Monday, November 17, 2008

pop art

Benben just started learning how to use photoshop around August this year. Since I am minoring in photography, I had to learn how to process the image as well. I really enjoyed this last assignment. We had to snap the pictures and generate pop art from it~ hehehe Since I liked it so much, I'd show you what I have done. It's just amateur work so do pardon my noob-ness~

Inspired by Lichtenstein`

ooooooops~ resize till too small. hehehe This Andy Warhol style can be generated with Mac Iphoto booth thingy, But I had to snap the pics and color it and yada yada didadi lalala and the lot~

Wonder when will I learn to manipulate the image of ugly things into something drop dead gorgeous hor? baahahahhahah

Friday, November 07, 2008

you know it's summer soon...

when there's FREAKING GAZILLIONS Flies in your house! I Kid you not! and NO, I did not murder anyone and hide the body in the store room. It must be when the house was open for inspection yesterday, they left the door wide open.

This morning when I woke up and walked out of my room, an annoying fly was circling me. So as I continued to walk towards the dining area, I saw a fly stopping on the curtains. I then prepared my fly-squishing kung fu pose and WHAM! got the idiotic fly. When I thought everything was over, I was damn wrong! Killing the fly was when all hell breaks loose! All the lalats stopping on the other corner of the curtain flew up, it felt as if I was seeing black flying moles coming in my direction! GAHHHHHHH!

It was a funny sight at 9 in the morning. You can imagine yours truly, standing there slapping on the curtains trying to kill as many flies as possible. After a very, very tiring of .. 20 minutes maybe, I've finally managed to squish most if not all of them. and you know what is the tabulated death counts?!

"blah, this ah ben talk cock only larh~ How can someone kill so many flies using hands??"

Zeng zeng zeng!!1 I shall now post the pictures as proof! But I warn you, if you're eating something, you better not see as you might find the flies a bit geliks.

looks okay right.. how bout.. we take a closer look..











LALATS!!!! There's 38 on the toilet roll, 2 squished beyond salvage, 4 which I slayed later after I took the pics.

Maybe can qualify for World Record Book. But I don't want them to put me in a room full of flies. I'd rather die. Now, you shall call me Ben, the lalat slayer~! who wants a handshake?

Thursday, November 06, 2008


.. is so fragile. People never seemed to never cherish someone when they are by their side, no matter how many times it's been said in blogs, no matter how painful and real that they make it in movies, people never seemed to realize how important it is to cherish the people around them. I was browsing youtube when I came across this short clip. It's so true when they said kids have the purest heart. ai, amat terharu sekali~

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Trip to Cleland Wildlife SA~

Hehehe~ finally start to update about my trip` that was like... 4 months ago?! HAHAHAHAHAHAH time flies~

anyways, I visited Cleland wildlife when I was in SA the other day. It was quite a gloomy day and it rained a bit at the end of my trip`

I enjoyed feeding the kangaroooos over there. Some of the kangaroos sipeh haolian one lor! (damn proud one lor!) Either they are full already, sick of the food, or I am not attractive enough to seduce them to feed from my hand. But at the end I managed to find a few hungry ones, which was fun~ Besides,

How can you not want to feed them when they show you their cute puppy eye kangaroo eye look~ cute till pengsan~ (fainted) Rames, don't jealous okay~ hahaha

Then there's

Tua pui koala aka fat koala~ ehehehhehe Quite adorable see them chew Eucalyptus with their sleeepy look~

one for the album`

Apart from those there are heaps of birds!!!

From Big birds....

to small birds~

I even saw blue bird flying in the sky~ (erm.. that didn't sound very right did it? :X)

The sky turned gloomy in the end and started to rain before we left~ It was a fun day though, getting to have close encounters with these animals~ What did ah benben do next? Stay tuned when he updates about his trip~

*press off on the remote control*

Monday, November 03, 2008

Wait there~

good filler post to cover up that I haven't blog for many moons~Some simple piece for you guys to listen to~ It's wait there by yiruma~ hehe purposely make the background yellow in color to give it that vintage feeling :P The vid might not be available until youtube has processed it~ so do pop by later if it doesn't work.