Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Automated Response

It's very common for people to say "hi, how are you?" or "hey, how you going?" when they greet someone. Usually the response that follow is "I'm good thanks".

The down side about it is that sometimes their brain will go into an auto-piloting state which churns out the automated response. For instance:

- _ - |||

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Over-groomed men: Hot or Not?

I was at the Hairdresser the other day and while I was waiting for my turn to have a haircut, I overheard this guy asking the hairdresser if she knew a place where he could get his eyebrows plucked and groomed.

I personally think that grooming is important, even for men. But I don't think that one should over do their personal grooming sesh.

So what say you: Over-groomed men, Hot or Not? That's a question for you to ponder on this lovely arvo. :D

Your title
Over-groomed men: hot or not?
Hot as!
Not at all!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Parents in the classroom

We encourage all parents to be in the music classroom to learn and bond with the children.

Pro: They can help out with the child's practises at home.

Con: My classroom sometimes feel like the marketplace. - _ -''

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bieber Fever??

I know Justin Bieber might be the in thing now, with his gazillion number of fans and so on.. but when the producers decide to throw him into one episode of CSI Las Vegas, it made it wrong in so many levels. : /

That is all~

(Pic sourced from here)

Saturday, October 09, 2010


I should be more enthusiastic in giving my response when someone tells me something exciting...

Guilty as charged, that is all. : X

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Music from the park

At 12 midday, the music started pumping out of the speakers and keen festival goers start to fill the park. I was working at Parklife in the VIP team. Good fun wristbanding the guests.

There were a few stages at Parklife. Fuzzy actually made on stage which looked like a pirate ship, had a few Indie bands playing in there, quite cool I must say! With Sahara stage being the closest stage to me, I manage to watch listen to most of the acts when I am still signed on.

The posh area a.k.a the Garden Bar

It was actually a very nice day (I thought it was gonna rain as it was heaps cloudy in the morning)

<< FFWD till I logged off my shift>>

Finally, time for me to get into the action and catch a glimpse of some of the acts. Everyone seemed to be talking about Missy E, So I decided to have a look for myself. But before that,

I should get myself "hydrated". :P

Rays coming through the Sahara Stage

When I heard "Who is ready for Missy!" and heaps of screening, I knew it was time to move in closer to the stage. Missy used "magic" as her theme to get on stage, you know those put-all-cubes-together and TADAH~! I'm on stage kinda thing.

The pic was taken with a point-and-shoot so sorry about the noise level. : / Overall, Missy's act was alright, but I wouldn't say that she is the highlight of the evening.

One of my personal favourite for Parklife would be *2manydjs!* The tunes that they churn out from the deck was awesome! Another thing that I like about them is they use some popular tunes so that the crowd can sing along to it and groove to the dance rhythm at the same time

A short 20'' clip of 2manydjs live at Parklife SA!

Groove Armada did a good job at Parklife too. I think this was their last act in Australia.

The party didn't finish at Botanic Gardens. I hopped over to electric Circus for the unofficial after party!

Cover charge was a bit pricey though, for a Monday night, non-official event . Well, I still had fun so it was not too bad after all.

End of Parklife marks the beginning of the Music Festival Season` Can't wait for Stereosonic!!

: )

Monday, October 04, 2010

Going to the Gardens

It's a long weekend break in Adelaide and I will be heading over to Parklife! Say hi if you see me there ;)

Ben x

Monday, August 30, 2010


And the week starts again~ Teach, teach, teach~ Eat, Eat, Eat~ Sleep, Sleep, Sleep :P

Oh the job hunts going on as well, even though I am sorta working at the moment, but Ultimately I would like to be in the Music + ent industry.

Other updates:
I have 59 students~ That's quite a lot hey? lols

I am still saving up for my Camera. :/ I wanna do photoshoots!!

I have decided that I will get an iPhone 4. haha

Still going to gym

Have a few festivals to attend (EXCITED!)

Other than that It's still pretty much the same. Nothing too interesting. haha Should post more pictures up here.

Alright, random ramblings is always fun in the blog even though you don't really know who will view it hehehe.

