Monday, March 24, 2008

In the lorong somewhere on earth...

... Lives ah Benben and his two housemates` ahahaha Basically it's quite a safe neighbourhood, apart from the !@#$%^ dogs in a few of the houses. Other than that it's not too bad~

The fences are so low they can consider not having them at all. But unlike back home where some of the fences are as tall as the magic bean stalk (which the burglars could still break in o_O), some people just leave their gates wide opened.. and it seemed okay

A preview of the place where I stay~~

There's a pool table outside so I sometimes go out and poke a few balls~

The cosy living room~ I usually lie on the floor when I watch TV lols There's DVD player but NO UNCLE HO HERE!!! T_T

The lovely kitchen where I cook`~

Then there's... MY BEDROOM~! AHAHA sorry very messy :P

THE FURNITURES ARE SO EXPENSIVE!!!! So, I bought and assembled the table and chair myself~ It was fun! :D There's a window at the side for me to spy at the neighbours~ :X

The other side of my room~ My "bed" hahahaha! The mattress which I ordered is still on the way from Sydney (AH MAY!!!! :P) So I had to curi (steal) the cushion from the sofa outside :X Hahhahaha~ I could only bring so little T-shirts over aiiii~ i miss my wadrobe. lols can you spot the hidden blue blue teis? :P

So yeah, although it's not as high class as Silver's place but that's the cosy place I'm staying in` :) No pictures of the house cause scared stalker come later hehe. To end the post....


Picture of dinner AGAIN~! ahahhahaha! I should change my blog name to benben is cooking (later ah wennn sue me lols) I cooked sweet and sour fish fillet last night` :)


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Brita Brita I lap you~~



Brita Filter Container~! and trust me, Pipe water never tasted so good` BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH Bye bye to expensive bottled water~ *io ka chng io ka chng~~~*

OH! Ah benben tried to mow the lawn today~ and the lawn mower, suddenly malfunctioned (I.e stopped suddenly) AHAHAHAHHAHAAH Oh my~ dunno is it we flooded the thing with too much benzine :X anyways, will try again tomorrow hehe

and Tonight's dinner is

Mushroom chicken in white sauce and stir fried celery~ sorry all the pictures yellow color, cause I didn't put flash and the color of the dining hall is like that.. :X haha This few days so 38 post up pictures of my dinner` hehe but isn't this what a blog is all about? sharing with friends hehehehe ;)

Easter sunday tomorrow~

Friday, March 21, 2008

The day the Lord died for us

Today is good friday and it's a major celebration for Christian. Today 2000 years ago, the Lord sacrificed himself to be nailed on the crucifix so that we sinners can have eternal life. What a great thing to do aye? No wonder they called it the sacrificial love.

Today, the seafood shops in townsville had sold out all of their stock because catholics can't take meat on Friday. Even though Ah Benben is not a catholic, he decided to follow the catholic tradition today and cooked....

Pan fried fish with chips and veges. hehehe One thing fun about studying overseas is that you get to mess around in the kitchen. :D

OH! just now when I was frying the chips, the stove short circuited and gave out a THUD! there were blue sparks for a second! yikes. But the funny thing was.. I wasn't using that particular stove but it got sotzzz instead. Fingers crossed that it's not gonna be expensive to fix it.

P.s: I fixed the gate today cause the lock wouldn't budge. Not bad for a music student aye? lols

Weekend weekend weekend weekend!

It's so hard to get a public holiday in Australia, unlike in Malaysia, syiok syiok got holiday, SO FUN CAN?!?! lols~ anyways, Since it was a long weekend, ah benben decided to borrow the camera from the lab again (so that I can return it next tuesday.. ahahahahhahahaa :X) and since I have a camera (with the cable) at home, I can show you the picture of my.....

Dinner last night~ AHAHAHAHAHAHAHaHaHAAHaHhaAhA

My first attempt to cook lemon chicken. The lemon juice was a bit sour, so I added honey and it tasted like honey lemon, so it was not too bad for a first attempt` hehe. Then just stir fry a plate of mix vege and you get a nice dinner :) Too bad i didn't have camera when i cooked my first buttered chicken and the bulgogi. hehe oh wells, maybe next time.

