Thursday, August 07, 2008

birthday Celebration (pt.1)

On my birthday eve, I had a celebration with my high school friends~ A wonderful night of gathering, food and drinks~


The sous chef~

Assistant Sous Chef~

After the hard work of the chefs, we had a very,very wonderful meal of

sarawak laksa!!! walao, you know I haven't eaten laksa for agessssssss~ So I walloped two gigantic bowls of laksa. AHAHAHahAHA :X

Oh did I mention that

They kidnapped me to that place?? lols :P

The whole lot :D

three's a crowd~

And finally,

Yours truly with his favorite cheesecake and the symbol of aging stuck on top hehe :P

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Back in Kampung~

HAlo all!! I am back in my kampung, did you miss me? hehe

Trip to Adelaide was a blast!!! I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there~ Had heaps of sushis, went sight seeing, went to parks, walked around, bumped around, lalala, dididi, bilibalabiii, etc etc~ Will update in detail soon *cross fingers and anything which can be crossed*

My flight back from Adelaide was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tiring and I kid you not. So I was supposed to come back on Saturday, but that flight got canceled for no reason! But I am not complaining about that (cause I get to stay one more day in Adelaide) MuahaHaHahaHAHAHaHHaAHAhA

I board the flight safely on Sunday and as I was about to land at kampung, the flight started to rotate around the place... After awhile there was an announcement saying that we couldn't land at the airport. X_X There was power shortage at the airport runway and therefore we had to fly over to Cairns and I was stuck at the airport for 5 hrs. When I finally got home, it was already 3 in the morning. fulala!

But anyways, uni started this week, all is good so far. Hopefully it will be a very enjoyable sem as well.

Oh, here's a recent picture of me, heheheh. I had 2 hair cuts in Adelaide. This is after the first one. It's a bit bushy on the side cause the wind was damn strong that day.

hehe, my hair is shorter than that now. Will post up a pic soon. Till next time :D