Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I think....

Friday, January 09, 2009

work place backstabbing~

Hehe, a nice blog to start a new year~

Last time, I used to hear people complaining about how they got back-stabbed at work and stuff and ugly the scene can get and how shitty it made them feel. I didn't think it was such big of a deal when they mentioned it last time. Not until today, when I experienced it for myself!! It indeed was.. how should I put this in words.. OH! As though I've got Gu sai (cow poo) slapped right onto my face.

These two tards think they are so superior and so experienced that they think they are the best bar tender in the world. !@#$*@*#$*!@#*$!*@#$ Reality check: If you two are so freaking awesome, don't get cranky and disorientated when dockets start pilling up, GENIUS!

Even though I know what they say is not true, but it stung a bit when I tried to pull the knife out from my back. What's fun of all is that all these time I was being Mr. Nice guy. Then again, I don't have to be a complete tool even though people are saying nasty stuff behind my back.

Ugh! Okay, enough ranting. I feel much better now~ thanks for wasting your time in listening.. er reading rather to the stuff that I just typed. hehehe Yeah, yeah. Benben should blog something more interesting when he blogs (which is like.. once in ages~) rather then ranting about some randoms.

hehe till next time guys, take it easy~ :)