Tuesday, December 30, 2008

happy new year~

hello guys~ greetings again from benben the disappearing act master~ hehehe

How did the Christmas go? This year benben decided to get himself a Wii console~~

hehehehe But it was all sold out over here! Crazy Christmas sale! So mine would probably reach my place in January.

Apart from that, I think I did mention that I am doing working double jobs right? hehehe today is my day off!!! quite happy` no wonder people are so excited when they have a day off~ hahaha

Okay, just a very short update. Dont think i will be able to go online tomorrow so here wishing you guys an early HAPPY 2009!!! :D

Friday, December 12, 2008

December lu~

wah, didn't blog didn't blog also december already... meaning 2008 almost over lu!!!

A little bit of an update: I am no longer staying at the cosy little home with a pool table anymore~ I've moved to a neighborhood by the river. ahahahahahahha (some atas place :P) Then again, it's not permanent and I will move for another time in Febuary.

Apart from that, I've just recovered from food poisoning. Walau, the last few days really feel like wanna die. I can't even drink cause it will just come back up! Ka chng also lao till pain. ahhahahahahha. The girls are quite jealous that I lost 5kgs, but so suffering! HAHAHAH

erm what else, oh, I am working two jobs now cause it's summer. So it's kinda fun. One is in retail, another one in F & B. Some customers can really get on your nerve with their stupid questions. Pfffttt. hahaha

OH!!!! Benben is going to Cairns again this weekend for a concert tour. We will be performing Handel's Messiah up there. SUSHI!!!!! Wahahahhahaha can't wait. then again... the pieces are around 36 pages long... dont know after rehearsals still will feel anything or not. hahaha

k la, I am gonna go to the Asian Grocer now. So till my next update, take k~ :D

Monday, November 17, 2008

pop art

Benben just started learning how to use photoshop around August this year. Since I am minoring in photography, I had to learn how to process the image as well. I really enjoyed this last assignment. We had to snap the pictures and generate pop art from it~ hehehe Since I liked it so much, I'd show you what I have done. It's just amateur work so do pardon my noob-ness~

Inspired by Lichtenstein`

ooooooops~ resize till too small. hehehe This Andy Warhol style can be generated with Mac Iphoto booth thingy, But I had to snap the pics and color it and yada yada didadi lalala and the lot~

Wonder when will I learn to manipulate the image of ugly things into something drop dead gorgeous hor? baahahahhahah

Friday, November 07, 2008

you know it's summer soon...

when there's FREAKING GAZILLIONS Flies in your house! I Kid you not! and NO, I did not murder anyone and hide the body in the store room. It must be when the house was open for inspection yesterday, they left the door wide open.

This morning when I woke up and walked out of my room, an annoying fly was circling me. So as I continued to walk towards the dining area, I saw a fly stopping on the curtains. I then prepared my fly-squishing kung fu pose and WHAM! got the idiotic fly. When I thought everything was over, I was damn wrong! Killing the fly was when all hell breaks loose! All the lalats stopping on the other corner of the curtain flew up, it felt as if I was seeing black flying moles coming in my direction! GAHHHHHHH!

It was a funny sight at 9 in the morning. You can imagine yours truly, standing there slapping on the curtains trying to kill as many flies as possible. After a very, very tiring of .. 20 minutes maybe, I've finally managed to squish most if not all of them. and you know what is the tabulated death counts?!

"blah, this ah ben talk cock only larh~ How can someone kill so many flies using hands??"

Zeng zeng zeng!!1 I shall now post the pictures as proof! But I warn you, if you're eating something, you better not see as you might find the flies a bit geliks.

looks okay right.. how bout.. we take a closer look..











LALATS!!!! There's 38 on the toilet roll, 2 squished beyond salvage, 4 which I slayed later after I took the pics.

Maybe can qualify for World Record Book. But I don't want them to put me in a room full of flies. I'd rather die. Now, you shall call me Ben, the lalat slayer~! who wants a handshake?

