Friday, September 11, 2009


Just sharing one of the few photos which I took in the studio lately. I was too busy procrastinating, so I only edited this one. Hope you guys like it :D

model: Sam


I haven't written a "promo post" for ages~but today something interesting caught my attention. I received an email from Adrienne Carlson asking me to help promoting her website on how to becoming a speed reader!

Well guess my dusty o'l forsaken blog still stand some weightage in people's eyes. Well, I assume if they think my blog can help generate traffic to their website, then it should be worthwhile still :D bahahahahhah

So yeah, Adrienne - this post is for you, even if you have sent heaps of email to the whole WWW. Check out the site if you wanna be a speed reader to skim thru nonsense writing lengthy information when you are in a hurry! :D

Monday, August 17, 2009


Sydney here I come! lols.

I've finally booked my airticket and accomodation to Sydney. In case you were wondering, this boy everyday fly here fly there like don't have to study, you are wrong! (well.. partially :P) I was actually lucky enough to get offered a placement experience at sandcastle studios in Sydney, so it's 30% uni and 70% play~ it's purely Uni work :X

Can't believe 1/4 of the 2nd sem is already over! I'll be graduating end of this year!!! O M G

hahahhaha alright alright, I am just blabbing all over the place. So what else have I done for the past few months days:

work work work work work


walk the dog (but not walking her now cause her fur got shaved off and now she looks like a rat.. yes I am shallow like that ahahhaha)

went to cultural fest (eat eat eat)

eat eat eat eat eat eat

That's pretty much it I guess~

Audition for AYO is on 27th of this month and as usual I am NOT READY YET!! AHHAHAHAH

I was browsing eh-nah's blog earlier today and realised something.. KUCHING SO MANY NEW PLACES TO HANG OUT~!! wow not bad eh. but hopefully it wouldn't turn into some unlivable place.. talking about kuching.. I MISSSSS THE FOOD!!!! (of course you bunch of crazy bloggers too larh) heheheheh

alright, enough blabbing for today. I am hungry~ byeee :D

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

would you believe....

... if Stan Ah Kams told you that you've just won 500,000GBP? Some spammer just can't be bothered making it more professional. :X

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I think...

I think I have grow out of blogging.. I was checking my stale email and I saw this advertisement by nuffnang and MTV Asia..

A chance to become a MTV Blogger! Back in those days I would gone "Heck yeah! Become famous! *type blog type blog* *try to be creative* *type somemore*

But when I saw that ad just now.. I went like.. hrm.. only 4 lucky bloggers.. I didn't bother trying my luck. Might be because I am growing old [no you did not read me typing that, your playing mind tricks on yourself.. you like Benben's weird post] okay.. anyways back to my point... :X

I used to be clicking on the counter everyday back in when blogging was still in one of my agenda of the day. But now when I click on the counter in 2 or 3 weeks and see about 20 stalkers readers one day, I would just laugh and think it's funny that there are still visitors to coming to my blog (Even if they landed on my blog accidentally, it still counts! :P )

well anyways, usually when you see a title with "I think..." it is very possible that I am bored shitless and is trying to inflict this on other people as well and of course it is good to practice typing once in a while to keep the joints healthy. HA!

Benben signing off.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Benben and his assignments :)

Some more photography assignment shot to share with you all. The colors looked a bit weird after I shrink the size.. hrm.. oh wells.. hope you like em'

Friday, May 29, 2009

Typical Friday

Well, for these past few weeks at least.

I'm always so busy with assignments rushing last minute submission cause the lecturers all decided to put the due datas on the same day.

My body sort of like got used to the fact of having late lunches on Fridays, and on Fridays only. Usually by 12, my stomach would be growling like nobody's business. But on Friday, it usually lasted until about 3 then it will start to give up. lols Bad I know, but I just find it amusing how the body remember stuff like that, or am I hallucinating!?

Anyways, I am gonna go home now and eat something before I go to work. A picture would always be an icing on the cake for a post. So picture of the day would be my fav place to hang around in the uni:

The large practice room with the grand piano that I like the most in the whole SoCA building. :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Male Model Hunting

I went on an escapade with one of my girlfriend from uni today to hunt for the perfect male model for my photography assignment.

