Monday, March 26, 2012

Leap of faith

You know in the movies when someone packs up all their stuff and move to a bigger city trying to start a new career, hoping it will lead to something good? Well.. Benben is doing the same thing and is gonna bite the big apple DOWN UNDER!

The thought of moving over is rather scary, you know.. big city, crazy stuff, expensive blab-blah~ But I guess it is kinda like a mixed-feelings thingy, I am excited about the opportunities that the big city brings for me :)

Oh oh oh!! One thing that is really "happifying"~ Decorating your new place, hahaha I went out the other day to have a look at beddings, kitchen wares and lots of other goodies, oh! fancy clocks ahha and other misc stuff..

okay enough of the ramblings, so yeah, the big move will be next week, wish me luck guys!


ps: boingboing says hi haha

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