Thursday, November 06, 2008


.. is so fragile. People never seemed to never cherish someone when they are by their side, no matter how many times it's been said in blogs, no matter how painful and real that they make it in movies, people never seemed to realize how important it is to cherish the people around them. I was browsing youtube when I came across this short clip. It's so true when they said kids have the purest heart. ai, amat terharu sekali~

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Trip to Cleland Wildlife SA~

Hehehe~ finally start to update about my trip` that was like... 4 months ago?! HAHAHAHAHAHAH time flies~

anyways, I visited Cleland wildlife when I was in SA the other day. It was quite a gloomy day and it rained a bit at the end of my trip`

I enjoyed feeding the kangaroooos over there. Some of the kangaroos sipeh haolian one lor! (damn proud one lor!) Either they are full already, sick of the food, or I am not attractive enough to seduce them to feed from my hand. But at the end I managed to find a few hungry ones, which was fun~ Besides,

How can you not want to feed them when they show you their cute puppy eye kangaroo eye look~ cute till pengsan~ (fainted) Rames, don't jealous okay~ hahaha

Then there's

Tua pui koala aka fat koala~ ehehehhehe Quite adorable see them chew Eucalyptus with their sleeepy look~

one for the album`

Apart from those there are heaps of birds!!!

From Big birds....

to small birds~

I even saw blue bird flying in the sky~ (erm.. that didn't sound very right did it? :X)

The sky turned gloomy in the end and started to rain before we left~ It was a fun day though, getting to have close encounters with these animals~ What did ah benben do next? Stay tuned when he updates about his trip~

*press off on the remote control*

Monday, November 03, 2008

Wait there~

good filler post to cover up that I haven't blog for many moons~Some simple piece for you guys to listen to~ It's wait there by yiruma~ hehe purposely make the background yellow in color to give it that vintage feeling :P The vid might not be available until youtube has processed it~ so do pop by later if it doesn't work.

Monday, October 27, 2008

my results...

... are like a big pile of gu sai` (cow poo).. wait, I think gu-sai is better than my results...

ai` so mood-less now.. don't even know if I'm taking the right degree or not.


*rants rants rants*

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Profile picture~

If you still remember a few moons ago, I went and auditioned for the TV Ad thingy for the uni. I didn't get in that one but I got my profile displayed in the new Creative Arts Booklet. muahahahahhahaha, free nice nice picture to satisfy the vain side of me for professional usage~ woohooo~ There are a few pics, so I chose two to show you guys~

I like this one, so deep in thoughts and my concubine so shinny can faint~ :P

and the next one...

with my violin`

Even though I did not receive any payments for the ad campaign, I am still satisfied with the pics that they gave me. hehe :P

Monday, October 13, 2008


My laptop's hard disc has completely kapoooted.. sigh` so now I don't know how to update dy (good excuse for my lack of update) AHHAHAHAHAHAHA`

I think people also gave up waiting for my updates, sorry to disappoint *japanese bow*

Oh wells, hope I can sort things out with the lappie, and who knows I might start updating from uni's com` heheh.

have a good week~ :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Adelaide trip update!~

It's finally here!!! Are you ready for it???? lols

A sneak preview of the pictures that I took~ heheh this was taken in a wildlife park. Got national geographic feeling or not?? heheheheh :D

my first audition

My first big audition was unsuccessful! haha. Months ago, I auditioned for the Australian Youth Orchestra and the results were leased today` I didn't get in hehe, just like what I expected. :) I am, however, on reserve for my violin and viola. So, in case some one lao sai until cannot walk, I might be asked to go in.

haha, anyways, provided I only practice such little amount of time for three instruments and still managed to get into reserve for two, I should be thankful aye? This is the whole Australia we are talking about! hahaha

Anyways, a fun first experience to audition for such big event. maybe i will give it a go again next year. lols!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Sigh, just when I wanna blog like no tomorrow, my lappie suddenly decided to go bonkers on me!

I think there's something wrong with the hard disk, and the other day when I was half way drawing boingboing, The whole com hang! Even if I tried to restart it, it doesn't work. sigh sigh sigh~

Anyways, I will try to type as fast as I can and try to upload before the thing hang. hehehe.

I am gonna start my induction tomorrow, yes, ah ben is starting work. Tomorrow is going to be a long day, 9 - 12 for the induction, then later in the evening I have a 3 hr gig! (moolah come rolling in!! *sings happy tree friend theme song~*)

Okay, short update~ !

p.s: ah benben is sick! there's like a virus going on. ugh, hate being sick. Someone please DHL or UPS me chicken soup with mushroom~ :P

Friday, September 12, 2008

21st bday~ (pt.2)

After almost two months still linger on to the 21st bday, it must be of some significance ey? HAHAHAHA

On my bday, my sis treat me to a feast in a korean restaurant~ When I look at the pictures now still drooling eh`

