Monday, August 30, 2010


And the week starts again~ Teach, teach, teach~ Eat, Eat, Eat~ Sleep, Sleep, Sleep :P

Oh the job hunts going on as well, even though I am sorta working at the moment, but Ultimately I would like to be in the Music + ent industry.

Other updates:
I have 59 students~ That's quite a lot hey? lols

I am still saving up for my Camera. :/ I wanna do photoshoots!!

I have decided that I will get an iPhone 4. haha

Still going to gym

Have a few festivals to attend (EXCITED!)

Other than that It's still pretty much the same. Nothing too interesting. haha Should post more pictures up here.

Alright, random ramblings is always fun in the blog even though you don't really know who will view it hehehe.

Till next time. xx

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dear Blog

You have not been forgotten (well actually you have, but I just thought I will write that to make you feel a bit better) lolss

Hey Guys, how's stuff? lack of updates lately. Not that busy.. just the usual unmotivated to tap on the keys. :)

Updates about wad's going on: Music Teaching is still going on, trying to secure a position in upcoming parklife and stereosonic festival. There's a vacancy in Fuse music fest @ Adelaide Fringe which I can apply for too~ So yeah. Job hunting = ongoing battle in the arts field. Lots of networking at the moment. yeah, basically the same stuff.

oh, saving up money so that I can pay for stuff and buy some gear (camera and gadgets). Haven't done a photoshoot for ages..

Erm, apart from that guess it's still the same.. winter in Australia.. Oh yeah~ started going to the gym (preparing for summer you see, dun want ppl to laugh at me and say I am ah pui [ah fat]) hahaha.

right, just a bit of an update.. will ramble here again soon~

ps: Boingboing says hi ;)

night folkz`

Monday, August 02, 2010

oh my goodness..

it's AUGUST!!!!!

It's the 3rd quarter of 2010.. :S

time sure pass by like a rocket ship when ur getting older` aiyaaaa.. :X

okay update more next time lolsssss