Friday, September 11, 2009


Just sharing one of the few photos which I took in the studio lately. I was too busy procrastinating, so I only edited this one. Hope you guys like it :D

model: Sam


I haven't written a "promo post" for ages~but today something interesting caught my attention. I received an email from Adrienne Carlson asking me to help promoting her website on how to becoming a speed reader!

Well guess my dusty o'l forsaken blog still stand some weightage in people's eyes. Well, I assume if they think my blog can help generate traffic to their website, then it should be worthwhile still :D bahahahahhah

So yeah, Adrienne - this post is for you, even if you have sent heaps of email to the whole WWW. Check out the site if you wanna be a speed reader to skim thru nonsense writing lengthy information when you are in a hurry! :D