Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What's going on?!

Hello~ how are you all? thanks for dropping by even though I didn't update for a while~ heheheh

Ah Benben is quite screwed up cause of his stupid schedule:

1) 8th of November - DipLCM violin Exam
2) 15th of November - Uni entrance audition dued
3) 19th of November - my finals start~!!!

Last weekend was a blast~ I had guests from oversea~ LITERALLY OVER THE SEA! ooooolalala :P there's a few things to update but I'll do it later.. my gosh I am such a procrastinator. Ahah~

Okay, short and sweet update for you all. Drop back soon for the updates~ XoXoXoX *io ka chnG~~*

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hikaru in Miaw miaw city`~

Hikaru was on "business" trip in kuching a few days back and ah benben was lucky enough to meet up with him :)

I was at concert rehearsal when this guy arrived in kuching, asked me where to find food. hahahaha` I purposely drew a map and mms it over to him. but he didn't realize he had a mms and was already finishing up his meal by the time he saw it -_-!!!

Hik and fong, his senior. They both came over to fix something in RTM` Hikaru is a damn friendly person lor, although it's the first time i met him in real life (tak sempat meet in kl last time) he treat me like abang adik like that, should bully him more often ahhahahah :P

the first night we went over to topspot seafood center for dinner, but my favorite stall #25 was not opened (it was 2nd day of raya), so we succumbed to stall number dunno wad.. ABC. There were a lot of people and we had to wait for almost 1 hour for our dish. fuhhh...

The 2nd night they went for dinner themselves (at the same place) but tried stall no.25~! hahaha I only managed to join them after my performance and we went to the garden for a drink and went to petanak for kuey chap after that :)

I brought them to breakfast on the day they were leaving. Hik got to try laksa, dunno whether he liked it or not` lols, then straight after laksa, we went to...

sunny hill~ hahahah! don't know he got lao sai after he eat that tub of ice cream or not eh :X

Dropped them off to the airport at around 11.45. Although the visit was a short one, it was fun and I had to adjust a bit after they go back because I will tend to mix hokkien with cantonese when I speak haahahhaha

It was my pleasure meeting up with hik and his senior~ hope to see them around soon. but before that, I am gonna have two bunch of friends visiting from KL again. real soon~~ SO EXCITED!!!! :D

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Selamat hari raya~

Selamat hari raya~ aidil fitri mulia~ ehhehehe halo everybody~ long time no see~ wow it's been more than a week huh? I forgot how to blog already. hope you guys still remember benben here, and not turn me into amin bin mohd hahahaha :X

so did everyone went out for visiting??

I went to two houses only this year` my academy teacher and staff's house. fuah, the daging masak hitam is heavenly!!! I tell you, one of the great things about hari raya is their cooking. *drooooooooolsssss* *look at stomach* *thinking twice* *continue to eat rendang* :X

last but not least, do drive safely~ last night alone I saw two cars went in the drains you know? scary` okay` selamat hari raya~!! :D

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


yes, ah ben is still alive` sorry for not updating often` heeheheheh but no fear~! hari raya break is coming soon~ so can update sekali gus? ahhahaha

so how's everyone doing? :)