Till next time. xx

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dear Blog

You have not been forgotten (well actually you have, but I just thought I will write that to make you feel a bit better) lolss

Hey Guys, how's stuff? lack of updates lately. Not that busy.. just the usual unmotivated to tap on the keys. :)

Updates about wad's going on: Music Teaching is still going on, trying to secure a position in upcoming parklife and stereosonic festival. There's a vacancy in Fuse music fest @ Adelaide Fringe which I can apply for too~ So yeah. Job hunting = ongoing battle in the arts field. Lots of networking at the moment. yeah, basically the same stuff.

oh, saving up money so that I can pay for stuff and buy some gear (camera and gadgets). Haven't done a photoshoot for ages..

Erm, apart from that guess it's still the same.. winter in Australia.. Oh yeah~ started going to the gym (preparing for summer you see, dun want ppl to laugh at me and say I am ah pui [ah fat]) hahaha.

right, just a bit of an update.. will ramble here again soon~

ps: Boingboing says hi ;)

night folkz`

Monday, August 02, 2010

oh my goodness..

it's AUGUST!!!!!

It's the 3rd quarter of 2010.. :S

time sure pass by like a rocket ship when ur getting older` aiyaaaa.. :X

okay update more next time lolsssss

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rainy Dayz

I think it's quite nice when you have a rainy day once in a while.. Not those pouring-until-it-floods kinda rain, but those "gentle rain" where you can hear the rain drops actually landing on the roof, leaves etc

After teaching last night, it started raining heavily and I had to sit at the bus stop waiting for the rain to subside a little bit.. I had my gym bag and my violin and I looked as if I just ran away from home. lols

Anywho~~ The rain slowed down a little and I was enjoying my moment just doing nothing but looking at raindrops falling onto the puddle of water on the road.. It was actually very calming..

Nowadays, I think people cannot afford the time to just halt and take a breather.. so sometimes a rainy day is good to slow down the pace a little for us.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

dot. dot. dots...

Current brain stat: refer to blog title

It was a usual morning, wake up, email, look at job websites, hunt down employers.. then after 2 hours of that.. the brain seemed to be fried...

Before that I was looking at US and UK traveling visa thingy. I wanna fly away~~~ but then no money to do so. hahahaha Wanna move to Sydney or Melbourne to look for job also not very wise without a financial stability~ X _ X

But I guess more importantly, I want to be working as a music personnel in the media arts and entertainment industry. I think the employer's door are made of some lalala materials, cause no matter where and how I knock, I ended up having bruised fists and broken teeth when they slam the door back in my face. aiyaiyai.

Now if only I was not an arts grad.. then I wouldn't have to look at search results like this on job websites:

Media/Arts/Ent - (2)
Engineering - (121)

- _ -

blah` guess I will just have to continue trying and trying and trying and trying x infinity till this feeling go away!


//end whinging scrip here//

Friday, June 18, 2010

Some days after you wake up

You may be having the soundest sleep of your life..

but somedays after you wake up..

You feel as if there is bad jujus surrounding you, making you feel gloomy and frustrated~

In that case, the best solution is ....

to have a sugar rush and chase the bad jujus away~

lalalallalala~ It's Friday, so bad jujus will have to gone! Have a great weekend guys and remember, have a designated driver or save some money for cabbies if you are gonna go out for drinkies with your friends~

See you next week!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bak Zang nom nom ~

It's Duanwu Festival today~ When you are overseas, it's a bit difficult for you to get the food that you eat during solstice festival. Last two years, I have been craving my ah mah's bak zang (grandma's rice dumpling) when I was in QLD. This year, however, is a different story. Thanks to EM, I get to have home made bak zang for duanwu festival~

Look the the glistening meat wrapped in glutinous rice~ mmm the texture, the taste, the smell.. *melts melts melts* HAHAHAHA I am so evil sometimes~

Anywho, please excuse me while I go grab myself a few more bak zang to munch on~ Hope you enjoyed looking at the pic. :P

HAPPY Duanwu Festival everyone~!!

