Friday, September 26, 2008

Adelaide trip update!~

It's finally here!!! Are you ready for it???? lols

A sneak preview of the pictures that I took~ heheh this was taken in a wildlife park. Got national geographic feeling or not?? heheheheh :D

my first audition

My first big audition was unsuccessful! haha. Months ago, I auditioned for the Australian Youth Orchestra and the results were leased today` I didn't get in hehe, just like what I expected. :) I am, however, on reserve for my violin and viola. So, in case some one lao sai until cannot walk, I might be asked to go in.

haha, anyways, provided I only practice such little amount of time for three instruments and still managed to get into reserve for two, I should be thankful aye? This is the whole Australia we are talking about! hahaha

Anyways, a fun first experience to audition for such big event. maybe i will give it a go again next year. lols!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Sigh, just when I wanna blog like no tomorrow, my lappie suddenly decided to go bonkers on me!

I think there's something wrong with the hard disk, and the other day when I was half way drawing boingboing, The whole com hang! Even if I tried to restart it, it doesn't work. sigh sigh sigh~

Anyways, I will try to type as fast as I can and try to upload before the thing hang. hehehe.

I am gonna start my induction tomorrow, yes, ah ben is starting work. Tomorrow is going to be a long day, 9 - 12 for the induction, then later in the evening I have a 3 hr gig! (moolah come rolling in!! *sings happy tree friend theme song~*)

Okay, short update~ !

p.s: ah benben is sick! there's like a virus going on. ugh, hate being sick. Someone please DHL or UPS me chicken soup with mushroom~ :P

Friday, September 12, 2008

21st bday~ (pt.2)

After almost two months still linger on to the 21st bday, it must be of some significance ey? HAHAHAHA

On my bday, my sis treat me to a feast in a korean restaurant~ When I look at the pictures now still drooling eh`

Entree~ Sotong kukus @ steamed Squid :X

Side dishes

Seafood hotpot~ The soup was sooooooooooooo salty at the end of the meal. I sip of the soup I could feel my scalp shriveled up and hair falling off.. okay.. maybe not so serious :P


Sweet and spicy pork~ essential source of fat too boost the io ka chng skill` ohohohho :P

After the very very wonderful dinner,

I get a wonderful chocolate mousse and moscato~ IT WAS HEAVENLY!!! I had 4 or 5 pieces~ In the period of 3 days so you don't have to scream yet :P

A picture for the album~ Thank you all again for the wonderful wishes, gifts and cards. fish and gang for the dinner and gifts~ Thanks to sala for sending me a singing card from UK (It was soaked when I got it so it got a bit short circuited and it wouldn't stop singing if you don't close it right!!!! HAAHAHHAHAH). Oh and I got a psp already! 1 item off the wish list hehe. Thanks to yen and milk~

and my lovely mom who sent me a birthday card from malaysia and made my eyes welled with tears. hehe.

P.s: See, told ya guys I will update more often right? hehe` check back soon ;)

Monday, September 08, 2008

*sliding around like a slug*

HALO Ladies and gentlemen, fans and stalkers~ Long time no see!! It's been exactly a month and one day since I've updated this place. sorry i'm like a slug lately. Did you miss me???

*clear throat due to excessive dust*

A bit of an update` Benben has been fine, still healthy although the eye bags are getting larger by the days. I always say I want to start my face revamp but never did. AHAH!

Winter is over now and Spring is here~ It's starting to get real warm here and I am as dark as the burnt bit on a piece of char siew. (sorry, feel like eating honey glazed bbq pork rice hehehehe)

I've had gigs around the place, playing in weddings and other functions. The other day I played in this massive luncheon organized by the city council for the old folks here. Imagine playing on stage in front of 2000 old folks. hahah` massive afternoon`

Boingboing had started to black mail me, saying that if I don't update my blog soon, he will burn my instruments and feed me to the werewolves. Besides, how can I loose to Hikaru who had recently came out of the closet????? of course must blog die die larh~ hehehehe

but saying that, I am always very lazy. hehe. Okay, just to give an official note that BENBEN's BACK ALRIGHT! [sounds familiar.......] hehehe` till next time~