Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I love my evening walk

Ah benben enjoys his evening walks~! Last time when I was home right, I don't think I will even walk to some place. Why bother when you have a car leh?! hehe It's different here. I think the amount spent on walking is my yearly walking record in kuching. hahha

I usually go for a walk at the park along the river (I think I mentioned this few posts back). I would walk there and would jog back sometimes. hehe today I've got a few pictures to share with you guys cause benben has a hp already bahahahah :X

My favorite spot in the park~ It's at the other end of the park and it's out of the main trail so usually I can have the whole place to myself. Damn relaxing~!

Of cos when you're relaxing, you have to...

take vain pictures of yourself!!!! bahahahahahhahaha yes, I look like this just in case you guys don't remember hehe :P My eye bags are so deep cause the previous night I woke up at 3 and couldn't sleep. tadah~~ :X

It's approaching winter now so the sky gets dark around 630. I usually start walking back at around 6 and it's that time of the hour...

when the colors of the sky and surroundings are one of the most attractive things you'll see in a day. :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

*insert bitchy laugh here*

heheheh hello all~!!! :D still remember me or not zek? I know I know, it's been so long since I've updated this blog of mine. Sorry lar, no camera cable no motivation to post blog, you know la, a blog full of words is not very interesting isn't it??? (especially when I use rojak language, it makes everything worst more complicated~)

So, a bit of update about uni. I've finished the first wave of quizzes and assignments so I am quite slack now heheheheh There will be a week of lecture recess next week, so I might go to magnetic island for a trip *io io io ~* Hope I get to see pretty coral reeves because the great barrier reef is just somewhere there.. I think :X hehe

Apart from that, I've been going for walks along ross river` Yes, I actually dragged my heavy ka chng out for a walk. There's a place along the ross river park, where the owner of doggies can unleash their dogs and let them run around. SO ADORABLE THE DOGGIES!!!!!!!! Oh, and I jogged home the other day~! so proud of myself :P

so you think ah benben is finally doing some healthy stuff for himself? hehe not completely true. Last night I cooked grilled honey terriyaki chicken with mashed potatoes and boiled vege` *insert picture here* SEE how important is a camera?!?! bahahahah

Oh yeah, my hair is getting longer so I predict I will become a cave man in like... errrrrr 2 months' time? hehehehe

how is everyone? did i miss out on anything important? I miss going out for a drink with friends back home. Oh, and gwen and geri, miss you girls too~ (so sweet of her to leave msg in my facebook) hehe Gwen and Sala asked me to update blog~ see, got reminder, very nice isn't it?

Even though it's approaching winter,it's not really cold at my place, so I still go walking around in t-shirts, board shorts and flops. But sometimes it gets rather chilly at night`

yeap, so that's for the short update~ I've been a good boy *puts angel halo on head* so don't worry` heheheh take k you guys *huggy wuggy`* :D