Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ninja benben + laksa banquet

I got Raenai to bring a few packs of laksa paste when she came home from kch the other time for me and my sis. Last weekend, I finally get rid of most of my lazy bugs and decided to host a laksa lunch` hahahahaha

So that easter long weekend I went out to get some stuff after church, then I went to pick up michelle and raen. The last guest on the list, however, did not pick up her phone, so we had to raid her house go to her house and expect her to be at home . When we reached there, there was no doorbell on the door and eve was staying at the end bit of the house! so no matter how hard we banged on the door, we still can't get her attention. Luckily her friendly neighbor was outside mowing the lawns. so he lend me a chair. For your info, benben never climbed a fence eh and the chair was still a bit low, so I had to KUNG FU JUMP onto the brick wall and over the fence. Waiseh! didn't know I could get myself over, especially with my heavy ka chng being dragged down by gravity...

anyways! We managed to get eve, and we went out to my place and started cooking. Behold, My first laksa overseas!!

Comment: Looks can be deceiving. hahahahahahahahahha I added to much water to the soup so it was a bit tasteless, but nothing few limes and shrimp paste can't fix` So all was good for the first trial!

Still have a packet left, maybe I should set up a hawker stall at the road side hahahaha :P

Thursday, April 02, 2009

On a boring Thursday afternoon...

yes~ having a Imac to yourself in a private studio is fun. You can then take bitchy pictures of yourself do some work without other people interrupting you` :X