Entree~ Sotong kukus @ steamed Squid :X

Side dishes

Seafood hotpot~ The soup was sooooooooooooo salty at the end of the meal. I sip of the soup I could feel my scalp shriveled up and hair falling off.. okay.. maybe not so serious :P


Sweet and spicy pork~ essential source of fat too boost the io ka chng skill` ohohohho :P

After the very very wonderful dinner,

I get a wonderful chocolate mousse and moscato~ IT WAS HEAVENLY!!! I had 4 or 5 pieces~ In the period of 3 days so you don't have to scream yet :P

A picture for the album~ Thank you all again for the wonderful wishes, gifts and cards. fish and gang for the dinner and gifts~ Thanks to sala for sending me a singing card from UK (It was soaked when I got it so it got a bit short circuited and it wouldn't stop singing if you don't close it right!!!! HAAHAHHAHAH). Oh and I got a psp already! 1 item off the wish list hehe. Thanks to yen and milk~

and my lovely mom who sent me a birthday card from malaysia and made my eyes welled with tears. hehe.

P.s: See, told ya guys I will update more often right? hehe` check back soon ;)

Monday, September 08, 2008

*sliding around like a slug*

HALO Ladies and gentlemen, fans and stalkers~ Long time no see!! It's been exactly a month and one day since I've updated this place. sorry i'm like a slug lately. Did you miss me???

*clear throat due to excessive dust*

A bit of an update` Benben has been fine, still healthy although the eye bags are getting larger by the days. I always say I want to start my face revamp but never did. AHAH!

Winter is over now and Spring is here~ It's starting to get real warm here and I am as dark as the burnt bit on a piece of char siew. (sorry, feel like eating honey glazed bbq pork rice hehehehe)

I've had gigs around the place, playing in weddings and other functions. The other day I played in this massive luncheon organized by the city council for the old folks here. Imagine playing on stage in front of 2000 old folks. hahah` massive afternoon`

Boingboing had started to black mail me, saying that if I don't update my blog soon, he will burn my instruments and feed me to the werewolves. Besides, how can I loose to Hikaru who had recently came out of the closet????? of course must blog die die larh~ hehehehe

but saying that, I am always very lazy. hehe. Okay, just to give an official note that BENBEN's BACK ALRIGHT! [sounds familiar.......] hehehe` till next time~

Thursday, August 07, 2008

birthday Celebration (pt.1)

On my birthday eve, I had a celebration with my high school friends~ A wonderful night of gathering, food and drinks~


The sous chef~

Assistant Sous Chef~

After the hard work of the chefs, we had a very,very wonderful meal of

sarawak laksa!!! walao, you know I haven't eaten laksa for agessssssss~ So I walloped two gigantic bowls of laksa. AHAHAHahAHA :X

Oh did I mention that

They kidnapped me to that place?? lols :P

The whole lot :D

three's a crowd~

And finally,

Yours truly with his favorite cheesecake and the symbol of aging stuck on top hehe :P

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Back in Kampung~

HAlo all!! I am back in my kampung, did you miss me? hehe

Trip to Adelaide was a blast!!! I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there~ Had heaps of sushis, went sight seeing, went to parks, walked around, bumped around, lalala, dididi, bilibalabiii, etc etc~ Will update in detail soon *cross fingers and anything which can be crossed*

My flight back from Adelaide was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tiring and I kid you not. So I was supposed to come back on Saturday, but that flight got canceled for no reason! But I am not complaining about that (cause I get to stay one more day in Adelaide) MuahaHaHahaHAHAHaHHaAHAhA

I board the flight safely on Sunday and as I was about to land at kampung, the flight started to rotate around the place... After awhile there was an announcement saying that we couldn't land at the airport. X_X There was power shortage at the airport runway and therefore we had to fly over to Cairns and I was stuck at the airport for 5 hrs. When I finally got home, it was already 3 in the morning. fulala!

But anyways, uni started this week, all is good so far. Hopefully it will be a very enjoyable sem as well.

Oh, here's a recent picture of me, heheheh. I had 2 hair cuts in Adelaide. This is after the first one. It's a bit bushy on the side cause the wind was damn strong that day.

hehe, my hair is shorter than that now. Will post up a pic soon. Till next time :D

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CPBSP series: The benefits of internet

Another one of benben's CPBSP (Ciak
pah boh sai pang @ Eat full no shit) series~

The benefit of internet:
This should be one of the most common essay topic in secondary school.
I still remember when I was in tuition last time, this kinda essay
topic would be out. I usually will write more cons instead of pros,
you know la, internet waste time, too many humsup yeh, etc etc~today
I'm gonna talk about the benefit of internet, or should i say,
internet chatting to be precise~~ Few days ago, my friend showed me
something on a website. It looked so interesting so I gave it a try,
after few trials, I realised that....

