Monday, May 26, 2008

Debut audition in aus~

Ah Benben went for his debut audition in Aus today~ hahahahaha

Last weekend, I got an email from uni, saying that this week the marketing ppl are holding an audition to look for international students to star in their up coming TV ad~ So after looking at the mail, my ka ch'ng zio (back side itchy) and decided to go for the audition today, besides, what do I have to loose right?! :X

So I went to the audition room, and a nice lady handed me a form to fill. So I take a look.. WOAH! first column, "artist's name" WAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! pardon the wahah, but I feel that the form is so bitchy I have to wahahahha to match with it` lols suddenly become artist, yerdeh! LOLS!

After I fill in my form I got in the room and this friendly chap shook my hand, clipped those talk show mic on my shirt and asked me to stand on the mark in front of the camera~ Oh oh! he asked me to hold the form on my chest, cause the form has this number on it, so I held it like a criminal and gave my DODGIEST smile ever and he snapped my picha LOLS! so embarassing :#

so he asked me the usual questions, what do I think of the uni, how did i know the uni, when did i decide to come over and the whole lot. :D

It was quite fun actually~ So hope I get it leh. (more importantly, hope they pay me money if i get it!) :P

Friday, May 23, 2008

The road not taken~

Starring: Boingboing as benben

It was such a lovely day yesterday, so Ah Benben decided to exercise a bit an slim down his starting-to-get-bigger-ka chng and WALK to uni~

So angel boing was guiding ben's way. Suddenly, angel boing stopped. There was a turning on the right...

...and out of no where, the evil toing APPEARED!!

Of course, ben knew evil toing was nothing but sheer evil, so he continued walking towards angel boing's direction~

Unfortunately, temptation is always at the side of the open road..

and because of that, Ben took the road not taken..........

and ended up at somewhere he thought would lead him to the uni~ ben was quite intrigued with the scenery, it was after all his first time at that trail.

suddenly, he smelt something funky when he was walking. To his horror....

THERE WAS KAO SAI (DOG SHIT) EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! (okay, maybe it was not in the sky, but it's definitely all over) Big one, small one, round one, wet one, dry one, hampalang also got~!

Benben decided to gather up his speed so that he can leave that poo-zone and get to Uni ASAP. When he thought he saw a bridge to cross over.....

.. it was actually a damp on the river. BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! wasted effort~!

Actually I tried to use the shortcut cause my landlord's mom said there was one to the uni. Obviously, I took the wrong shortcut. The moral of the story is don't receive lollypop from evil toing don't explore "shortcuts" when you have uni or else you might end up in poo-zone~ :X

Saturday, May 17, 2008

walk walk find eat~

So hard to jalan-jalan cari makan (walk-walk find eat) over here le. No hawker stall, no belachan bee hoon, no kopitiam, heck, NO SUSHI KING EVEN!!! I dreamt about sushi the other night, you can imagine how sushi-ly deprived I am~ :X

Oh` So the other day I was at McD having something to eat. I ordered Mc Chicken and when I sat down, I HAD AN ELIGHTENMENT!! *Hallelujah chorus playing in the background* okay.. maybe there wasn't the light-shining-down-from-cloud scenario, but I did realize something.

I just went to woolworth for groceries and i had HAM AND BBQ SAUCE in the bags. WahaHAHAhahahahaAH. In case you didnt know, you have to pay to get your sauce in the McD here. It's not like back home where you can squirt the sauce until tsunami also nobody care. So that day I actually had McChick-ham + BBq sauce hehehe yummie :P

then last night~ I had something quite interesting.

Noodle boxes~ heheh :D

It's like those thing you only see in movies, where the angmoh eat their chinese take-aways from boxes??? hahaha besides, where in the world can we find mee goreng in boxes back home, wrapped in banana leaves then got la! ahha

I ordered Terriyaki Chicken. Should have ordered beef instead` hehe It was quite nice, but when you reach the bottom of the box you feel sick already :P

OH OH OH OH !!! I GAINED BACK 2KG~ Fatso already now. hahahah So I am now back to my 66kgs hehehe :P

I should update more often, haha I miss the enjoyment of confusing other people with my rojak language` hehehe very long didnt feature boing boing already, he baru slam my head with fly swatter the other day hahaha oops :X

K, I am going to watch my first movie in oz today~! haha, so catch you guys later~ :)