Saturday, January 26, 2008

Benben in KL`

BenBen will be in KL. Shopping~! MeetupS~! fun~!!! hehe.

p.s: you can reach me at my hp if there's anything`~ :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

chi ko long tong ciang tong chiang~ (2nd Chiang!)

And today's 2nd Chiang would be.....

Heart-shaped kupa kupa cookies~ The society is so deprived of Love, so Ah Benben bake love shaped cookies to make this world a better place~ (like as if I am some sort of wizard with black magic. Remember to eat the cookies baked by me :X)

prepare the necessary witch craft ingredients~ dump everything in, io ka chng a bit and voila~! the dough is done` Use a cookie cutter and cut the dough and you should get something like...

This~ An army of Love` Dump them into the "fiery pit" again and leave them aside to cool`.

At first I thought making the pineapple tarts was troublesome, making this sort of cookies with icing on top was 100 times worst than making the tart.` Why? cause you need to make icing to glaze the surface of the cookie, and you need to draw deco on top of the cookies~~~

My first attempt looked like...

a splat of shit on top

And after a few sai-on-the-heart, I managed to draw...

Something decent!! hahahahahaha

Bake for another 10 mins for the icings to set~

The cookies are a bit too sweet (remember not to follow the sugar amount stated in recipes :\)but nonetheless, Ah Benben proudly declare that

2nd chiang, A SUCCESS~! *black eyed peas' where is the love playing in the background~*

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

chi ko long tong ciang tong chiang~ (1st Chiang!)

Chinese New year is around the corner~ So today, Ah BenBen kiasu till die go and make new year cookies` L O L O L S~!

today's mission: Pineapple tarts~

Prepare the weapons~!

It's such hard work to make pineapple tarts! luckily the jam is readily made, but you'd still have to mold the jam, pipe the dough, rough it up, glaze the tarts.. o m G!

Benben's pineapple tarts army and they sacrificed themselves by going in to the oven and down the stomach :X

Tadah~! my first attempt, SUCCESSFUL!! heheheheh

I wanted to put Christmas song while baking see got any side effects or not the tarts :P. But PC asked me to play classical music instead~ So I played Beethoven's symphonies on the stereo while I was making the tarts, don't know when you eat it can feel the music or not~ lolsssss

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Bangkok (pt.3)

our next stop was emporium, the "walk-in-can-smell-money" place`

We actually came here for the exhibition and I was impressed that Thailand's princess actually designed her fashion line, which she included thai traditional motives and modernized them, and brought all of her designs to paris for exhibition` WOW! and I thought royalties just sit in the palace and comes out to do occasional miss world hand waves :X

a bit of publicity before i leave the hall` hahahaha :P

Our next stop was..

kao san road~ Looks a bit like putrajaya right the pic? lolss sorry it's blur i couldn't stabilize my hand any better~

barbecued eggs :X and also...

Barbecued meat~ Seriously it looks like rats to me, how they clip it like that *fainted*

kao san road is like the kuai-lou area and never in my life have I seen soooooooooooooooooooooooooo many foreigners gathering at one spot and all of them are so gorgeous as if they had just walked out from magazines or something. How come we don't get that in Malaysia? Ish :X

My first taste of Pat thai Kung. It looks like fried kuey tiaw but it's sweet~ quite tasty hehehe

Thai curry~ We ordered tom yum kung too` but since it was messed up before I took picture, I didn't post it up. The tom yum was DELICIOUS!!!! *drooooooolsssssss*

There were alcohol ban due to the pre-election thing, so there wouldn't be any alcohol served during the remaining period of my stay. So we decided to grab a drink at kao san. the drinks cost rm6 per glass and the taste was.. Yucky` hahahahahahhah

Trip to thailand wouldn't be complete if you haven't sit on a tuk-tuk` it's quite fun actually especially when the drivers are speeding` hahaha

After that we went back to the hotel and .........

Monday, January 07, 2008

Bangkok (pt.2)

And the trip continues!!!!

We stayed at Reflections room, Bangkok. This place is actually some sort of designer "hotel" whereby there's a few rooms and each rooms are custom designed by the local artists there. It was quite fascinating to see all the designs, some haunting, some peculiar, and mine? I'd say "posh"~ I get to poop in front of branded shops (D&G, Gucci, LV, Prada etc. etc.) and the Eiffel Towel..

"Literally" :X

my cosy room`~

After we unpacked and changed, we went to grab ourselves some meal~

The great hunt begins, and we strayed and wondered and we ended up at a Thai Kopitiam..

Your finger is essential when ordering food especially when your sentences sounds like !@#$%^*%^&@$%^!@$!@#$ in their head, and vice versa`~

I ordered a plate of Moo Fried rice` (yes, moo means beef :X) and a bottle of weird tasting orange drink :X The food are really cheap there~ A giant bowl of fried moo rice and the orange only cost me RM4.50. The portion was so huge that we had to practically drag our ka chng out from the shop`

After the meal we head over to "playground", a concept store where you get a huge collection of magazines and cds on the ground floor, artistic books and stationaries on the first and household items (something like "rooms") on the second. It was a cool place`

Enjoying the drink and listening to the Ipods at Starbucks before we head off to...... :P

Sunday, January 06, 2008

it's been a bloody night`

... cause toingtoing murdered the Advertlets ad`

earlier on, if you visited benben's page and got redirected to some weird page (click Here for example` Anna did beautiful screen shot of it :P)

I found out that it was actually the ads acting up cause it expired or something and apparently those who have them on the blog can't launch their blogs properly.

With all respect, the company had helped me earned some moolah in the past. But not paying attention to server expiry dates is way too lame as an excuse for a professional organization.

therefore, I hired toingtoing to terminate the ads in my blog and it's up and running like normal.

I apologize for any inconveniences caused to my visitors. As for the ads, I might put it back up when the site is more stable~

Saturday, January 05, 2008

indian nipple song~

*intermission from trip report`*

I found this in youtube and it is currently my favourite song` hahahahahahahahahah damn these people are creative! Do watch it.. wait.. dont watch it if you're narrow minded` ahems` :X and I thought io ka chng was the bomb, now they come out with nipple song~ :X ahahhaa

Friday, January 04, 2008

Bangkok (pt.1)

sawadeeka~ Ah benben is back to update you with my trip` teehee. Since they all left from kl to bangkok, I had to flew over to KL first. Then the first night, I stayed over at Angel suite thank you so much for picking me up and providing a shelter, memang a true angel~! hehe

Then the next day i sat skybus to lcct again, then meet up with the rest of the group` there were 18 of us on that particular trip, and boy was I glad that all of them were friendly peeps. Imagine, a cute, little boy, flying over south china sea, and go to bangkok with a bunch of strangers, fulala, I must have had lots of guts to do so..

anyways enough of the drama :P It was fun boarding the Thai Airasia plane~ The stewards and stewardess were all from thailand and they were very good looking~ heheheheheheheh :X

I think it says "it's a serious offense if you don't io kachng (shake your butt) in Thailand"....

It was demo time~ and it was the first time the attendant borrowed my desk to put their demo mask.. so snap pictures lor, "bloggers marh, jakun marh, everything also wanna take marh" (quoted from general public)

and I made new friends~!

meet yan and joanne(without spects) :D

After approximately two hours of plane ride,

we reached bangkok international airport~ The airport was under construction so it was a bit of a havoc at the arrival hall. I had fun posing in front of the cam during the immigration check lols~ :P

And when we went out to wait for our van, the first thing that caught my attention was..

the taxis in magenta paints` :S

stay tuned for more ;)