Internet chatting has helped me to improve.....
91 words


my typing~ :X So budak-budak upsr, pmr, spm, lalala, lalala.. remember
to include this point in your essay~

Congratulations, you have reached the
end of the post and have wasted 3 mins of your precious time reading
my CPBSP series~ :S

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Turning 21`

Ah Benben turned 21! :D

Thank you soooooooooo much for all of your birthday wishes, smses, facebook and friendster comments, cards and gifts.!

Another year older, another year vain-er. AHaHAHAH! jk. Thank you all again for making my 21st a very memorable one. :D

Thursday, July 10, 2008

On holiday~

hello all! *wipe dust off blog*

Ah Benben is currently enjoying his winter break and all is good so far. I performed in Australian Festival of Chamber music alongside the Barrier Reef of Orchestra few days ago. It was really a very fascinating experience to see world class musicians performing in the festivals. An eye opener indeed!

I've also tried to auditioned for the Australian Youth Orchestra. Now that one, I don't think I have a chance to get in. I only found out about it and registered two weeks before the closing date. hahaha and with my behzaisi-ness (not-scared-die-ness) I went and enrolled for violin, viola and flute= 3 short pieces and 15 excerpts altogether. AHaHAHAHaHAHAH! So, that one I think it's only an experience larh. Can still try next year :D

Oh yeah, I am in Adelaide now , experiencing a cold winter. hehe It's nice! just that it's a bit grey and gloomy sometimes and you don't get to see the sun that often.

So I guess that's all for today's update. How's everyone else? :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Benben's siasuey moment

There's always these kinda captions around: "my kodak moments", "my twister moments", yada yada, today ah benben encountered his sia-suey (embarassing) moment~

Note to self: always put more money into the debit card if I'm going for groceries shopping. I was like "ermmm errr ermmm I'll get these, these and these tomorrow. I don't think I've brought enough money" HAAHAHaHAHHAH! luckily my friend was there to help me pay the remaining ones. now if you'd excuse me, I need to dig a hole and bury my face` :X

Monday, June 09, 2008

Benben, the serial criminal

I was snapping some pictures for my image folio 2. I was using this mask, which intrigued me a lot. There's so much sense of mysteriousness behind the mask. hehe. Then suddenly it strike me...... why not snap some picture of myself with it~ AHaHaHAH!

Presenting! my serial rapist + killer + bin tai lou look~ AHAHaHahaHAAHAHHAhaAHAHHA! :P imagine those hong kong drama, you know, when the criminal is done with the crime, then they unmask themselves` HAAhAHAHAH! :P

okay, better get back to my folio. lols nitey~

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

River flows in you

I think it was about 2 years ago, one of my 38 friend introduced me to this korean pianist named Yiruma. I have then fallen in love with the piano music that this composer were able to produce, how he uses altered chords and suspensions and all those chord extensions. SO PRETTY CAN DIE THE PIECES!!!!

hehe, so since Ah Ben haven't been posting videos lately, I will share this piece called river flows in you by yiruma. I didn't really practice the piece hence the lack of expressions and the awkward pause in between, but anyways, that is the gist of the piece. Hope you enjoy it :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Debut audition in aus~

Ah Benben went for his debut audition in Aus today~ hahahahaha

Last weekend, I got an email from uni, saying that this week the marketing ppl are holding an audition to look for international students to star in their up coming TV ad~ So after looking at the mail, my ka ch'ng zio (back side itchy) and decided to go for the audition today, besides, what do I have to loose right?! :X

So I went to the audition room, and a nice lady handed me a form to fill. So I take a look.. WOAH! first column, "artist's name" WAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! pardon the wahah, but I feel that the form is so bitchy I have to wahahahha to match with it` lols suddenly become artist, yerdeh! LOLS!