If you are interested, you can read more about the festival HERE

Friday, June 11, 2010

You've Got Mail

When you are in the middle of job hunting, you get particularly excited when you receive a new email in your inbox~

At that moment it is as if the world stopped spinning and you see fireworks shooting up in the background~ *cues dramatic disney magical music here*

Just when you are high in cloud 9, you suddenly realized after you tap the open button, it's just another spam mail, most likely to be some lame email like stating that your blardy email won truckloads of moolah~

.. and that is when all hell break loose~ *cues scary movie soundtrack here* ahahahaha the joy of job hunting and waiting for a response~

Anyways, Thank goodness it's Friday (and thank you Queen Lizzy for the birthday holiday~) Have a very good long weekend guys. Go out, stay in, get loose, have fun~!

B :)

P.s: No shinny apple/ boingboing were harmed during this blog post bahahahha :P

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The joy of teaching 6 yr olds~

.. is when you receive a hand-made pressie by them. :D If the world was still as innocent as these little angels then it would definitely be a better place to live in~

Then again.. there are also kids who are so naughty that you wanna put pegs all over their cheeks. must be all the dha + aa + abc + bbq in their milk powder nowadays` tsk.

hahahahha but yeah, I was very happy in class the other day when I received this little gift. Will paste it on the classroom wall. <3

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I heart the shinny apple~

After gazillion years of speculating, dropping phone at bars, mock up images, ladidah, Apple finally announced it's latest toy, the iPhone 4.0~!

Yes, I can't help but stare at the sleek and shinny body. The built in 5mp camera allows you to stalk people easily take nice pictures of your outings or your loved ones~ Oh did I mention HD filming!

There's facetime (fancy apple terminology of video call) function in the new iPhone, however it's only compatible with other iPhone 4.0 and would only work on wifi network if I am not mistaken :X

(you can read all the techy stuff here<<<)

All in all, fabulous new toy~ An apple will always be an apple <3 hahahhaha I think it's gonna land in Australia early July/August, maybe I will try and secure one for my birthday lols~ We shall hold that thought first cause I am pretty sure the cap plan is gonna cost truckloads of moolah (like as if that's gonna stop me) AHAHAHHA

B :)

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Garden Parade @ the alma

Few nights ago, Benben attended the Garden Parade at Alma Tavern. Since it was a quiet Wednesday night and I had nothing better to do and I have been wanting to check out pride models (I'd like to have some work experience with them - hopefully) for a bit when I got back from Sydney and some footy player from the Crows were gonna model too. So yeah, off the the Alma it is!

When I got there, it was 241 vodka promo - HOORAH~ :P So I grabbed a few and secured a spot in front of the runway while waiting for the show to start

okay` pretty crowded spot to spot to shoot photos but oh wells, couldn't complain much~ Oh yeah, I manage to spot Elisa of Elle J photography! I like the work that she did for Pride models, very strong sense of fashion and character! (her massive nikon D3 did help me recognize that she might be the photographer too :P)

Then the show begins! Poor old me only had a point and shoot camera, so these photos are the best that I can do :S

I like this model` I think her features and expressions are quite strong. :D Ironically, most of the usable pics that I took from that night are of her.

another pride model for the parade`

Adelaide Crows player Bernie Vince (I think it's him.. :X)

another Adelaide Crows player, Jared Petrenko. He always had a smile on his face when he was on the catwalk, haha very interesting to watch :P

There were a few models and footy player but the pichas were a bit blurry so I couldn't show you` hahah :P

Overall, it was a good night for me, and it's sort of like my first informal visit to a fashion parade. Hopefully there are more chances if I get to secure work experience with Pride models (hint hint if you guys are reading this :P)

A pic with Elisa from Elle J photography!

Alright guys, till next time :)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A day in the Studio with Simon Le

Last Saturday Benben had the opportunity to work with one of Sydney's top photographer,Simon Le. Yes, I was heaps excited to see what is in store for me that day. It rained cats and dogs kangaroos and wombats... thank goodness I have already reached the studio or else I would definitely be soup of the day`

Anyways~! Simon was already waiting in front of the studio. It was my first time working with him. So we had a little chat and stuff waiting for the studio to open.

>>>> ffwd till the part where we already managed to get into the studio

That morning's shoot was more about winter fashion. Arno was the model for that shoot and I have to say he fits the bill perfectly. His European features are so distinct it pierces through the LED display of the SLR (no I was only joking but you get the idea :P)

And let the shoot begin ~

I was trying hard not to pack the jacket into my bag LOLS~ but yeah, some of the wardrobe that was there that morning was really cool!

