Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bieber Fever??

I know Justin Bieber might be the in thing now, with his gazillion number of fans and so on.. but when the producers decide to throw him into one episode of CSI Las Vegas, it made it wrong in so many levels. : /

That is all~

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Saturday, October 09, 2010


I should be more enthusiastic in giving my response when someone tells me something exciting...

Guilty as charged, that is all. : X

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Music from the park

At 12 midday, the music started pumping out of the speakers and keen festival goers start to fill the park. I was working at Parklife in the VIP team. Good fun wristbanding the guests.

There were a few stages at Parklife. Fuzzy actually made on stage which looked like a pirate ship, had a few Indie bands playing in there, quite cool I must say! With Sahara stage being the closest stage to me, I manage to watch listen to most of the acts when I am still signed on.

The posh area a.k.a the Garden Bar

It was actually a very nice day (I thought it was gonna rain as it was heaps cloudy in the morning)

<< FFWD till I logged off my shift>>

Finally, time for me to get into the action and catch a glimpse of some of the acts. Everyone seemed to be talking about Missy E, So I decided to have a look for myself. But before that,

I should get myself "hydrated". :P

Rays coming through the Sahara Stage

When I heard "Who is ready for Missy!" and heaps of screening, I knew it was time to move in closer to the stage. Missy used "magic" as her theme to get on stage, you know those put-all-cubes-together and TADAH~! I'm on stage kinda thing.

The pic was taken with a point-and-shoot so sorry about the noise level. : / Overall, Missy's act was alright, but I wouldn't say that she is the highlight of the evening.

One of my personal favourite for Parklife would be *2manydjs!* The tunes that they churn out from the deck was awesome! Another thing that I like about them is they use some popular tunes so that the crowd can sing along to it and groove to the dance rhythm at the same time

A short 20'' clip of 2manydjs live at Parklife SA!

Groove Armada did a good job at Parklife too. I think this was their last act in Australia.

The party didn't finish at Botanic Gardens. I hopped over to electric Circus for the unofficial after party!

Cover charge was a bit pricey though, for a Monday night, non-official event . Well, I still had fun so it was not too bad after all.

End of Parklife marks the beginning of the Music Festival Season` Can't wait for Stereosonic!!

: )

Monday, October 04, 2010

Going to the Gardens

It's a long weekend break in Adelaide and I will be heading over to Parklife! Say hi if you see me there ;)

Ben x