After I fill in my form I got in the room and this friendly chap shook my hand, clipped those talk show mic on my shirt and asked me to stand on the mark in front of the camera~ Oh oh! he asked me to hold the form on my chest, cause the form has this number on it, so I held it like a criminal and gave my DODGIEST smile ever and he snapped my picha LOLS! so embarassing :#

so he asked me the usual questions, what do I think of the uni, how did i know the uni, when did i decide to come over and the whole lot. :D

It was quite fun actually~ So hope I get it leh. (more importantly, hope they pay me money if i get it!) :P

Friday, May 23, 2008

The road not taken~

Starring: Boingboing as benben

It was such a lovely day yesterday, so Ah Benben decided to exercise a bit an slim down his starting-to-get-bigger-ka chng and WALK to uni~

So angel boing was guiding ben's way. Suddenly, angel boing stopped. There was a turning on the right...

...and out of no where, the evil toing APPEARED!!

Of course, ben knew evil toing was nothing but sheer evil, so he continued walking towards angel boing's direction~

Unfortunately, temptation is always at the side of the open road..

and because of that, Ben took the road not taken..........

and ended up at somewhere he thought would lead him to the uni~ ben was quite intrigued with the scenery, it was after all his first time at that trail.

suddenly, he smelt something funky when he was walking. To his horror....

THERE WAS KAO SAI (DOG SHIT) EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! (okay, maybe it was not in the sky, but it's definitely all over) Big one, small one, round one, wet one, dry one, hampalang also got~!

Benben decided to gather up his speed so that he can leave that poo-zone and get to Uni ASAP. When he thought he saw a bridge to cross over.....

.. it was actually a damp on the river. BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! wasted effort~!

Actually I tried to use the shortcut cause my landlord's mom said there was one to the uni. Obviously, I took the wrong shortcut. The moral of the story is don't receive lollypop from evil toing don't explore "shortcuts" when you have uni or else you might end up in poo-zone~ :X

Saturday, May 17, 2008

walk walk find eat~

So hard to jalan-jalan cari makan (walk-walk find eat) over here le. No hawker stall, no belachan bee hoon, no kopitiam, heck, NO SUSHI KING EVEN!!! I dreamt about sushi the other night, you can imagine how sushi-ly deprived I am~ :X

Oh` So the other day I was at McD having something to eat. I ordered Mc Chicken and when I sat down, I HAD AN ELIGHTENMENT!! *Hallelujah chorus playing in the background* okay.. maybe there wasn't the light-shining-down-from-cloud scenario, but I did realize something.

I just went to woolworth for groceries and i had HAM AND BBQ SAUCE in the bags. WahaHAHAhahahahaAH. In case you didnt know, you have to pay to get your sauce in the McD here. It's not like back home where you can squirt the sauce until tsunami also nobody care. So that day I actually had McChick-ham + BBq sauce hehehe yummie :P

then last night~ I had something quite interesting.

Noodle boxes~ heheh :D

It's like those thing you only see in movies, where the angmoh eat their chinese take-aways from boxes??? hahaha besides, where in the world can we find mee goreng in boxes back home, wrapped in banana leaves then got la! ahha

I ordered Terriyaki Chicken. Should have ordered beef instead` hehe It was quite nice, but when you reach the bottom of the box you feel sick already :P

OH OH OH OH !!! I GAINED BACK 2KG~ Fatso already now. hahahah So I am now back to my 66kgs hehehe :P

I should update more often, haha I miss the enjoyment of confusing other people with my rojak language` hehehe very long didnt feature boing boing already, he baru slam my head with fly swatter the other day hahaha oops :X

K, I am going to watch my first movie in oz today~! haha, so catch you guys later~ :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I love my evening walk

Ah benben enjoys his evening walks~! Last time when I was home right, I don't think I will even walk to some place. Why bother when you have a car leh?! hehe It's different here. I think the amount spent on walking is my yearly walking record in kuching. hahha

I usually go for a walk at the park along the river (I think I mentioned this few posts back). I would walk there and would jog back sometimes. hehe today I've got a few pictures to share with you guys cause benben has a hp already bahahahah :X

My favorite spot in the park~ It's at the other end of the park and it's out of the main trail so usually I can have the whole place to myself. Damn relaxing~!

Of cos when you're relaxing, you have to...

take vain pictures of yourself!!!! bahahahahahhahaha yes, I look like this just in case you guys don't remember hehe :P My eye bags are so deep cause the previous night I woke up at 3 and couldn't sleep. tadah~~ :X

It's approaching winter now so the sky gets dark around 630. I usually start walking back at around 6 and it's that time of the hour...

when the colors of the sky and surroundings are one of the most attractive things you'll see in a day. :)