Trust me, it's so hard trying to find one! geez, I've already got my girl models and now it's just the guys left.. We walked to the gym to look for muscle mary fit guy who is decent looking. It was funny cause the gym was quiet in the afternoon and there was only one qualified guy there (the rest was ah pek/uncle).. Anyways, we were like pointing up and down at that person (which was kinda bad).... [ok.. very bad actually] hahahah and in the end my friend said, Good Bod, not good looking enough. BAHahHAH. When we walked out of the gym and passed the window section, he still looked out to our direction. hahahah He must be thinking "what the heck is this asian dude and white chic doing?!"

Anyways, can't I have a model looking friend who can just model for me straight away.. like this

There, Take Chase crowford for instance.(Yeap, you can stop licking the screen). If I had a classmate looking like that, I wouldn't have to face the awkwardness of trying to find some guys to photograph, the horror! *hides*

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

thoughts from my huge head..

I realized that Benben is growing old, soon Benben will no longer sound cute and adorable, rather will be criticized as "damn old still wanna act cute" lols.

Anyways, I was browsing youtube earlier today and landed on Zee avi's youtube page. Apparently she is a Malaysian singer/song writer who posted her videos on youtube and got discovered by a record label in the states. Now her album will be released on the 19th of may.. oops.. It's already released.. haha.

Sometimes I think very hard when people ask me "what do you wanna do after you graduated?" Frankly, I don't really know. But the thought of being able to tour new york, austin and the lot does sound very tempting. ha! But I know that the life of the celebrity wouldn't work for me. I can't stand the thought of papa and mamarazzis scrutinizing every single action of mine. Heck, I can't even enjoy my public nose digging session without being snapped and captioned (not like I dig my nose in public :X)Having said that, who wouldn't like to enjoy being in the limelight once in a while? haha.

But yeah, with Zee Avi's song playing in the background, typing this post seemed more fun than usual and at this very minute, I have rediscovered the joy of blogging, to be able to write whatever you like, and have random people reading my random ramblings to make this random world more random? see what I am saying? lols.

Enjoy her song. This is one of my favorite.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

it feels weird when...

your picture has been included in a promotional poster for a concert which you are not even going to be performing in. :X

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ninja benben + laksa banquet

I got Raenai to bring a few packs of laksa paste when she came home from kch the other time for me and my sis. Last weekend, I finally get rid of most of my lazy bugs and decided to host a laksa lunch` hahahahaha

So that easter long weekend I went out to get some stuff after church, then I went to pick up michelle and raen. The last guest on the list, however, did not pick up her phone, so we had to raid her house go to her house and expect her to be at home . When we reached there, there was no doorbell on the door and eve was staying at the end bit of the house! so no matter how hard we banged on the door, we still can't get her attention. Luckily her friendly neighbor was outside mowing the lawns. so he lend me a chair. For your info, benben never climbed a fence eh and the chair was still a bit low, so I had to KUNG FU JUMP onto the brick wall and over the fence. Waiseh! didn't know I could get myself over, especially with my heavy ka chng being dragged down by gravity...

anyways! We managed to get eve, and we went out to my place and started cooking. Behold, My first laksa overseas!!

Comment: Looks can be deceiving. hahahahahahahahahha I added to much water to the soup so it was a bit tasteless, but nothing few limes and shrimp paste can't fix` So all was good for the first trial!

Still have a packet left, maybe I should set up a hawker stall at the road side hahahaha :P

Thursday, April 02, 2009

On a boring Thursday afternoon...

yes~ having a Imac to yourself in a private studio is fun. You can then take bitchy pictures of yourself do some work without other people interrupting you` :X

Friday, March 27, 2009

having a go...

First time setting foot in the studio..

hahahha a bit lost`

getting ready and setting up the gear~

at studio photography~ hehehe It's actually for assignments.

setting up the objects and stuff. Experimenting with light boxes and reflectors.. heheheh

benben's life as a music student is no longer completely revolving around music only` hahahah.