So, this weekend.. I haven't really planned out what to do yet.. except going to church on easter sunday and on sunday night we might go and watch my friend's band perform. What should I do today?! What should I do tomorrow?!?! hahaha drama drama.. oh wells, I'll figure that out later.

and for the mean time.. please excuse me while I do my laundry on a sunday friday morning hehe

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A sunny St Patty's day~

It was St patrick's day on Monday and Ah Benben has borrowed a camera from the lab~ So I decided to go over to the city and snap a few pictures~ heheheheheh

I did manage to snap a few pictures and for the first time playing with an Slr camera, I didn't know what the heck was going on. lols~ But when you have a camera in your hand, you just cant stop the temptation to snap snap and snap all the way` :D

So after walking along the strand, we decided to pop by the Irish bar called "Irish Finnegan" (St Patrick's day is an Irish Celebration). It is a tradition to wear green on St Patty's day because it symbolizes the Shamrock, and they said that on St. Patty's day, you are supposed to drown the shamrock (in this case urself, since you wore a green shirt) with alcohol` LOLS! such a wonderful excuse to drink, hahahahah! So Ah Benben took a glass of KillKenny on the special occassion` hehe

Monday night was a performance with the Barrier Reef Orchestra. Hehe, I was lucky enough to be able to join in the performance, seeing that I've only went to rehearsal for three times. The concert was indeed a great experience and even the youth orchestra is better than the orchestra back home. Alamak :X

I just had dinner and tonight's menu was Pork Stew and Stir fried Cabbage with egg. hehehe Sorry no pictures cause I could only hold on to the SLR for 24 hrs. OH~ when you have a camera, you must definitely.....


p.s: I lost 4kgs since I came over. hahaha must be all the walking :X

Friday, March 14, 2008


The water tastes weird over here. No matter how I boil it, it still tastes like shit. The odor is so intense I cannot really stand it. aiyerrrr I heard Queensland used recycled water i.e flushed toilet water. O M G!

I know i might not be used to the odor yet, but the water back home no odor at all one marh! I even tried to dump a few pieces of lemon in to lessen the odour, but the other time it didn't work. Now I am gonna give it a second go. If not, I would have to buy bottled drinking water and that would eventually cost me around RM 3000 for the period I am over here. KIU LANG OH!! (somebody save me~!!)

Spritzer and Borneo mineral water, where art thou? Thy taste so sweet, as though I am drinking from the fountain of the Gods. HAHAHAHAHAHA see how stinky water can make u nutz? :X

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Hey all~ sorry for taking so long since my last update` :P Ah benben has settled down, moved in a house and started uni a week ago. Everything is fine! oh~ to answer some of the questions, Ah Benben is in Queensland now, that is the northern part of australia. I am majoring in digital sound and minoring in digital imaging. hehe` The uni is like a big wild life centre cause there are so many trees around, and I get to see cute walibis (a type of kangaroo... i think :X)hoping around!!! so adorable can die~! I'll take pictures when I get my card reader~ heheheh :D

Life here has been quite good so far. I was so happy to see rice in woolies (one of the hypermarts in aus, Woolworths)~ hehe so I'll cook rice most of the nights followed by two dishes. I had fun trying out different dishes~ I didn't take any photographs cause I can't upload it to my com (smart me forgot to bring my cable remember?? :X) Anyways, I tried to cook a couple of things and mostly turned out presentable and edible~! hehe Last night, I cooked buttered chicken and it was not too bad for a first time! hehe Tonight I cooked Bulgogi~ and I think I cooked nasi goreng pattaya last weekend. HAHAHAHAHAH!

The populations of Asian at the place I am at is soooooo little, I would say maybe around 0.3-0.5% only. So everywhere I am surrounded by angmoh most of the time~ Culture wise is of course very much different, eg: we don't make out in public places, we don't go to the mall barefooted/half naked, we don't see the cashiers in malaysia go "hey, how are you today~?" and so on. So it's very different but I like how they don't trail your ka chng when ur in a shop? they would ask once then leave you alone, and that I think is so important to make a shopper happy~

OH OH OH~! Ah benben went clubbing dy` hahahahahahha! It was interesting, and the best thing is: you go in a club smelling good, and you come out of the club smelling good too~ It's not like back home where they all smoked inside the club and you come out smelling like shit. Most of the places are non smoking zones and they do abide to that rule, THANK GOODNESS! Oh oh~! and I bitchily took picture of the condom vending machines in the toilet and I will post that up too when I can ahahhahahahahahaha

So yeah, that's is pretty much about it. I'll try to update more, but it's not gonna be interesting since there's not much photos to see leh` but oh wells, thanks for reading anyways :D