After a milder winter clothing shoot during the day, things start to heat up in the arvo! I get to meet Eliot and Tim for some underwear shoot`

Eliot started the 2nd session. It was his first shoot but damn was he a natural. Look out for him Sydney, he will probably be the next big thing. :)

Simon giving instructions on how to pose. It's amazing how he can say something and the models can immediately execute them for him.

I was helping out but I did not neglect my lil compact camera. haha I was taking a pic with Eliot after his first sesh and Simon said "hop in I'll snap a pic for you"

Tadah~ lolsss :P

It was Tim's turn next. Tim was like a model stepping straight out of the cover of men's health magazine. His physique was amazing! Looks like you can believe some stuff you see on magazine too ey :P

Yes you can stop licking your monitors now :P

After a long day in the studio~ we are done!! There was never a dull moment in the studio and frankly speaking I was very lucky to be able to work in a shoot like that. I really admire Simon and his ethics as an artist. He is established but he never hesitates to help out new comer in the industry by sharing his skills. Thanks Simon! hope we have the chance to work again in near future! You can check out Simon's Port too~

As usual before we go..

one Two for the album~ :D

Friday, May 21, 2010

Flying to Sydney

Benben is flying off to Sydney this afternoon.

The reason for flying to Sydney this time is to help out a published photographer and be the photography assistant. Then I'm also gonna visit sandcastle to have a chat with the supervisor and director.

Hopefully I will gain heaps from this trip. Oh yeah, friends I met during my internship last September is going back to their respective countries, so it will be fun to catch up with them before they fly far, far away` Who knows when I will see them again. haha.

Anyways, will update in Sydney if I feel like it (or if I have net access) hehe.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Have you ever been so lost???

Mode: Job Hunting.
Status: Semi-jobless graduate
Character: turning bipolar

Being a graduate is tougher than being a full time student. At least in uni, all you have to do is finish up your assignments the day before the due date and then party the rest of the week. Of course, there is the odd job to support your weekly expenses.

Now, you are left in the society, having to fight with gazillions of graduates out there to secure a full time job in the media arts industry... Sometimes I question myself: is it possible?

Maybe as an arts grad, we need to gather heaps of freelance jobs to fill up our 38hours working week.. Then again, is there as many jobs in sound field compared to design and photography.. did I chose the right major.. yada yada yada.. all these things seemed to dawn onto you over night, as if the day you leave uni is the day you have to force feed yourself with "grow-me-up-overnight pills"..

Yes, I am lost. I went to uni to realize that I learn a very broad spectrum of media arts and in the end I am jack of all trades, master of none. What am I actually?? Perhaps I should have just studied a finance degree in uni or did something like media and communications.

Blah, this is just a phase hopefully.. I have a lot of free time on my hand.. watch this space as I will start to bombard with random ramblings of mine again. So if you'll excuse me, I will go make myself a cuppa and do nothing for the whole day. Till next time~

Monday, February 22, 2010


you just feel like tapping on the keyboard and ramble on your silly little blog page` muahahahhahaha

Hey guys~ did you mish me??? :P dead blogs are always fun to visit after a while~

Benben is back in KCH for CNY!!!!! *insert tong tong chiang noise here*

So how have you all been? New years been great for me so fat far~ Food food food food and sooooooooooooooooooo much food! how awesome is that!! hahahaha

It's been two years since I've got back home and it feels kinda nice.. am easily amused by the little little things hahaha

Alright, just saying helllo cause stupid internet not really working at the moment` Right now, pls excuse me while I figure out what to eat for breakfast, lunch and tea~ AHaHAHAAHHAHAHAH

ps: kch blogger - I wanna meet up!!! :D

Saturday, January 02, 2010

happy 2010

Hey guys!!

how are we all doing? Hope you all had a great 2009.

Just the usual season greetings, letting you guys know that I am well and alive and shaking ka chng like no tomorrow. hahaha

Alright, just a short post this time. Short appearances like this might make me more special and sought after by you guys? aHAHAHAH

Talk soon! Happy new year :)