So one of the things I do now is...

working as a paparazzi` anyone wanna hire me??


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March Update`

HELLO PEOPLE!!! how are you all?~ Did you misssssss me???? Yours truly just got back from Airlie Beach last weekend for Church camp. It was AWESOME AS!!!!

I went snorkeling! If you didn't know yet, I don't know how to swim (yes, now you have another way to threaten me) hahahah But I still went to snorkel. It was scary!!! but quite fun at the same time. :P The water was murky cause it rained heaps that day. The boat ride was awesome!!! It's like sitting on roller coaster, ahha , we were literally "flying" up and down on the seats hahaha.

The sand at the beach is white, thus the name Whitehaven beach. Imagine a beach full of castor sugar.... okay maybe not that white, but you get the idea. It was sunny at when we had lunch at the beach, therefore it's a good time to....


Anyways, lunch was not too bad (just a bit tasteless). I was burnt after lunch cause we spent like 3 hours at the beach. haha it was awesome though~

Oh yeah!!

Benben bought a new toy. lols~ Introducing another one of his toy:

Ipod touchy~ hahahah touchy the touch touch~ so sleek~ so touchable~ so Ooooohlala~ heheheheh It's a 2nd gen 16gb. Real fun to have, can play game when you are doing number 2 in the loo bored, listen to songs when other ppl are not making sense, go online~, no need to bring heavy bible to church, heaps of stuff you can do with this!!! hehehe loving it ;)

hehehe Still warming into uni, all is good and I intend to make it stay that way. lols hrm.. since I update like once a month, maybe I should make it into a monthly newsletter instead, anybody wanna subscribe? hehehehehe. Till next time, lalalalalalal :D

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

just in case...

... you forget how I look like ......

A bee thingy from commonwealth bank. O- week freebies`~ (well.. just another excuse for me to post vain pictures of myself on the blog AHAHAHAHAHHAHA!)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

and the time go swooooooooooosh~

It's FEBRUARY! I think when you get older, time past by even quicker than usual huh?

Uni is starting soon, which kinda sucks actually.. cause I can't work long hours anymore` heheh

Today's Valentine's day! happy valentine's day to everyone who is celebrating. Yours truly is working tonight. The restaurant is fully booked from 5 pm on wards... you can imagine how hectic it's gonna be! not to mention me going all sour inside watching the love birds go lovey dovey :X HAHaHAHAHAHAH

so anyways, I am in the midst of lookin for a new house at the moment, IT's SO HARD to rent a freaking house.. maybe because we are a bunch of uni kids, the landlord must think that we party heaps and is gonna bring down the house. meh.. hopefully things will work out.

what else to [backspace].......




yeah` guess that's it for the moment, hehehehehe.

my blog is getting dull without photos, I shall snap some things then to show then.. maybe the stuff that i bought during my shopping day? Muahahhahhahahaah!

note to self: press the publish post button.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I think....

Friday, January 09, 2009

work place backstabbing~

Hehe, a nice blog to start a new year~

Last time, I used to hear people complaining about how they got back-stabbed at work and stuff and ugly the scene can get and how shitty it made them feel. I didn't think it was such big of a deal when they mentioned it last time. Not until today, when I experienced it for myself!! It indeed was.. how should I put this in words.. OH! As though I've got Gu sai (cow poo) slapped right onto my face.

These two tards think they are so superior and so experienced that they think they are the best bar tender in the world. !@#$*@*#$*!@#*$!*@#$ Reality check: If you two are so freaking awesome, don't get cranky and disorientated when dockets start pilling up, GENIUS!

Even though I know what they say is not true, but it stung a bit when I tried to pull the knife out from my back. What's fun of all is that all these time I was being Mr. Nice guy. Then again, I don't have to be a complete tool even though people are saying nasty stuff behind my back.

Ugh! Okay, enough ranting. I feel much better now~ thanks for wasting your time in listening.. er reading rather to the stuff that I just typed. hehehe Yeah, yeah. Benben should blog something more interesting when he blogs (which is like.. once in ages~) rather then ranting about some randoms.

hehe till next time guys, take it easy~ :)