Monday, October 27, 2008

my results...

... are like a big pile of gu sai` (cow poo).. wait, I think gu-sai is better than my results...

ai` so mood-less now.. don't even know if I'm taking the right degree or not.


*rants rants rants*

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Profile picture~

If you still remember a few moons ago, I went and auditioned for the TV Ad thingy for the uni. I didn't get in that one but I got my profile displayed in the new Creative Arts Booklet. muahahahahhahaha, free nice nice picture to satisfy the vain side of me for professional usage~ woohooo~ There are a few pics, so I chose two to show you guys~

I like this one, so deep in thoughts and my concubine so shinny can faint~ :P

and the next one...

with my violin`

Even though I did not receive any payments for the ad campaign, I am still satisfied with the pics that they gave me. hehe :P

Monday, October 13, 2008


My laptop's hard disc has completely kapoooted.. sigh` so now I don't know how to update dy (good excuse for my lack of update) AHHAHAHAHAHAHA`

I think people also gave up waiting for my updates, sorry to disappoint *japanese bow*

Oh wells, hope I can sort things out with the lappie, and who knows I might start updating from uni's com` heheh.

have a good week~ :)