Monday, August 17, 2009


Sydney here I come! lols.

I've finally booked my airticket and accomodation to Sydney. In case you were wondering, this boy everyday fly here fly there like don't have to study, you are wrong! (well.. partially :P) I was actually lucky enough to get offered a placement experience at sandcastle studios in Sydney, so it's 30% uni and 70% play~ it's purely Uni work :X

Can't believe 1/4 of the 2nd sem is already over! I'll be graduating end of this year!!! O M G

hahahhaha alright alright, I am just blabbing all over the place. So what else have I done for the past few months days:

work work work work work


walk the dog (but not walking her now cause her fur got shaved off and now she looks like a rat.. yes I am shallow like that ahahhaha)

went to cultural fest (eat eat eat)

eat eat eat eat eat eat

That's pretty much it I guess~

Audition for AYO is on 27th of this month and as usual I am NOT READY YET!! AHHAHAHAH

I was browsing eh-nah's blog earlier today and realised something.. KUCHING SO MANY NEW PLACES TO HANG OUT~!! wow not bad eh. but hopefully it wouldn't turn into some unlivable place.. talking about kuching.. I MISSSSS THE FOOD!!!! (of course you bunch of crazy bloggers too larh) heheheheh

alright, enough blabbing for today. I am hungry~ byeee :D