Friday, March 27, 2009

having a go...

First time setting foot in the studio..

hahahha a bit lost`

getting ready and setting up the gear~

at studio photography~ hehehe It's actually for assignments.

setting up the objects and stuff. Experimenting with light boxes and reflectors.. heheheh

benben's life as a music student is no longer completely revolving around music only` hahahah.

So one of the things I do now is...

working as a paparazzi` anyone wanna hire me??


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March Update`

HELLO PEOPLE!!! how are you all?~ Did you misssssss me???? Yours truly just got back from Airlie Beach last weekend for Church camp. It was AWESOME AS!!!!

I went snorkeling! If you didn't know yet, I don't know how to swim (yes, now you have another way to threaten me) hahahah But I still went to snorkel. It was scary!!! but quite fun at the same time. :P The water was murky cause it rained heaps that day. The boat ride was awesome!!! It's like sitting on roller coaster, ahha , we were literally "flying" up and down on the seats hahaha.

The sand at the beach is white, thus the name Whitehaven beach. Imagine a beach full of castor sugar.... okay maybe not that white, but you get the idea. It was sunny at when we had lunch at the beach, therefore it's a good time to....


Anyways, lunch was not too bad (just a bit tasteless). I was burnt after lunch cause we spent like 3 hours at the beach. haha it was awesome though~

Oh yeah!!

Benben bought a new toy. lols~ Introducing another one of his toy:

Ipod touchy~ hahahah touchy the touch touch~ so sleek~ so touchable~ so Ooooohlala~ heheheheh It's a 2nd gen 16gb. Real fun to have, can play game when you are doing number 2 in the loo bored, listen to songs when other ppl are not making sense, go online~, no need to bring heavy bible to church, heaps of stuff you can do with this!!! hehehe loving it ;)

hehehe Still warming into uni, all is good and I intend to make it stay that way. lols hrm.. since I update like once a month, maybe I should make it into a monthly newsletter instead, anybody wanna subscribe? hehehehehe. Till next time, lalalalalalal :D