Tuesday, December 30, 2008

happy new year~

hello guys~ greetings again from benben the disappearing act master~ hehehe

How did the Christmas go? This year benben decided to get himself a Wii console~~

hehehehe But it was all sold out over here! Crazy Christmas sale! So mine would probably reach my place in January.

Apart from that, I think I did mention that I am doing working double jobs right? hehehe today is my day off!!! quite happy` no wonder people are so excited when they have a day off~ hahaha

Okay, just a very short update. Dont think i will be able to go online tomorrow so here wishing you guys an early HAPPY 2009!!! :D

Friday, December 12, 2008

December lu~

wah, didn't blog didn't blog also december already... meaning 2008 almost over lu!!!

A little bit of an update: I am no longer staying at the cosy little home with a pool table anymore~ I've moved to a neighborhood by the river. ahahahahahahha (some atas place :P) Then again, it's not permanent and I will move for another time in Febuary.

Apart from that, I've just recovered from food poisoning. Walau, the last few days really feel like wanna die. I can't even drink cause it will just come back up! Ka chng also lao till pain. ahhahahahahha. The girls are quite jealous that I lost 5kgs, but so suffering! HAHAHAH

erm what else, oh, I am working two jobs now cause it's summer. So it's kinda fun. One is in retail, another one in F & B. Some customers can really get on your nerve with their stupid questions. Pfffttt. hahaha

OH!!!! Benben is going to Cairns again this weekend for a concert tour. We will be performing Handel's Messiah up there. SUSHI!!!!! Wahahahhahaha can't wait. then again... the pieces are around 36 pages long... dont know after rehearsals still will feel anything or not. hahaha

k la, I am gonna go to the Asian Grocer now. So till my next update, take k~ :D