seafood or not, you better shoo them off because it tastes horrible and the price is FREAKING UNREASONABLE!!!

after dinner we went...


people wanna take picture, this Johnston come and POSE pulak????

It was quite fun since I haven't bowled for a very, very long time! After bowling we went for lok-lok but I didn't eat much` Only a stick of Chicken Ka chng~ hahahaha. So that was pretty much about the bloggers meet.

After that, I drove naomi and josh around.

We drove around town and I showed him the colonial buildings and all those, but we didn't get down and walk around because night time very dangerous, who knows kena ambush ahkua or something right????

Josh seemed to fancy kuching and is looking forward for his next visit.. But one thing I don't get about him is that...

He fancies Hotlink banners so much and he seemed to be very much intrigue by them. hahahaha!! Well, josh hope you enjoy your short visit`


Catscity Clique` A success! :)

Catscity Clique~ (pt1)

*a lot of pics*

O m g.. better update before someone thought I got kidnapped` hahahah Presenting, Kuching's Gather Bloggering sponsored by Advertlets and Starbucks and co-organised by Catscity!: Catscity Clique!

Jimmy and Irene were the first few who arrived~

Reached there and take picture first of course, msn display pic? lols!

with Irene`~

Frankie was there too`

Josh came over purposely from KL!

Adrian who won RM 250 and Naomi who won RM150 from the trivia. hrmmm.. the questions that I set might be too easy? ahhaha :X

with ah lost and Johnston

met T-mo-t, Paul and aaron

Sam, angel, Naomi, Ronnie and yee hon. Eh-nah was late! that's why she's not in this photo`!

Eichi, Ember and a few other swinburne guys

allen was there too`

AHAHAHHAHA! sam's glasses` *act like blind man*

before we left the airport for our 2nd round`

took this photo for eh-nah. twins? ahhahaha

pt 2 coming up :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Closing Concert for the 50th merdeka celebrations~

There was a nation wide celebration this year for the 50th merdeka celebration and apparently, Kuching was chosen as the last stop for the whole event`

There were lots of event going on including choir competition, performances by local artists. SONS orchestra was invited to perform along side with the artists and apparently..

we were all artists.. (as if) -_-''

There were a few good singers (anuar zain, dayang and mila) that night and I have myself witnessed the hypocrisies of the celebrity realm.. So if you think all celebs are what they are like in the big screen, think again. Just because you are famous, doesn't mean that you are the greatest. PHUI!!!

hohohhohohh~ anyways, I thought the other performers put in lots of efforts in making the show a success.. there were thousands of kids, dancers and performers in the stadium that night. OH!

There were fireworks display`! I liked it cause it was presented as though the fireworks were dancing to the music`~ there's one part where they projected green laser beams from the projector, and it so happened to pass right through my head. So I had fun drama-ing in the orchestra pit ahhahahahaha!!!

camwhored a bit since the wait was so long and we were behind thousands of ka chngs anyways` ahahahaha!!!!

The celebration was great no doubt, and a lot of money has been spent I am sure. But what really got my mind spinning is that these people spend so much money and shouting merdeka so loudly, do they really appreciate the independence of our country.. or are they just doing just for the fame and glory? ahah~ oh wells

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Catscity Clique~!

Hear ye hear ye! An announcement Kuching bloggers should see!!!

Our first sponsored meet is here! Thanks to Advertlets for organising and Starbucks for sponsoring the drinks!

the event will be on the 15th of september, 2-6PM at Kuching International Airport

So! If you're in Kuching and you're a blogger` do come and join us! Leave your comments at Catscity, Jimmy Chin or Irene LAw to confirm your attendance and of course, your cup of free drink :D

Benben is going~! Hope to see you there :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Happy birthday to you~

Today it's a special day` it's my sister's birthday!!!

Okay, like any other family birthday posts, I must talk something about them. so here goes~

my sister is 7 years older than me. I still remembered last time when I was young my sister used to laugh at me a lot, and she was quite mean at times too! I still remember a few incidents.. oh! when I just started to learn how to ride a bicycle.. obviously I didn't have very good control over the bike at first and I crashed into something and landed into the drain.

Don't worry, the drain is so shallow it can't even drown a puppy. But being the silly kid I was, I was there with my bike in the drain and i was saying "kiu wa! kiu wa!" (which means save me! save me!). obviously she laughed her butt off! oh oh oh! and there's one time I fall flat on my butt while i was roller blading off a slope. obviously you know she had stood there laughing like mad, until she came to help me up. aiduhai! :D

I seldom share my thoughts with my sister in the past, it was only when she went overseas and started to read my blog then she knows a bit more about my.. well so called thoughts? but I was rather thankful that God gave me a sister and that we have started to communicate more often through the years, that our relationship and bond were stronger than before. Even though there's an age gap between us, we had started to pull the gap closer and closer. You know, it actually feels good when you know that your family members are always there to support you, to give you advice and at the same time you can be their support in return.

Okay, I don't wanna bore you all with the sentimental thoughts.

yen, I know you are reading this. Thanks for being such a wonderful sister. Even though there were squabbles between us, even though sometimes we might get angry at each other. but at the end of the day, we know that we still have each other and that we really do care about each other sincerely from the bottom of our hearts. I am really happy that we've spent great times together. Don't worry about me, I've become more matured throughout the years. It's a pity that we cannot celebrate your birthday together but I'll leave that mission to milk eh? hahaha, ok, somethings are hard to put into words, but I am sure you know what I am talking about.

Happy birthday yen!!!!

lots of love,

Monday, September 03, 2007

sampat boing~

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I've come up with the sampat-ess picture of boingboing using an animator` hahaha!

ahhahahahahah~ I cant stop laughing, so sampat the animation can die` hahahahah!!!

okay` so my holiday has ended and school resumes tomorrow, how times fly eh? my goodness.. oh yeah! guess what came in the mail few days ago? A notice asking me to pick up my parcel at the post office. I was thrilled because I know that it's from apostrophe!

A plague from them! woah` I was actually very excited because it's the first time in my whole wide life being presented with a plague. tee hee~ not only that..

they gave me airtime! hahahahah

my short-short story actually worth something eh! thanks for the opportunity apostrophe` looking forward to their next postcard event.. wonder what is it about.. hrmm

anyways, Monday is here so gather up all the sampatness in you and shoo the monday bluesssss away` *io io io~*

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Chef BenBen

My holiday is coming to an end and since I haven been cooking for a long time, I decided to go into the kitchen and cook a dish or two`

first dish: Fried calamari with orange and mayonnaise. The recipe book said stir fry the orange.. i think that's a bad idea, the sweet orange becomes sour and little bit bitter hahaha So we ate a bit of the orange only and finished up the calamaris. First attempt!

second dish: stuffed mushrooms with siew pak choy. I stuffed the mushrooms with prawns and minced pork. I liked the taste of the prawns together with the mushrooms` the gravy is a wee-bit too salty if taken alone, but I thought it tasted okay when it's taken with rice` also my first attempt! bahahahah!!

and my MOM cooked:

Fried crabs with egg

and Pa ku (a type of jungle fern) with belachan~

It was fun going into the kitchen after such a long time` bahahahah! I think one of the reason of the sudden interest in cooking is because of a show which I watched lately saying "everyone can cook" ahha` Will write about that later. Till then,

dinner is served~ bon appetite~ :D